What if the U.S. Loses 2022 World Cup bid?

May 14, 2010 - Zurich, SCHWEIZ SUISSE SVIZZERA SWITZERLAND - epa02157140 Sunil Gulati, President of the US Soccer Federation USSF and Bid Chairman, left, Carlos Bocanegra, Captain of the US Men's National Team, centre, and FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter, rechts, pose during the handover of the USA bid to host the FIFA soccer World Cup 2018/2022 in Zurich, Switzerland, 14 May 2010.

The United States has been the favorite to win the 2022 World Cup bid since it dropped its 2018 bid to clear the way for a European nation.  Going up against a Middle Eastern country, two Asian nations that previously hosted, and an island nation with little soccer culture, the U.S. has the money, media presence, and soccer infrastructure to guarantee a successful World Cup.  But as we approach the December 2 announcement date, the rumors continue to pop up that the U.S. is at best dead even with Qatar and another of its competitors.  So we have to consider what was once the unthinkable – what is the U.S. loses out on the World Cup?

How could America lose out on a bid?  Qatar, while disgustingly hot in the summer, has a lot of money that it can dedicate to the World Cup, and FIFA can justify giving them the World Cup as a way to promote peace in the region.  Australia is an untapped market and they could be viewed as the U.S. in 1994 – a nation where a World Cup will jump start the popularity of their soccer league.  And it would be odd to give Japan or Korea a World Cup so soon after they jointly hosted one, but they could be viewed as safe bets.  Plus we cannot ignore what wheelings and dealings occur behind closed doors.

The first thought that would come to many people’s minds if the U.S. lost out on December 2 is that we can reapply in four years for the 2026 Cup, and would have to be considered almost a lock.  The World Cups have gone Africa (’10), South America (’14), Europe (’18), and Asia (’22), so unless Antarctica were to boom in population, North America would be a logical next step.  This of course FIFA is logical and continues to rotate continents years from now when the 2026 Cup is selected, but let’s just assume.  But to assume the U.S. would definitely be that country could be a mistake.  Between the 2022 and 2026 selection processes, Mexico (who has already hosted World Cups), could stabilize politically and has a large soccer market.  And to the north is another untapped market – Canada could be targeted by FIFA as the new soccer infrastructure building project.  They have the money, government stability, and infrastructure to host a world-wide event.  Plus, as we have seen with Toronto FC and lower division teams, Canadians will support soccer.

What does the loss of a World Cup do to MLS?  Initially nothing, as where the international event will be held does not really impact MLS players.  But what it could impact is MLS governance.  We know FIFA hates some aspects of MLS, especially the schedule, and we assume that it would not deny the U.S. a bid because of simple MLS dislikes.  But what if FIFA wanted the U.S. market to conform with the rest of world enough that they denied the bid?  MLS could do one of two things – it could basically move further from FIFA or, more likely, begin to adopt FIFA guidance completely.  This means fall-to-spring schedules like most of the rest of the world.

And what does this mean for the U.S. national team?  It cannot be understated how important home field advantage is in the World Cup – the U.S. made the round of 16 in 1994, Italy placed third in the 1990 World Cup, Germany made the 2006 semifinals, etc.  The United States would lose a vital goalpost for progress – the USSF can build its entire structure with the goal of playing in front of the home crowd in 2022 and making a run for possibly a title.  But without that goalpost, it’s harder to have an end date for a building project which, frankly, the U.S. could use.  It can be done, but the advantage of a World Cup in your front yard cannot be understated.

So would losing the World Cup be catastrophic for the USSF?  No, but it would hurt.   A lot.

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84 Responses to What if the U.S. Loses 2022 World Cup bid?

  1. Wolfgang says:

    The US aren’t going to get it. Qatar has eaten into US support in South America, and this has opened up the way for Australia to take the lead thanks to support from Europe.

    The US is battling with Korea to see who will be the second knocked out.

  2. Charles says:

    I will have to fly to Australia. Not a bad deal too.

    US has a VERY good case of it however.
    You know it will be most profitable, which matters a TON.
    Stadiums already built.
    With 320 million people, almost unfair not to have it here at least every 28 years.

  3. michael says:

    Australia should host the world cup in 2022. They deserve to do it as they have done everything required to do so. The world cup should be passed around, the US has little football culture of it’s own – all previous multiple hosts have had football as the number one sport. Even Nascar and the WNBA out rates the MLS. We saw LA Galaxy get beaten by the bottom placed Australian A-league team on the weekend. They were beaten 5-3 last time they traveled to play Sydney FC as well. Australia has come a long long way and they have everything that’s required to host a fantastic football world cup in 2022.

