It’s Not So Easy Anymore, Is it England?

The Sun newspaper is the type of tabloid filth that upsets people both in England and now, thanks to two condescending covers, people in the States.

You may remember that back in December, The Sun newspaper ran a headline on its cover which declared “E-A-S-Y” in reaction to the news of the 2010 World Cup draw which put England in the same group as the United States, Algeria and Slovenia.

Not only was the cover condescending but it was also disrespectful to a US team and nation.

Earlier today The Sun got up to it’s old tricks with a headline on its newspaper, which was a bit tongue in cheek, which read: “Here’s hopin’ that England United Shoot Some Totally Awesome Strikes Past The Goaltender In The Soccerball World Series Today.”

Yes, it was their attempt at humor but yet again it was condescending behavior from the paper’s editors. It’s another example of England’s feeling of superiority not only on the field but off it too where they think that Americans are uneducated when it comes to soccer. Nothing could be further from the truth especially considering the fact that more Americans visit The Guardian’s football site than the UK public does.

Just as there are still soccer haters in the United States press who are stil perpetuating their inane comments, members of the British press still show that they’re living in the stone age.

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