Clint Dempsey’s Equalizer (With Some Help From Butterfingers Green) Gives The USA A Point

USA's Clint Dempsey celebrates at the final whistle..FIFA World Cup 2010 Group C..England v USA..12th June, 2010.

Yes it was the re-match sixty years in the making. So much anticipation from both sides and from the supporters at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium in Rustenburg and of course in all of the pubs in England and across the United States, the best from both countries finally meet up in this early clash.

There was that bad moment of defending when the USA was caught ball watching early in the 4th minute when the defenders allowed Steve Gerrard a free chance at goal and there was nothing Tim Howard could do about it as Gerrard slotted that shot home for the early one goal to nil lead for England.

From that moment there was a feeling that the USA was going to suffer the same fate like what happened to Nigeria against Argentina. That would be the only goal of the match and it would be tough swimming upstream from here. But in the 40th minute, the USA would come up with the equalizer and got a little help from an unknown source. As Clint Dempsey received the ball he was trying to find a way to break off from his defender.

Turning left, turning right and got his left foot on the ball. It looked like an easy save for Rob Green. It looked like it should’ve stayed one nil to England after that chance, but Green flubbed the weak shot and the ball rolls harmlessly over the goal line and into the back of the net. This was an unbelievable moment and watching the replays from the world feed, you saw David Beckham with such a scowl on his face you thought he was ready to get up from the bench and he would run at Rob Green himself and give him a piece of his mind.

The scary moment for the USA was what happened to Tim Howard in the 29th minute as he came off his line and made a diving stop on the England cross, but out of nowhere was Emile Heskey who slid into Howard and drove both his boots and legs into his chest and left arm at the same time. There was a moment of fear that the best keeper for the USA & Everton was going to get subbed out. Thankfully Howard was able to recover and stay in the match till the final minutes ticked off.

The only question I had from Bob Bradley’s starting eleven was seeing Robbie Findley start instead of the red hot Edson Buddle. While I understand he wants some punch coming off the bench, I think it would’ve served the USA better was to have both Jozy Altidore & Edson Buddle start up top and then bring in Findley as a game changer off the substitutes bench.

So much pressure from England was absorbed from the USA defense and there were times you felt England was going to get that second goal, but the back line did very well and so was Howard. The one chance where Jozy Altidore muscled off his defender and had that glorious chance to put it away, Green was there to make the save. But on the replay you could tell he flubbed it and he was saved by the far post as the deflection knocked the ball away from the net.

Overall this was a well earned draw for the USA. I would have to assume that those on the other side of the Atlantic they would say a well earned draw, or this should’ve been a win for England. But now that this match has been put to bed, it’s time to concentrate on Slovenia & Algeria.

Feuerstein’s Fire USA Vs England Re-Cap show
Eric Altshule of Major League Soccer Talk & Dave Denholm.

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5 Responses to Clint Dempsey’s Equalizer (With Some Help From Butterfingers Green) Gives The USA A Point

  1. doug says:

    Huge tie. Big result for US soccer…

    My thoughts were that the US looked weak in the back. Several times our midfield didn’t do a good job getting back, and Gerrard’s goal is owed largely to Bocanegra, who was caught sleeping.

    Did anyone else think that as the match went on, Michael Bradley played worse and worse? He gave the ball away twice on subsequent promising possessions, in completely unnecessary fashion.

    Also, I thought the US looked gassed by the end of the 2nd half. Bradley should have pulled Findley 15 minutes sooner, and should also have used our other substitutes. He basically made one substitution, right? Stu Holden came in really late, and Buddle came on in what, the 77th minute? Our guys definitely looked gassed in the 2nd half, no reason not to use those substitutes…

  2. JM says:

    You could also write the headline:

    “Altidore misses two sitters, gifting England a draw”

  3. Rafael says:

    This was a great result, but Bradley and the USA could have been bolder by going for the win. Torres should have come in for Clark at halftime along with Buddle for Altidore.

    Michael Bradley had a solid game, but Clark was not that good. He is only in the game for defensive purposes, but was caught ball watching on the goal. Edu is a better option if Bradley wants to keep his defensive tactics.

    Altidore besides his one chance, along with Findley, did not impress and did nothing at all. I would like to see Buddle and Gomez get more minutes.

    Given more time and and offensive attack from Torres, Buddle could have had time to get a game winner.

  4. short passes says:

    Well children what have we learned from this game? (1) England will not get past the first game of the knockout round. (2) The US has a decent defense when they are playing “the gang that can’t shoot straight”. (2) Bob Bradley has introduced a new formation into international soccer, the 9 -1 and it worked brilliantly in the second half. (3) Martin Tyler is a great announcer but can obviously be “bought” since he failed to comment once on the abysmal central midfield work of the US and actually gushed about the lone chance of Altidore while failing totally to note the barrage of shots from England. (4) Harkes continues to be an embarrassing “homer” of an announcer. He has learned the “Wynalda” lesson well!! (5) Despite the euphoria of a tie with England, nothing has really changed regarding US soccer. Winning or tieing ugly is what we consider success. Congratulations BB.

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