    • P says:

      You do realize soccer is the 5th most popular sport in Australia right? That other more popular sports will be playing at the same time as the World Cup and that the a-league gets crowds of only 5,000 a game? Hardly screams they deserve anything to be honest.

      • Andrew says:

        ‘Soccer’ is the most played sport in Australia at community level. It is also the 3rd most popular sport at elite level, having over taken rugby union and cricket. AFL and Rugby leage are very regionalised. AFL in the south and west, and Rugby league in the North-east. Soccer is the only football code which spans the whole country.

      • flyinv says:

        Actually soccer is probably no. 3 in terms of popularity behind Cricket and AFL, but it has the highest participation level.
        Also A-league crowds are on average 12k-13k and that’s with more games being played every season and most importantly a better standard every year.
        I think Australia’s “soccer culture” is at least as good if not better than any other bidding nation for 2022.

        • Mark says:

          Actually, the Australian A-League averages have been dropping dramatically from a high of 14k 3 years ago to be presently around 8,000. They are also well below the 18k average of Rugby League Football, the 25K of the Rugby Union Super 14 (their only professional Rugby Union league) and the 38k average of the Australian Football League. (Australian rules football) The A-League tv telecasts are all subscription tv and their ratings are below most telecast sport by a very large margin.

          Though soccer is their highest participation sport it doesn’t translate into live attendance and television viewing.

        • Phil says:

          As an Australian, i can only laugh at your assumption that you think soccer is the number 3 sport in Australia. Rugby League is far more popular than soccer in Australia with far greater tv revenues/ratings crowds and media attention.

          Soccer is probably on par with Rugby Union as the 4th/5th most popular sport in the country.

          FIFA in the inspection report for Australia said that although growing the football fanbase in Australia is limited. There is no potential for growth.

          A-league and socceroos crowds and interest has shrank considerably, the average of the A-league this year is only 8,000 odd. The lowest it has ever been. One team averages 3000 odd.

          There is no soccer culture in Australia. At least the USA has a huge latino population that love the game.

          • Charles says:

            Yes rugby league is more popular… *IN NSW AND QLD ONLY*.

            AFL is more popular… *IN VIC, SA, WA, TAS ONLY*

            I don’t understand the way others seem to think that the A-League is entirety representative of football (soccer) support in Australia. There are heaps of soccer fans in Australia who follow euro leagues exclusively, and heaps of soccer fans who watch the Socceroos passionately but not the A-League. Would you base the popularity of cricket on Sheffield Shield attendances and nothing else?

          • Charles says:

            Just to be clear, this is a different Charles above. I am not an expert on Australian sports like I am on soccer.

            cheers 😉

    • zee112 says:

      Soccer is the most popular sport for youth in the U.S. and has been for 3 decades. Well over 3 million playes under 20. By 2022, that number will multiply.

      The 1994 WC set attendance records that still stand. Every other nation is already here!

  4. IL says:

    Something tells me we may not get it. We had it less then twenty years ago. It may be too early for the cup to return.

    Although we are a great place to have it, we may not be as cut throat about getting the cup as the rest of the world. This leads for to a competitive disadvantage.

    Although there will be disappointment, I’m not sure that it will be very detrimental to the sport here in the States. As long as MLS attendance and popularity grows in the US. Stability in the league now needs to translate into grows (and not just in the number of teams).

    In short, whether or not the World Cup comes to the US is not likely, in my opinion, to make a big impact to the growth or demise of the sport here.

  5. Stephen says:

    To me the USA seems the natural fit for WC 2022. It will fill the stadiums and make a lot of money for FIFA, partners and other businesses. I’m okay with that. I am not sure a country deserves the right to host the WC. I think a country can earn the right to host the WC.

    Australia on the other hand is in the same place as the USA was in 94 as noted. Australia has 20 million people, USA has 300+ million people. Australia is the same approx size as the USA, it has larger states, and more open spaces. Australia is now also a very expensive place to go, unlike the USA which is becoming less expensive place to visit for other peoples.

    There also could be what I would consider an upset. Qatar, Japan or South Korea. Potentially Japan and South Korea may be less favourable with the rumblings in North Korea.

    Who knows ? you can analyse it, use logic, who deserves it etc, who can afford it, who needs it. My tips is USA. If it is not USA, then Australia.

    • BouBu says:

      ” It will fill the stadiums and make a lot of money for FIFA ”

      Filling world cup stadiums and making a lot of money for FIFA are two different things, unrelated to each other. I’m just saying that, for FIFA, potentially huge money from ticket sales is not a factor when deciding on a host country.

