Landon Donovan ESPN SportsCenter Commercial: Video

What do you do if you’re Landon Donovan and you’re trying to make a photocopy but you’re not having much luck? That’s the premise of this cheeky new TV commercial from ESPN SportsCenter. Enjoy.

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6 Responses to Landon Donovan ESPN SportsCenter Commercial: Video

  1. eighmee says:

    it’s honestly brilliant.
    although the first time i saw it, i didn’t see the i was confused..but seeing it again..and again..i still laugh every time

  2. eplnfl says:

    Love it!

  3. omar says:

    that was very funny!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Geoff says:

    Yellow card for the reckless tackle against the photocopier.

    Redcard for complaining…

    Come on Donovan. You’re better than that. You know how these things work.

    Funny Sportscenter bit. I enjoyed it. The one with Jozy is pretty good too.

  5. qwerty says:

    This is actually how the “mind” of a FIFA referee works when the USMNT is playing in a major tournament.

  6. kim says:

    brilliant… well done. great!

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