England Fans Setting Themselves Up To Fail

A policeman helping the Glasgow Rangers stalwart and Scotland captain, George Young, from the pitch after Scotland beat England 3-1 at Wembley. Scotland's goalkeeper, James Cowan, is being carried off the pitch by ecstatic fans.   (Photo by William Vanderson/Getty Images)

During the last several weeks I have noticed that several pro England articles have appeared on EPL Talk and other sites especially concerning the USA vs. England match, and the articles seem to imply a feeling of arrogance, and nonchalance.

Many people are already handing out the spots to make it to the group stage, England first and the USA second, like we are getting the table scraps. But I believe that this game is of much more importance to the English fans than they are giving us credit for. I do believe, however, that England fans at this point will be the most disappointed with a negative result for the Three Lions. England had an incredible qualifying run but still need to get one monkey off their backs. That monkey is the fact that England traditionally crash and burn at the World Cup.

The truth of the matter is that a USA victory would be catastrophic to England. The Three Lions are being tipped to win the World Cup (by their own fans). How are they going to do that if the lowly Yanks beat them? Team USA is more than capable of giving England a good run for their money, and it is very possible that they can win. As evident by the latest round of World Cup friendlies, England was not able to score their goals alone, while the USA played a very good game against Turkey. The England vs. Japan game reminded me of Manchester United’s season (I am an avid Man United fan; n fact, I went to England for one day just to see the Red Devils at Old Trafford).

It would behoove English fans to stop handing out the top places in their group and acting like the match has already been won. Karma is a beautiful thing and it would be a shame if the Three Lions finished second or worse in their group, wouldn’t it?

Respect should be given to any and all opponents because anyone can win at the end of the day.

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