  6. DDay says:

    It’s all about the Benjamins.

    And Qatar, while having cool green stadium plans, is a country that doesn’t drink alcohol and where women rights are in the stone age. FIFA wants a playground, not a moral prison, and there’s no better than the United States. With Brazil set to be a complete safety disaster, they know they need to award the WC to a country where security won’t be the #1 issue, and PROFIT to line their pockets will be.

    USA by a landslide for 2022, Spain/Portugal for 2018.

  7. Giggsy says:

    If Qatar or Japan or South Korea win the 2022 WC the US should lead a boycott and break away from FIFA because the only way that will happen is by utter and complete corruption.

    There is NO cause to give either Japan or South Korea another World Cup only 20 years apart. The only time in the history of the WC that has happened was when Mexico hosted again in 1986 only 16 years after hosting it before but that WC was actually scheduled for Colombia and Mexico was a substitute host. Not even soccer nations like France or Italy or Germany or Brazil have had WCs that close together and nations like England and Spain have not even had two. Japan and South Korea shouldn’t get another WC for 50 years.

    Qatar’s bid is a f**king joke. The fact they were even allowed to bid is a f**king disgrace. It is a nation the size of Delaware with less than 2M people and ZERO soccer or sporting culture to speak of. While it is less oppressive than its Arab neighbours it is still ruled by Sharia law and firmly stuck in the 14th century when it comes to such trivial things as personal freedom and the equality of women. Did I mention that there is ONE F**KING CITY in Qatar and the other “sites” for these fantasy stadiums they want to waste billions of dollars on are towns of less than 100K people.

    Their bid did not even meet the minimum requirements previously held by FIFA of a bid having to have at least 8 cities so they lowered it to 7 and it still really doesn’t qualify because they are counting Doha as two separate cities (it is one large metropolis) and a number of other, essentially tiny towns, as “cities”. The whole thing reeks of corruption and bribery and FIFA Presidential vote trading. It is a f**king disgrace and if Qatar gets awarded the 2022 WC every decent nation should withdraw from FIFA and form a non-corrupt governing body for world football.

    The US should also try and get the FBI and other law enforcement agencies in the US and around the world to commence a full blown investigation into FIFA and every EXCO member and Jack Warner or any other such member should be immediately arrested next time they set foot in the US.

    I do hope that if the US doesn’t get the 2022 WC that the USSF and MLS tell FIFA to go f**k themselves with their “not a real league because you aren’t on the European calendar and you need promotion relegation.” When Sepp sits thru a game at BMO field in the snow in February then he can open his mouth, until then he can STFU! And I want MLS to just go ahead with the most advanced form of instant replay video technology for the league as possible if they don’t get the WC. MLS officiating is horrendous and a “replay” official watching real time that can correct the on field refs errors is something the US/Canadian audience is A. used to and B. demands of its sports.

    • Bolacuadrada says:

      You are right man. FIFA is one of the most corrupt entities and if the Australians or other contries want to host the World Cup all they have to do is pay the FIFA cartel. They are all dishonest and that is why they perpetuate in their positions.

      • Zach says:

        Please, it will not be the end of the world if the US doesn’t get the WC in 2022 (and I’m American). Yeah, the WC would be awesome to have here and I think we put forward a strong a bid, but I would also understand why it would go elsewhere. But heres the things going against these countries:

        Australia – time zone difference = crappy TV viewings = crap $ made
        Qatar = freaking hot, stadiums too close together, unstable environment
        Korea/Japan – just hosted it, joint makes it difficult, Korea just had some political instability recently
        US – lack of governmental support, just recently hosted

        A negative for all of the countries beside the US is that they’re having to build some stadiums whereas the US has them already built and ready to go.

        But, if the US doesn’t get it, there is no reason to separate from FIFA. If we do, we’re just shooting ourselves in the foot. The sooner the USSF realizes that FIFA is the world governing body of soccer the better. The MLS (and the rest of the US soccer pyramid) need to adopt the international soccer calendar ASAP. If MLS Commissioner Garber announced before the 2nd that the USSF would adopt the Fall-Spring calendar in the next couple of seasons, I would almost guarantee that the US WC bid would be in the bag.

        • Cavan says:

          Our league is more important that the WC bid. If we change the MLS schedule to fall-spring, it will destroy it. Only the NFL is big enough to get fans out for outdoor games in January in Washington, Philadelphia, Boston, Dever, etc. and those are only for special playoff games. One NFL team in a cold-weather city might have up to 4 sub-40 degree games in a season. Couple that most of those games are in the daylight.

