Oguchi Onyewu Involved in Training Brawl

U.S. International Oguchi Onyewu has had trouble getting on the pitch for his club side, AC Milan, this season.

He found his way into the news today, however.

Multiple outlets are reporting that Onyewu and Zlatan Ibrahimovic were involved in a fight on the training ground earlier today.

From the story, “team vice president Adriano Galliani, speaking with SkySport24 TV, described the fight as ‘very lively’ but said both players have resolved their differences. He didn’t say what sparked the brawl.”

The Sky Sports report had a little more, adding more from Gallani.

“The fight was animated, but the incident is over,” Galliani was quoted as saying on the Italian club’s official website.

“The two players cleared up their disagreement. I’m happy when I see players pumped up, I’m happier seeing fiery training sessions than boring ones.”

Fanhouse adds a little more detail concerning the incident itself.

“According to an internet translation of an article in La Gazzetta dello Sport, Ibrahimovi? infuriated Onyewu when he slid into the “giant American.” Onyewu “did not take it well,” the Gazzetta said, and grabbed the Swede by the throat after getting up off the ground.

“The paper surmised that Onyewu reacted so strongly because of concern over his rehabilitated left knee.

“It took about 10 teammates to separate the pair in front of about 30 spectators at the club’s Milanello training ground. Coach Massimiliano Allegri suspended the rest of practice.”

So, what does this mean for Gooch’s future in Milan? Think the dust-up will hurt his chances of cracking the lineup? Or is it just the sort of enthusiasm that might inspire a coach to give him a chance?

I guess we’ll see.

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8 Responses to Oguchi Onyewu Involved in Training Brawl

  1. DCUDiplomat96 says:

    I hope he won the Fight, Man US Soccer needs some fire under the arse LOL really though soccer needs tough guys Period.

  2. BA14 says:

    Is this really a brawl or just a dust up between 2 people. A brawl to me is 2 groups fighting each other. I hope Gooch bloodied him up.

    • Randy Capps says:

      Brawl may be the wrong word, but one report suggested it lasted 10 minutes – which is way longer than that Lesnar fight I watched recently…

  3. BA14 says:

    they also called the 2 jockeys a brawl today. they just want to sensationalize the whole thing.

  4. Sam says:

    If there were a fight, we’d be reading about Zlatan being in pieces (literally) at the hospital right now. I figure Onyewu would at *least* tear one of his arms off at the shoulder and maybe clean his colon out with it.

  5. ibrasux says:

    Good for gooch. Screw Ibra. The dude is an overpaid premadonna. I hope Gooch breaks Ibra’s face next time.

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