First Round of MLS Re-Entry Draft is Boring

Aug. 14, 2010 - Foxboro, Massachusetts, United States of America - 14 August, 2010: Houston Dynamo Forward Joseph Ngwenya.

The first round of the MLS re-entry draft is in the books, and the result of the new process to improve player movement among clubs is……meh.  Every club had a chance to select the 35 players who, due to time in the league and contract status, were available for selection.  All but two passed until the second round next week, where less stringent salary rules will allow clubs to potentially save a little money.  In fact, the lack of action today sets up an intriguing second round, where some high-profile names like Jimmy Conrad will be in high demand for a lower cost.

The first pick went to D.C. United, who selected Houston’s Joseph Ngwenya.  The forward is no superstar, but is speedy and for United, depth and options at striker are absolutely needed.  Ngwenya has international experience and spent a little time in Bundesliga and La Liga.  Most importantly, his negotiated salary should be about $78,000, not a large cap hit at all.

The second and final selection in the draft was Columbus taking Aaron Hohlbein from Sporting KC.  The 25 year old defender has spent very little time in MLS, instead spending most of his career in the lower leagues, but he again adds depth to a Columbus team that has been going through a purge of players and desperately needs some young(er) players on the team.  And again, he is very cheap – he will cost the Crew around $40,000 next season.

The rule that selected players had to basically keep their 2010 salaries/option is to protect the players, I understand, but it made for a fairy worthless draft day. If MLS plans to keep the re-entry draft the same next year, they should consolidate the draft into back-to-back days; I doubt in the future that first round picks will be hard to sign.  On to the second round – next week will be a test in team building strategy.  For a club looking for a name player on the downside of their career, but one who is still productive, and can be had at a cheaper price, the 15th is their day.  For struggling clubs like Columbus, Chivas, or DCU they can pick up a player who can either address a need, add some star power to their club, or both.  For playoff clubs, adding an Angel if he falls to them is a chance to gamble that they can get that final piece for an MLS Cup run.  I expect most, if not all teams, to participate next week.

What do you think of the re-entry draft so far?  How would you change it?

8 Responses to First Round of MLS Re-Entry Draft is Boring

  1. Rex says:

    Things will get interesting next week. People like things cheap. Picking a player now would be like buying electronics the weekend before black Friday…

  2. Charles says:

    Sort of but you are assuming there is more than one GBS out there.

    He surprises me. I thought he was only making $200k…maybe what I read was wrong, because it is shocking to me that no one wants to add him at that price to a line-up that was close ?

  3. Clampdown says:

    Wow. That was an exciting first round!

  4. Charles says:

    Completely off subject for this article, but at least a post talking about MLS operations will weed out most of the Euridiots. Seemed pretty obvious when you watched Landon over there last year, but it is good to hear it from someone with a very bright future, who has plenty of experience at many different levels in both cultures.

    >>>“This is the Premiership, the highest level, but I left there with a bigger appreciation for the MLS,” Zakuani said. “People will always say it’s the highest league in the world, but the MLS isn’t too far behind and they understand that over there more than Americans do. It was great for me to see that and appreciate more what we have in Seattle.”<<<

  5. Please says:

    MLS SUCKS period

  6. Tyler says:

    Personally, I wish they did not have this “draft” altogether. It’s another project MLS is doing to push back towards parity after a season that lacked parity. I firmly believe that these free agents should have the right to just simply sign with whichever MLS club they want or whichever club offers them the best contract.

    Another step backwards in the re-Americanization of MLS.

  7. Clampdown says:

    Arena is predictable isn’t he? Angel and Sassano in round two. He loves those former NY guys.

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