          If you put half to two thirds of the MLS season in the depths of winter weather AT NIGHT, you’ll decimate the fanbases of DC United, Philadelphia, New York, New England, Chicago, Columbus, Toronto, Kansas City, Colorado, and Salt Lake, all cold weather teams.

          Until Mr. Blatter attends a night game in January in Washington (or any of the other cold weather cities but I said Washington because we’re the least cold weather of the cold weather MLS cities), his words should be taken with a grain of salt.

          • ExtraMedium says:

            It’s called a winter break. Germany, Ukraine, and Russia (begining in 2012) use winter breaks.

          • njndirish says:

            December through March in Chicago is a frozen tundra ExtraMedium, I can hardly think of what Toronto is like. The winter break would have to be longer than the summer break. That would be incredibly stupid.

          • ExtraMedium says:

            LA, Texas, Portland, Vancouver and Seattle are warm enough to play day games in Feb. and LA and Texas are warm enough to play night games. Oct/Nov temps and Feb/Mar temps are very similar, and the MLS Cup final was played just before Thanksgiving…

        • Charles says:

          Funny that you consider Australia to have a “crap time zone, less $ made”. Did you know the 2002 World Cup in Korea/Japan was more profitable TV wise for FIFA than the 2006 one in Germany?

    • Patrick says:

      You argue that the USA should get it over South Korea or Japan because they have recently hosted. In case you don’t realize this mate, you only hosted it 8 years before them. In World Cup terms, 20 years and 28 years are not that different. If South Korea and Japan miss out because of their recent hosting, the US should miss out for the same reason as well.

      If the US decided to breakaway from FIFA, guess what… they wouldn’t give a toss. Despite what you all think, your country is not the centre of the world, you arent as important as you think you are.

      Saying Qatar has no right to bid just comes off as rascist. They have as much right to bid as any other nation in the world. And when you say they have no soccer culture, I think you are sadly mistaken… it is the most popular sport in Qatar.

      Get the FBI onto FIFA? For what? Even if vote colluding and buying was going on, its not against the law. It is against FIFA rules, but there is no laws in the US, or any other country in the world that can have a FIFA ExCo arrested for vote colluding. Thats like saying that if David Beckham doesnt show up to training at the times LA Galaxy wants him to, he should be arrested. While it is against LA Galaxy’s policies for him to show up at the wrong time, there is no US law that can have him arrested for it.

      • John says:

        Couldnt agree with you more, surely common sense will prevail and neither the US or Qatar will be given hosting rights.

        Spain, France, Brazil, Italy , England etc are all football powerhouses and none of them have hosted tournaments 28 years apart. If they havernt why should the US, especially when these nations all understand and the appreciate the game 10 times more the the yanks.

        Same goes for Qatar. Why should they be awarded the tournament when the country has no significant history of football and their culture simply doesnt allow for a celebration the magnitude of the world cup. At the very least, their country is in a bloody desert!

        Surely common sense will prevail. Surely the US or Qatar wont win it

      • Earl Reed says:

        “Saying Qatar has no right to bid just comes off as rascist. They have as much right to bid as any other nation in the world. And when you say they have no soccer culture, I think you are sadly mistaken… it is the most popular sport in Qatar.”

        it would be even more popular if women were allowed to have an opinion.

    • Ryan says:

      When Qatar wins you will be made to eat ur words. U seem to be a racist pig.

  8. DDay says:

    Giggsy, you do a good rant. +1

  9. Kasey in Oz says:

    Obviously as an Aussie, I realy want us to host it in 2022, the boost it would give soccer down here would be immense! By God I think we need it(the boost that is) I think the clear front runners are the USA and Australia. If FIFA gives it Qatar then I’ll be a monkeys uncle, that’d be like Oklahoma hosting the World Cup on its own! It would be an absolute farce.
    If either the US or Australia host, I’m sure it will be an amazing tournament. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’ll be disappointed if we lose, but only if we lose to you yanks. If we lose to the Okies in the Desert I’ll be gutted and totally disillusioned with FIFA(once again:( ) If we lose to any other copuntry that has previously hosted (like Japan or Korea) I’ll feel the same as the Qatari bid winning. While no country can ‘deserve’ the World Cup, I really feel strongly that countries that haven’t hosted it should get a look in before we start with the repeats. Especially considering the benefits hosting gives the proponents of the beautiful game wherever the Cup goes!

