MLS, Versus in Early TV Contract Talks

It’s already been a year full of off-field news – good and bad – for Major League Soccer.

And it may be about to pick up again.

MLS and Versus are talking about a potential TV partnership after the league’s current deal with Fox Soccer Channel expires at the end of this season.

The story suggests that this may just be a ploy to use a little World Cup bounce to leverage a better deal from FSC in the renewal talks that will be coming somewhere down the road.

There may be something to that, but you’d have to believe that the league will take its wares to the highest bidder – whether the network has the word “soccer” in its title or not.

There are no quotes available, and the story reports that neither MLS Commissioner Don Garber nor Versus chief Jamie Davis were on hand for the meeting.

So when we say early talks, that’s exactly what we mean.

What do you think? Would you like to see a move to Versus, or would you prefer to see MLS games stay on FSC?

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