MLS List of "Free Agents" Has a Familiar Look

HARRISON, NJ - NOVEMBER 04: Juan Pablo Angel  of the New York Red Bulls salutes the crowd after losing to the San Jose Earthquakes 3-1 during the 2nd Leg of the MLS playoffs on November 4, 2010 at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images for New York Red Bulls)

The final list of MLS players eligible for the new re-entry draft was released today, and many of the more famous players were the same ones on the expansion draft list from last month’s draft.  As a reminder, players with a certain amount of service time with a club who have had their option declined without a bona fide offer are eligible for the re-entry draft.  This process was a concession to the player’s union to allow players more freedom of movement outside their contracts.  To see a breakdown of the re-entry process, see here.  The draft will take place over the phone on December 8 beginning at 2 PM, and the draft order is by regular season record (worst to first) with the expansion teams picking last; hence D.C. United will have the first pick.  A second round will take place a week after the first round.

The catch in the rules is that any player taken in the first round of the draft must agree to pick up a player’s option from their previous club or make a bona fide offer, which would cost roughly the same as the player’s previous contract.  However, players taken in the second round can negotiate a new contract.  My hunch is that many teams will pass on players in the first round for fear of being saddled with their contracts, and the December 15 second round will be much more active.

You can see the entire list of players here, but some names do stand out.  Jimmy Conrad, who I suspect is probably the first pick in this draft, was on the list.  Other high-profile players include New York Red Bulls Juan Pablo Angel, MLS second leading all-time scorer Jeff Cunningham, Galaxy defenders Kema Kovalenko and Jovan Kirovski, Columbus star Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Sporting KC’s Josh Wolff, and Philadelphia’s Fred.

Who do you think DC United will take first?  And how many of the big names will still be around on December 15?

5 Responses to MLS List of "Free Agents" Has a Familiar Look

  1. Charles says:

    Robert Hay,

    Thanks for the post, you will probably get about 3 responses as it is actually a soccer article.

    The Super Draft is more likely to make a bigger impact, IMHO, VERY good younger players who are NOT past their primes are expected to come out this year. Not that there are not impact players in this “draft” that can’t make a huge impact. Whoever gets GBS is going to be instantly one of the better teams out there…assuming he plays for that team.

    IF the second round had DC picking first ? Man they are starting to put together a team with GBS.

  2. Charles says:

    Robert Hay,

    You should have put the order of the drafting. I don’t believe it is regular season order reversed.
    IT IS PLAYOFF FINISH BASED ! COLORADO picks third to last, not LA.

    That will get the masses going ! Europe would have never had this in the first place and if they did they would only use the regular season where every game matters.

  3. Charles says:

    So all those guys who are the soccer purists that MLS should be going after. Trying to woo. Nothing. A post goes up regarding who is going to be playing where next year. Nothing.

    Yup, that is who MLS should be targeting. A bunch of guys that don’t care where GBS, JPA and the all time leading scorer goes. Probably prefer thye go to Europe.

    Might be a little bit of a trolling comment here, but luckily we have Donnie G in charge. He is smart enough to realize they are a necessary evil while he gets real fans in place.

    • Clampdown says:

      You just angrier and angrier, Charles.

      For the record, I hope JPA considers a pay cut and stays with RBNY. I still think he’ll wind up in LA, though.

      • Charles says:

        Not angry,
        but come on clampdown, it is just a joke, guys are going on and on and on about what MLS should change for them….and they don’t even care about the league.

        Go ahead and post Landon goes to mid-level team in EPL. Guys will go bananas with excitement.

        They care IF…
        But meanwhile MLS can’t fulfill any of the IF needs….partly because guys like that don’t support the league.

        But make no mistake, MLS needs to please them to succeed.
        4 post so far, 3 of them mine.

        Wait until the drafts coming up….won’t be one bit different.

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