    • Ryan says:

      QATAR deserves the WC hosting rights just as much as Aust. does since they have never hosted it either and neither has any other country in the region. Did you watch Australia’s final bid presentation yesterday?? It was terrible. Some freaking kangaroo hopping around and some old bat making the presentation… She wont be around till the next WC let alone 2022… hehe

    • RYAN says:


  10. MLS-0 says:

    The Australian A-league will have pro/rel before MLS does they deserve to host it.

    • njndirish says:

      And you have proof of this?

      Both league have investigated the possibility of Pro/Rel, but neither is committed. A League needs to manage sustainability before even thinking about Pro/Rel

      • Alex says:

        look it up on google. australia is PLANNING (not offical) in establishing a second division and developing a 5 year phase in installing pro/rel before the 2018 world cup. its not impossible. japan was once in the same boat as Australia back in the early 90’s then it created a second division and put pro/rel in ’93 now it has three very strong and stable leagues with 150 + professional clubs in a 11 year span. the result? the Korea/Japan wc, Class A ranking in AFC (which i guess means its the best league in AFC) and 2 AFC champions . if australia follows Japans expansion model i wouldnt be surprised if they become a stronger footballing nation and host the 2022 world cup. and it would put us in a very awkward position in terms of what the heck mls is up to. if japan, which did all this in a 11 year span, did it and australia would succeed in doing it then i dont see why MLS cant do it.

        im not saying its an immediate answer for MLS to suck up to FIFA officials (though it would be nice if the promises would follow) but idk im just saying i woulndt be surprised if australia wins the bid and if they do then they deserve it (australia’s bid covered all the requirements while USA still has some local government commitment issues) but im keeping my fingers crossed for USA bid

  11. knackers says:

    I hope the FIFA people look at the history of hosting major events in the various countries . Compare and contrast , for instance , the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics and the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics… no doubt about which event is better remembered for the right reasons

  12. Bolacuadrada says:

    If it was me I would not put the picture of the corrupt Blatter in any of the posts. Looking at his face is as bad as looking at the face of the previous US president. They are despicable human beings. I will not be surprised if they award the WC to any other country. That gay is the head of a cartel of corrupt people that includes Warner and Grondona and you US representative, (Blazer).

  13. njndirish says:

    If we lose it, it gives me an excuse to be drunk at 9 am in the morning

    • Kasey in Oz says:

      Hell no mate, grab your passport and join in the world’s biggest party drink live at the venue:). I went to South Africa 5 months ago for my first World cup experience. It was so awesome that I vowed to never again miss a World Cup that the Socceroos qualify for. One of the best things about being a football fan is the football induced travel bug. I can’t wait until our next away game in Japan. Its a country I’ve always wanted to visit and why not follow the Socceroos on a trip there? Its an experience no AFL/NFL etc fan will get we should make the most of the unique aspect of our sport compared to the other sports our countries attend:)

      • njndirish says:

        You misunderstand. Watching the selection show will give me an excuse to be drunk at 9 am.

        I can’t even afford to go to a world cup unless its in the western hemisphere or Europe.

  14. jeff says:

    i think that Qatar will get 2022 resones >>
    1- 12 Stadiums they will build 3 of them over 65 capacity and the other 9 stadiums 45 and half capacity

    2 – there development verey fast they are nice people rich people also there couality in life groing up verey fast

    3 – first time in middel east

    4 – they bid world cup for young people in 1994
    and they bid asian games 2006 alson every year they bid world cup of squash also in 2011 they will bid asian fotball cup 2011

    so they have a lot of experience for bidding

    🙂 So my vote for Qatar

    • Earl Reed says:

      I love me some 65K stadiums that nobody wants to travel to.

      • Ryan says:

        And they will break up the stadiums after the WC and give it to the developing nations to encourage soccer, In addition they will provide the solar powered cooling technology to the world… Wow!! Now what the hell is USA and Australia offering the world? the answer… nothing!! Hey having the stadiums already in place is a disadvantage rather than and advantage my friend. They will be 12 years older in 2022 my friend. so basically they will do nothing. Its definitely going to be a 2 horse race… Qatar and Aust.

  15. Kasey in Oz says:

    They have a lot of experience in ‘bidding’ [but not hosting] because no organising committee worth its salt would give its premiere event to a tiny soul-less racist little country that has to import its best athletes from other countries to disguise its own crappiness at sport. There are two main supporters groups of the Socceroos. Only one is organising a trip to Qatar for the 2015 Asian Cup…why, complete lack of interest from the general fan in going to a country where you have to go all Jason Bourne just to get a fricken beer! When Budweiser is a principle sponsor of FIFA, there is no chance that Qatar will get the gig.

