Landon Donovan Cries Tears Of Joy After US World Cup Victory

Minutes after the United States’s historic victory versus Algeria Wednesday in the World Cup, ESPN reporter Jeremy Schapp interviewed Landon Donovan. And before the interview could even start, Donovan covered his eyes as he cried tears of joy at an incredible late win to send the US team through to the next round.

As if the shot of Donovan crying couldn’t have been more beautiful, Donovan did one better by answering the question about Clint Dempsey’s disallowed goal. Instead of using anger, he answered the question quite poetically by saying “Like I said last week, we embody what Americans are about.”

Today showed Donovan’s skill as a professional and as an athlete. This is an athlete that Americans can get behind and believe in, whether they’re soccer fans or not.

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9 Responses to Landon Donovan Cries Tears Of Joy After US World Cup Victory

  1. eplnfl says:

    He was not the only one crying tears of joy by any means. I hope finally Landon is given his due as one of the worlds top soccer players. I strongly believe the failure by the rest of the world to acclaim him as a top player in the world is simple anti-American bias.

    Thank you Landon

  2. McBride says:

    I’ll say it right now, I’m a little concerned with Landycake’s post-game comment that today’s win was the “culmination” of a difficult four years.

    Hopefully the team’s attitude Saturday isn’t that they have already reached the mountain top.

    • Pakapala says:

      Remember the guy just went through a divorce. Those tears have as much to do with that as it has to do with the game-winning goal there.

  3. Jeff says:

    I definitely had a slight tear in my eye. It was such an emotional game and the ending was just amazing.

    By the way, Donovan didn’t say anything about “culmination” so stop putting words in his mouth. He said he has worked hard the last four years for this momment. And I think what he means by that is the last World Cup was not only a disappointment for the team but for Donovan. Their were a lot of expectations for the USA in 2006 and especially for Donovan. That goal is a great personal achievement and it is great for the USA team as well.

  4. jmb321 says:

    He did say ” we’re not done yet”. So they will go with a lot of confidence into the next rounds.

    Praise to Tim Howard for the outlet pass that started the cavalry, to Jozy for the pass across the goal, to Clint for sacrificing his body on the initial shot and to Landon for closing finally. Quite a team effort all around.

    • McBride says:

      “He did say ” we’re not done yet”. So they will go with a lot of confidence into the next rounds.”

      Correct, though with time to reflect he referred to the win as the “culmination” of the last four years.

      I know I’m nitpicking, but the US have never in my lifetime had an opportunity like this – Ghana + Korea/Uruguay = World Cup semifinal. I don’t want any of them (least of all a key player) thinking two more wins aren’t more than realistic.

      I suppose I’m just already nervous about Saturday

  5. doug says:

    i was happy he said “you can moan about the referee, or you can just play, and we decided we’ll just play”…

    he just needs to always say “we” instead of “i”…

    other thoughts: dempsey & donovan are the only two who’ve got the balls to score… Altidore’s good play was completely negated by his incompetence in front of the goal, which is too bad. It almost got us sent home.

    Gomez played fine…

    Ghana + Uruguay/S. Korea = Brazil rematch in Semis? Our quarterfinal would constitute a favorable group draw. Team America has a very real chance to go where we’ve never gone before…

    The defense stepped in up in the 2nd half, even tho’ we were pushing so many players forward…

    I love Howard playing quarterback and throwing the ball deep… I didn’t realize he can throw a soccer ball 60 yards! We should do that every time.

    I think the way this game played out, once again, is actually really good for team psychology. This is twice now they’ve gone from humiliation to jubilation in an instant. Emotionally, now they’ve been through everything (and so have we). Our guys have now been through the fire and they believe…

    Saturday’s game is going to be the most-watched soccer game in the US in US national team history… This is huge for the MLS, as our national team is converting fans game-by-game. I was kind of hoping we’d play Germany, which is a better “sell” in the US, and b/c we’d be the clear underdog, but Ghana at least gets us to replay 2006. It just kind of sucks we’re playing what’s likely going to be the only remaining african team in the cup… The world will be against us.

  6. ben s says:

    Donovan is a good player and you americans have a great (constantly improving side). But im afraid you cant put him up with the top players in the world. E.g. messi, ronaldo, gerrard. These players play for the best teams in the world. In europe. Your still in your early days like we are when we compare basketball between europe and you guys. Youll probably have best team in the world in 10 years. But your club football will take a generation to catch up. But keep it up i love americans and itd be awesome to get more competion from over seas.

    Oh and him crying. Prob a cultural thing (us unemoitional brits lol). Hahahaha crying, a man, on ww tv, for just winning a game. Hahaha

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