Landon Donovan Decides to Take the Winter Off

Los Angeles Galaxy forward Landon Donovan after missing a goal against FC Dallas in the Western Conference Fiinal playoff game at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California on Nov. 14, 2010.  UPI/Lori Shepler. Photo via Newscom

For weeks now, speculation has been out there about which English club would secure Landon Donovan for a winter loan.

Would it be Fulham? Or Everton? Or some other club in need of a little pace and imagination on the wing or even up front?

Turns out the U.S. International and L.A. Galaxy standout will be spending the summer in southern California, having decided not to accept a loan in 2011.

From the press release…

“While I enjoyed my time at Everton last season and still appreciate all the support their fans have given me, I feel that it is important to continue to rest and recover this offseason as opposed to going on loan,” Donovan said. “I never considered being loaned to a club other than Everton, but I have been playing nearly non-stop for the past two years and I believe that this decision will allow me to perform at my best for the Galaxy and the National Team throughout the upcoming year. I look forward to re-joining my Galaxy teammates for the start of preseason training next month and beginning our quest for another MLS Cup championship.”

The Galaxy may have had a hand in this decision as well.

“We think in the best interest of the club and the player that Landon continues his postseason break and begins preparations for what will be a challenging year in 2011 at both the domestic and international levels,” Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena said. “We expect Landon to join our club for the start of preseason training next month as we begin to prepare for the 2011 MLS season.”

Donovan played more than 50 games in 2010 with the Galaxy, Everton and the U.S. National team, so while I will miss seeing him in EPL games early in the new year, I think some time off will do Donovan a world of good.

Donovan added on his Twitter feed, “I appreciate all the messages. It wasn’t easy because you all were so great to me in January. I hope they’ll want me back in the future.”

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14 Responses to Landon Donovan Decides to Take the Winter Off

  1. Charles says:

    The Euridiots take:
    MLS is handcuffing Landon and LA won’t release him.
    He would rather be a Toffee than a Galaxy, but he can’t because of MLS.
    He needs to move to England fulltime.

    My take:
    Give me a break, the guy has played in MLS for virtually his whole career.
    He was never going to Everton which has 4 victories in 18 games. ( Where are those Everton could win EPL guys anyway, man they dissappeared )
    A lot different scenerio than last year where Everton was coming off 4th place finish and halfway decent.
    So he keeps his options open (love to play there in the future ), sucks up to Everton fans ( nowhere else I even considered, buy my jerseys ) and goes and plays where he wants to play. LA.

    ps. I love that MLS fans and MLS ownership are growing a pair. LA said to Beckham, no way in heck are you going to go out on loan again, treating MLS like your second choice. Beckham will be following Ljungberg very soon…….good riddance.

    • Sergio Hernandez says:

      I know the name of a good doctor that can take care of that giant chip on your shoulder.

      • Tremor says:

        Sergio, are you a fanatic of “Chivas” or “America, way”?

        • Sergio Hernandez says:

          I actually live in the Dallas area so I’ve been supporting FC Dallas since the Burn days. I always lived a good 90 minutes away from the pitch so going to games was a bit of a hassle. But now I live about 20 minutes away and have been going whenever possible.

    • Joe says:

      Everton hasn’t finished 4th since 2005.

      I know LA is a decent place to live and he makes good money, but I don’t honestly think Landon is choosing MLS at this point in his career if he doesn’t have that contract. But he’s an honorable guy who will abide by his word.

      • Charles says:

        Well I don’t follow the EPL much, but they had a good year.

        Are you kidding me about Landon?
        He just signed a contract, not like it was 5 years ago.

        And he can leave if he really wants to.

  2. Clampdown says:

    When is it enough, Charles?

    No one has even posted a comment here, and yet you’re responding to a fictional complaint from your favorite boogieman, the “Euridiot.”

    • Charles says:

      Sorry Clampdown, but I do think the pre-emptive route worked, plus even though I am west coast, I am first one up, the boogieman has yet to post. is reporting that Beckham rejected Sao Paulo transfer. I wonder what LA would have said to it ?

      • Dave C says:

        Sao Paulo? I never heard that one – it would have been an interesting idea.

        I wonder if Donovan’s recently reported issues in his personal life will have any effect on his loan plans one way or another?

        You need to calm down with all that Euroidiot/Eurosnob stuff though. You really sound like a tin-foil hat wearer.

  3. Robert says:

    I’m glad to see Donovan get some much needed rest. Chill in Los Angeles and spend your millions.

  4. BradMc says:

    That’s a shame. I mean really, unless my home side is doing well (Columbus Crew), I find it hard to stay interested in the mostly-boring MLS. Being a yank with no home team to follow in the EPL, I’ve always kind of just followed wherever Tim Howard is. When Landy was at Everton last year, I started really developing a passion for following Everton, but found them kinda boring again after he was gone.

    Oh well, continued boredom in both the MLS and EPL for me. Trying so hard to stay interested in pro soccer…

    • Robert says:

      I hear you. All these Rah-Rah MLS Cheerleaders have no idea how it is to stay interested in MLS when you don’t have a local mls team. San Diego is prob the best place for a team but mls will probably never come to SD. I will never cheer for a Los Angeles team.

  5. Tom says:

    He should also take the Gold Cup off, that tournament is useless.

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