    Only the local org committee takes in the money from the ticket sales, FIFA’s income comes from TV rights and corporate Sponsorships, so no matter how often the USA bangs on about bigger stadiums, it don’t matter to FIFA at all. the folding stuff comes from TV and the corporates.

    • Kasey in Oz says:

      D’oh-a:) I should have written “Qatar 2011” is hosting the Asian Cup, With only Australia Bidding, We should be hosting the 2015 Asian Cup, where there will be no worries(mate) getting a cold beer at the football:)

    • BrisbaneBhoy says:

      Hahaha @ “a tiny soul-less racist little country” – Nice! *rolls-eyes*
      As opposed to that of Australia and the USA being ‘soul-less racist big countries’???

  16. Robert says:

    U.S. should not get it before Australia. US does not have 60k+ soccer stadiums (Except Quest, FIFA Approved). If US gets the cup will MLS take the entire month of July off in respect of World Cup? USSF and MLS is basically destorying the chances for US to capture the cup .

    • njndirish says:

      American stadiums are now built with soccer in mind. All the stadiums listed have hosted soccer events. In addition, Australia has no pure soccer stadium either, they are shared among multiple sports.

    • tylawfan1 says:

      Robert, Quest, while built with soccer in mind, was built as an American football stadium. But yes, almost every new American football stadium built is built with soccer in mind. Hence, USA is the only bid that doesn’t require new stadium construction… and whats the problem with taking one month off when so many others are advocating a 4 month winter break? i think one month off in July for a big event that doesn’t come very often is not a big deal…

  17. JonesJunior says:

    Has anyone been to Qatar? I’ve been a handful of times for business, and while it is nice for a day or two it would be an absolute disaster for a World Cup. You can still pay off cops there with ease. That doesn’t exactly make me feel safe. There will be no partying in the streets there, like say Germany in 2006. The tournament is supposed to bring the world together, but who is going to go to this event? I hesitate to bring my wife and kids to a place with judging eyes and backwards principles. Honestly, Qatar should not even be considered and should be placed dead last from a logistics stand point.

    All the other bidders have a fair claim. Unfortunately South Korea/Japan was somewhat recent. And yes, even though it was only 8 years after USA, it was still 8 years. Plus, I really think China will take 2026. It makes sense for some Asian countries to bid in 2022 so that they can lose and build a better “we’ve waited and deserve it” claim for 2026.

    Australia is deserving. They’ve done everything that has been asked of them. Some people are saying that attendance and viewership of their domestic league is going down, but as is the same case with MLS in the United States (and yes I’m aware that their attendance went up slightly, but only because of a few key markets, otherwise it’s dropped across the board). The presence of soccer in the media in Australia is tremendous. Broadcasters have really invested in making the sport visible throughout the country. The problem arises in that Australia is so far away. It is a tough trip to take, and South Africa may have been an example as how people will not be willing to take these long strenuous flights to see the tournament. The Australian people alone will not be able to fill stadiums.

    The United States is the easiest decision. The MLS really should look to conform to FIFA standards however. If Garber would just announce a single table structure that follows the FIFA calendar, I think we would have a slam dunk, but that won’t happen. Everyone in the world vacations here, we have the stadiums, hotels, and night life. I’m sure the security around the event would be second to none. And Americans will pay top dollar to watch good soccer. FC Dallas may only get 9k in the stands but when two big name European clubs square off, expect sold out crowds of 80k+.

    In my eyes it’s like this: Australia deserves to win, US makes the most sense to win, Qatar will win. And why will Qatar win? Because I’ve seen the way they do business first hand. It’s tough to say no. Unfortunately, all of us on this thread have brought up valid points and really thought through the various situations. We do not get any direct benefit from the decisions we make, the FIFA representatives do.

    • RYAN says:


  18. Tony says:

    Um, Italy did not win the 1990 World Cup. Germany won against Argentina. Italy did come in 3rd place though. Just wanted to clarify that.

  19. izy says:

    Australia is winning the 2022 world cup.
    Let’s not forget their Olympic games were declared the “best ever”, so they have experience hosting large scale world events and they did so, with ease, without a hitch.Just you wait and see!

    The USA are the only other sensible contenders, but there is no way they are winning the World Cup again before Australia.
    The argument about Australia providing shit time difference for the USA and Europe is also mute because the greatest population and TV audience comes from ASIA, which Australias time zone will feed coverage directly into.

