Everton Plotting Permanent Move For Landon Donovan?

June 26, 2010 - South Africa - Football - United States of America v Ghana FIFA World Cup Second Round - South Africa 2010 - Royal Bafokeng Stadium, Rustenburg, South Africa - 26/6/10..USA's Landon Donovan (L) jumps over a challenge by Ghana's Andre Ayew. 

Landon Donovan has been making news lately.

From his solid play at the World Cup to a potential paternity suit, the American International has been finding his way into print in recent days.

Turns out he’s still on the mind of David Moyes as well.

The News of the World is reporting that Everton is hoping to line up a permanent move for Donovan.

Last season, Donovan joined the Toffees for a 10-week loan spell, during which he scored a couple of goals and generally impressed Moyes and the fans at Goodison Park with his work rate and skill level.

Donovan has already expressed interest in a loan return to Merseyside, and it seems if the Toffees can’t secure a permanent move, then another loan spell in January could be possible.

What do you think? Hoping that Donovan makes the move full-time? Or would you rather see him stay in MLS with the Galaxy, and just head out on loan again in 2011?

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15 Responses to Everton Plotting Permanent Move For Landon Donovan?

  1. Scott says:

    While I wish him all the best with whatever decision. I really think that MLS could benefit greatly from all his added press if he stayed here. The US World Cup performance brought more Americans into soccer and Landon Donavon is a name they know. If he stays here then that will be a good starting place for them to get into MLS.

  2. McBride says:

    No offense to Everton, but if Donovan is going to leave MLS I wish it were for a bigger club.

  3. Joe in Indianapolis says:

    Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Man City are interested. Do you think Everton can win a bidding war with City? Do you think Donovan would prefer Everton over City?


  4. McBride says:

    As a US supporter I want to see Landon play for whichever club gives him the best chance to play high-profile, high-pressure matches. Whichever team has a legit chance of competing for the top-4 in the Premier League table

    • Dave C says:

      McBride – you said you want Donovan to go to a bigger club than Everton, but at the same time you say you want him to go to a club with a legitimate shot at competing for the top 4 in the premier league??

      I think are pretty consistently ALWAYS mentioned as a team that could target 4th place, along with Villa, Spurs (who this season have achieved it) and Man City. In fact, prior to Spurs getting 4th this year, Everton were the last team outside of the traditional “big four” to have grabbed that coveted 4th spot.

      I think Everton is where he will most likely end up. He’s already established there with the team, the fans and the manager. I think Spurs are already full to the brim with attacking wide players, I don’t think he’s a big enough “name” for Man City (not that I agree with this approach), and that leaves only Villa, who I don’t think offer anything that Everton don’t. (This is all assuming he moves to England of course).

      • jcr says:

        He is not going to Everton unless Everton can pay a transfer fee of at least $USD 10M and that is not happening. It has nothing to do with him being established there or the fans or manager. MLS has a contract with Landon and they simply won’t sell him for what Everton can pay. Teams like Man City and Manchester will often sign players like Landon who are quite good, but can pay less than someone like Gerrard at over $10M per year. Look at ManU when they signed the South Korean player. Landon also will happen to be able to sell Man City and their jerseys to U.S. fans where up until now is dominated by Chelsea and ManU.

        • Dave C says:

          I don’t know what Everton’s finances are like, so I’m not sure I could rule out a move of $10m USD for Donovan. Unfortunately, I think going to Man City would be a terrible move for him though. Man City have got enough money to think nothing of spending $10m on a guy and then having him sit on the bench – they paid a lot more for Santa Cruz, for example. And that is probably what would happen.

          I think he’d be much better off getting a move to regular playing time at Everton (assuming they can afford him).

  5. MarylandBill says:

    Ultimately, I hope the MLS is able to keep him. He has, to a large extent become the face of U.S. Soccer, and his presence will probably be as big a draw for the MLS as Beckham (maybe more so now).

    On the flip side, I am all for him being loaned to top flight European clubs as I believe that the more international experience he and other Americans get, the stronger the U.S. will get in international competition.

  6. Mark says:

    I’d like to see him move to the Red half of Merseyside and help them get back to challenging for the EPL title

  7. Matt says:

    As a rabid United supporter, Merseyside really is his best option. City is turning into an all star team. At Eastlands, he could very easily get usurped by another big signing because city is going to keep splashing the cash thoughtlessly blindly hoping to crack the big 4. As much as it would pain me, he would be a huge success at Liverpool, but I don’t think this will happen with a non-existent manager and a serious money crisis.

    I really hope Everton signs him. Moyes is one of the best managers in the premier league and Everton are a great club, and they looked like one of the elite when he was with them for those ten weeks. As much as the MLS is growing, I honestly believe that we need to strengthen American soccer as a whole, and our domestic league will stunt the growth of most of the current national team.

    • jason says:

      I agree, Man City has a deep enough squad already to field 2 teams. I fear Donovan if he goes there. I think he could get shuffled out as Onyewu has been shuffled at AC Milan.

  8. eplnfl says:

    I love David Moyes and Everton but as I have said for some time the day would come in which it would be necessary to keep the US stars here in America. This is the time! The credibility of MLS is on the line and as a sign of it’s commitment to the fans needs to keep our first home grown star from the world stage.

  9. golandongo says:

    Forget loaning out in January, by then he’ll be 6 months older and who knows what could happen with injury between now and then. If Moyes wants him and is willing to pony up the money then I say burn your bridges and go boy. He has paid his dues to American football and deserves this move to a club that wants him and can use him. He doesn’t need to be a minor cog in the City machine.

  10. Pakapala says:

    No better time for him to make a move. I mean on a personal level what else can Donovan accomplish in the MLS? He’s got to move on to bigger challenges. Whether to Everton or wherever would help him take the next step to football glory.

  11. John says:

    Manchester City is surely going to bench Landon Donovan considering all the stars they’ll get after their never ending spending spree. Everton is the right choice for LD because he works well with the team, he has one of his buddies{Tim Howard} to back him up, and the fans absolutely love him. if the LA Galaxy management are smart, they should let him go and let him pursue more of a challenge and make a name for himself in the EPL. If he’s successful, he will undoubtedly gain much experience that will help him be more of a “threat” in the next world cup.

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