Barcelona is Coming to America in 2011

Manchester player Rio Ferdinand looks on as Barcelona´s Lionel Messi Photo via Newscom

Update: Get your DC tickets here.

Congratulations D.C, Miami, and Dallas – according to the FC Barcelona website this morning you will have the opportunity to witness the world’s best team in person.

The team has announced its summer 2011 tour and it is a monster one.  The club will begin in Europe against unknown opponents.  They will play two matches at Munich’s Audi Cup on July 21 and 22, followed by a trip to Split, Croatia for a friendly July 25.

Then the team travels across the Atlantic for three matches in the United States.  Dates, locations and opponents are below:

July 30 – Manchester United v. Barcelona (Washington, DC)

August 3 – AC Milan v. Barcelona (Miami, FL)

August 6 – America of Mexico v. Barcelona (Dallas, TX)

This will be the club’s first trip back to the U.S. since 2009 and the club expects to make over $8 million on the tour.

My first impression is that the Manchester United/Barca match will be epic.  Expect that one to be played at Fedex Field instead of RFK due to its size and the stadium will be closed to full.  AC Milan, which is no stranger to the U.S. having played friendlies here the past two summers, looks to be returning again and will give the Miami area some great soccer.  Finally, Dallas will allow fans of the Mexican soccer league to see how their teams match up against a European giant.

What do you think about the announced schedule?  Upset they are not playing MLS teams or your hometown is not on the tour schedule?  Or just happy to have a chance to see Barcelona, Manchester United, and AC Milan back in the states?

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107 Responses to Barcelona is Coming to America in 2011

  1. Angela says:

    OMG…. I have to attend Barcelona and Man. United in Washington DC… How do I know where they are playing so I can get tickets and make my hotel arrangements.

    Can you Assist….. Please

    • Man United!!! says:

      They play at FedEx Field on July 30, 2011

    • patricia says:

      I am trying to find out where I can buy tickets when they play in Dallas Tx. If anyone has info please let me know.

      • pedro says:

        look on there are tickets there

        • Margaret V. says:

          Is it too late to be looking for tickets for AC Milan vs Barcelona? August 3rd.
          I’ve looked on TicketMaster ( cannot find it) what would it be under.
          I’m a novice at this. Can someone help me out.
          Many thanks.

          • The Gaffer says:

            Tickets haven’t gone on sale yet. But it’ll be Barcelona against Chivas in Miami on that date.

            The Gaffer

          • Margaret V. says:

            So when should I look for this? And what shall I look it up under?
            Thank you.

      • Hi Patricia,

        We will be selling tickets to the Barca match at Cowboys Stadium.
        In my opinion, Cowboys Stadium is the best place to watch a soccer/football match. (I saw 5 World Cup matches in 1994 and any team that plays in Cowboys Stadium will make it a great match-up because the venue is so awesome!) We also have tickets to the CONCACAF matches at Cowboys Stadium as well. Those are going fast so get ’em while you can.
        Visit and check out our soccer ticket inventory.

        • JOE says:


    • Mike says:

      Will Messi play in these games in the U.S.?

      • Misael says:

        Messi is not expected to play in this tour. It’s too close to the Copa America. So he may be taking some time off. At least that’s what the plans were on the Barcelona Website a couple of months ago.

    • ggg says:

      Messi won’t be there because of copa america in july

  2. ben says:

    when do tickets go on sale for united vs barce

  3. Bolacuadrada says:

    The world’s best team is called Internationale Milano in case you did not know it. To be the best team you have to prove it. It is not a matter of personal opinion. As Jim Rome says, just look at the “scoreboard.”

    • Robert Hay says:

      Touche, as a contributor to Serie A Talk I am ashamed of my mistake!

    • Dave C says:

      It’s still a matter of opinion. Sure Inter Milan won the Club WC, but that’s because they won the Champions League last season (which in turn, they qualified for by being the best team in Italy the season before that). So maybe Inter were better last season, but Barca are better now.

      • Charles says:

        I realize Dave there is a big time lag in an actual world competition, and I realize that Barca has the most talent…
        But you do have to win it on the field. Otherwise why play the game ?

        You might as well be college gridiron football at that point.

        Seahawks lost to Steelers in the SuperBowl a few years back, they had the better team. So now what ? Midway through the offseason, Seahawks are now the best team ?

        Barca had their chance and they will have another chance next year. IF they don’t beat the Sounders in the final game, they will not be the best team again.

      • Charles says:

        Sometimes my posts do not go through, I hope this doesn’t dupe:

        You have to play it on the field Dave C. otherwise you have college football.
        They did and Inter won.

        Barca has another chance this year. If they can get to the final and then get by the Sounders they will be the best.

        The Seahawks had a better team than the Steelers a few years back, but lost to them in the SuperBowl. So what then ? Seahawks become the best team in the middle of the offseason ?

        I don’t doubt that Barca has the most talent, but they still have to win it.

        • Dave C says:

          My posts have been lagging/double posting too in the last couple of days.