  20. bufflo says:

    Qatar deserve For 2022

    England deserve 2018


  21. sema says:

    also me my vote for Qatar

    • Charles says:

      it appears people who support Qatar are illiterate. Surprising?

      • Kasey in Oz says:

        Surprising, hell no! In every forum I visit, from SkyScraperCity.com(stadium section) through to this one, there always is one bloke with a bee in his bonnet about Qatar’s bid for 2022. He or she(are women allowed on the computer in Qatar?) just creates a metric truckload of multi’s and spams away, perhaps thinking that posts on the internet are like dollars, if you throw enough of them around, eventually the other people will “come around to your way of thinking” Unfortunate;y it just pisses folks off(lucky we’re not on the FIFA ExCo then our Qatari multi-man) eh?

        • Ryan says:

          My friend… QATAR has already paid off every FIFA voting member to ensure they win. and they WILL WIN. Besides… ur bill clinton’s speach and morgan freeman losing hid pages was not at all impressive… I expected better from USA.

      • qatar says:


        go qatar

      • RYAN says:

        And yet they are more intelligent than USA and Aust. to beat your bid team…

  22. BrisbaneBhoy says:

    For all those who are saying Australia shouldn’t get it because of crowd figures at the A-League being small/getting smaller – Remember, the MLS, J.League, K.League etc, all had a dip in crowd figures around the season 4/5 mark of their new leagues. Australia is only following suit. Football will grow in Australia, just like it has in the US, Japan, Korea etc.

    Will football in Australia die if we don’t get the World Cup? No it won’t. Will it get a huge boost with it’s “battle” (I hate how all sports seem to “fight each other over here”) against the other popular sports Yes it will.

    IMO it’s going to come down to one question – What do the FIFA executives want? Money or legacy? If thy are after money then th USA or Qatar will win. IF it is legacy on the other hand, I think Australia will be in a good position.

    Either way, whatever happens, life goes on. Football will still be around and grow (just have to wait and see if it will grow fast or slow).

    • Kasey in Oz says:

      Regarding A-League crowd figures..BrissyBhoy makes a very valid point. It is very difficult in this day and age to establish a new sports league and immediately go up against other more established sports to get attention. In 6 years the HAL has improved out of sight in terms of standard and is already providing a good proving ground for our future Socceroos to learn their craft and develop before the inevitable transfer to their”dream European move” I am sure that the longer the HAL sticks around,the more it will become an accepted part of the Australian Sports landscape!
      Local league attendance means two parts of Eff-all in the greater scheme of FIFA’s thinking…the USA got to host the 1994 cup and they didn’t even have a div1 pro league at the time, so just because MLS is hitting some highs now after emerging from its consolidation phase as a strong & viable league, don’t go getting all judgmental on the HAL, you’ve got a 10 year head start remember..AND the boost that comes from hosting the Cup on home shores. Football in Australia has survived incompetent/corrupt leadership, ethnic violence in the stands, and at times outright hostility in the main stream media. If we get the ’22 Cup it will be a huge boost, If we don’t get it, the game will not die(despite the wishful thinking of some diehard sokkah-haterz)

  23. Qatar,U.S,Australia says:

    guys i think after i have takeing tour in qatar 2022 website i say Qatar will win they are nicer then U.S or Australia

    so me 2 ith u guys up ^
    i said Qatar

  24. WSW says:

    What if Sepp Blatter awards the U.S. WC 2022 but only with a 12 year structural plan for MLS which includes pro/rel.

  25. Mayer says:

    What scares me is the same thing that scared me when Chicago lost which I was right about. The first vote everyone votes for their closest geographical/cultural ally so that they don’t suffer the embarrassment of being voted out first. This tactic left Chicago vulnerable because there weren’t enough voters for Chicago to make it to the second round. If they had, they probably would have won.
    Because the only other bidders are Asian countries, the U.S. may be safe, but you can’t really be sure.

    • BrisbaneBhoy says:

      That is what I am worried about regarding Australia. As the OFC don’t have a vote anymore, and that we are also in battle with 4 other AFC nations (who all have members in the executive committee) I don’t know where the votes will come from in the early rounds.

      I can see one of two things happening – (1) Australia is eliminated in the first round, or (2) make it all the way to the final two (with the possibility of winning)

      • Patrick says:

        Every Asian team has one guaranteed vote in the first round. South Korea, Japan and Qatar from their respective members, and Australia from Franz Beckenbauer of Germany. Thailand will likely favour one of the Asian teams, and they are on better terms with Australia, Japan and South Korea than they are with Qatar. Franz Beckenbauer is very influencial and could help swing the votes of many of the European voters to Australia’s favour. Cyprus have strong ties to Greece, and of the nations bidding for 2022, Australia has the largest Greek population. Could well mean we get the vote from Cyprus as well. If Australia make it past the first round, the votes of South Korea and Japan are likely to move to Australia rather than Qatar, as Australia have strong economic ties with both nations.

        I feel that we will make it to the final 3. I also feel that while Qatar and the US both have strong support, they both also have strong opposition. So if Australia manages to make it to the final two, I’d guess the votes of the fallen nation would funnel to Australia rather than the other remaining team.

        So as long as Australia make it to the final 2, I think they should win it.

  26. malcolm says:

    I dunno but if I was an English fan and they do not get the 2018 world cup and the US gets 2022 I would be pissed. It would kind of highlight what a joke fifa really is. England who invented the game have not had a world cup since 1966 the US had one in 1994. Does not seem like a very just system.

    • Ryan says:

      I agree… USA has no soccer culture. I think Baseball, American football, Basketball, are their popular sports… I support England 2018 and Qatar 2022. Did I mention I love london!!! Awsome place. Definitely worth travelling to if they host the 2018 WC.

  27. Ryan says:

    Australia and USA had TERRIBLE bid presentations yesterday. Korean one was heard and forgotten no sooner it finished. I think Qatar and Japan made their case very well. I feel that Qatar will win 2022 and Spain/Portugal 2018..

    • usa.boy 4 ever says:

      yea me 2 i think Qatar will win 2022 they have strong support

      japan/korea the alredy have it before

      u.s.a the time is very different and the staduims very far from each other

      australia : there is much different time and very far and most of australian ppl dont like soccer

      qatar : just small city but they put 50 pil $ for bid o_O !!
      ALSO there time good ther r in the middel of the world there can be fun in Dubai also ther development growing up very fast

      So 2022 for Qatar

  28. Wisconsin says:

    Qatar 2022 ^_^

  29. Giggsy says:

    okay. i am just going to say this once for all of the morons out there who keep bringing up pro/rel for the US/MLS.

    in 2011 the United States/Canada 2nd division will have 8 teams all of whom suck donkey balls. all of whom can barely attract 4,000 fans a game*.


    *except of course the Montreal Impact who are already joining MLS in 2012.

    any decent D2 team has already been “promoted” to MLS on the basis of something far more important to growing a solid and stable new league, on the basis of fan support, quality ownership and willingness to invest in the future of MLS and soccer in the US and Canada.

    until there is a D2 in the US and Canada that is 20 teams strong all of whom are in cities where 10K or so fans come to the game THERE WILL NOT BE PRO/REL. GET THE F**K OVER IT!

    and even then it will be something very unique because our top league is actually a single entity structure where teams are not so much independent teams as different “branch offices” of the same company. and each operator of those branches has paid $10-40M to operate that branch in their particular city/market and they aren’t going to take to being “relegated” and seeing their huge investment become worthless kindly.

    pro/rel is NOT going to happen in MLS for at least 20 years if ever. and when it does happen it is going to be nothing like the usual pro/rel that exists in other places because MLS is the only league of its kind anywhere in the world.

    if you don’t like that, if you live somewhere else and think that is weird we don’t care F**K OFF we’ll be doing just fine without you.

  30. Ryan says:

    Yeah!!! QATAR 2022. You USA jackasses lost. I love it and I told you so.

    • Giggsy says:

      wow. you guys bribed a bunch of old criminals. i am SOOOOO impressed.

      i will also be impressed when fans and players die from heat exahaustion, terrorists have to just pop across the border to make a big statement and you have 2M visitors and 32 teams all crammed in on top of each other without the space to move or enjoy themselves with nothing to do but stare at sand.

      oh. and you are still an ass backward nation that subsists on imported slave labour, 14th century social inequality and poisoning the environment. congratulations. you guys are awesome!

    • Giggsy says:

      wow. you guys bribed a bunch of old criminals. i am SOOOOO impressed.

      i will also be impressed when fans and players die from heat exhaustion, terrorists have to just pop across the border to make a big statement and you have 2M visitors and 32 teams all crammed in on top of each other without the space to move or enjoy themselves with nothing to do but stare at sand.

      oh. and you are still an ass backward nation that subsists on imported slave labour, 14th century social inequality and poisoning the environment. congratulations. you guys are awesome!

  31. John says:

    Still support our U.S home team. We americans are acustomed to fight in the Middle East. Don’t know about you european panzies.

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