          Maybe I was just being pedantic arguing about the semantics of being “the best” team (and while I’m in a rhyming groove, perhaps my ideals are romantic because my grammar is trans-Atlantic, and my pentameter is Iambic). I guess the distinction I would make is that being the “world champion” is something that you do, indeed, prove on the pitch, and is undeniably Inter Milan.

          But I think being describable as “the best in the world” is really just an opinion, in which case I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong to call Barca the best team in the world right now. A lot of people would describe Barca in that manner, and would say they are a “better” team than Inter, even though Inter is the World Champ.

          • Steve Ayres says:

            Surely who is the best team in the world is always a matter of opinion. If Inter are the best team in the world, how good does that make Spurs who battered them. It all comes down to teams having more good games than bad.No team can win everything or what would be the point of watching

    • Joe says:

      I was almost with you, until you quoted Jim Rome, the biggest douche in sports television (and there’s PLENTY of competition for that title).

    • Tu papa says:

      I dnt tink thats tha best

    • ado says:

      Inter the best, hmmm … Did you check how they got trashed by AC Milan! Iner was lucky to take CL last year, but is too far from the best team. My 2 cents.

    • Liliana says:

      yeah just look at the scoreboard, Barca is #1!

  4. Robert Hay says:

    I haven’t heard any ticket announcements yet, in fact the news was just released this morning. I would keep an eye on this site: (DC Sports & Sports Authority). They should have information, especially if the game takes place in DC.

    But if anyone hears anything over the next few months keep everyone updated.

    • Celina says:

      Do you know how I can get tickets for Barcelona and America game in Dallas. Would love to also go to the DC one, but I live in Texas. Thanks!!

  5. lynn pietrow says:

    have to get tickets!

  6. Ultra says:

    I’m excited about finally seeing some World Class soccer in South Florida! I’ll have to root against Barça for the way they mishandled the MLS bid though. And if memory serves me they bailed on a planned trip to Miami in late 2009 after they dropped out of the MLS expansion race. Still very cool though.

    • caganer says:

      Mishandled the MLS bid?? The economic recession did that! Or have you forgotten about that already? I’m fairly sure Barca looked at their finances and, unlike the US government ( and many Americans), decided wisely they couldn’t afford to spend the $40 million franchise fee and all the stadium setup costs. If anything, MLS mishandled the bid by not doing more to bring a World Class footballing organization into the league. Still, no doubt it was terrible timing with the financial meltdown. For that, all blame lays squarely with the Banksters and Mortgage Fraudsters.

  7. Charles says:

    Does any of this go to the Sounders and/or MLS or is this just people spending 8 million dollars supporting my teams competition ?

  8. The Gaffer says:

    Hallelujah!! Finally there’s a promoter with the balls to bring the beautiful game to Miami… Barcelona against Milan. I can’t wait!! We’ve been overlooked for so long and this is exactly the level of game that South Florida will support. Bravisimo!

    The Gaffer

  9. Omar says:

    Does anyone know if Man U or Milan will be playing anywhere else or just that one stop?

  10. nc says:

    What facility in SoFL? Lockhart, FIU, or Sun Life?

    • The Gaffer says:

      I’m hoping the promoters make the wise choice of selecting Sun Life Stadium.

      The Gaffer

    • michael says:

      I just called to get tickets and they are going fast. Called the Dolphins ticket office and the phones were riniging off the hook!! Game is 8/3 at Sunlife stadium.

  11. Lysander says:

    I am glad they are playing other internationals rather than my Sounders. It would be nice to see them play the top three teams (besides the Sounders) in the league at that time instead of the internationals though. 🙂

  12. vermaelen5 says:

    Great. More Messi jersey-sporting, frontrunning American Barcelona fans who know nothing about football.

    And I mean absolutely NO offense to any true Barca supporters out there. You guys really do support your club well, but the success attracts the frontrunning fans out there.

    • Joe says:

      Is there something inherently wrong with people who like watching the game played on a high level? Is someone automatically a “better fan” if they’re really into a lousy team that’s boring to watch?

      • nc says:

        America needs front running fans. thats how our countries most successful sports franchises obtained such strong brand recognition.

        Soccer fans in America need to welcome the bandwagon. It’s a necessary evil.

  13. eleven says:

    this is gonna be a dream come true, i thought i was never gonna be able to see barca with the team that they have now, time to take out a loan!

  14. Rick30 says:

    We are finally going to see a great at fedex field …….Redskins SUcks!!!!!!

  15. dro says:

    I fuks with milan ima be there off rip screaming fuk david villa

  16. alex says:

    I would like to go see America vs Barcelona at Dallas,Tx. If anyone knows or has any information about when tickets go on sale please let me know. Thank you

  17. edgar says:

    please I would tikes to my and my sons please let me knom
    barcelona man u

  18. Mitziu says:

    So excited for this, Barcelona and Manchester United. My 2 favorite teams, I’ve been trying to find out how much the tickets are going to be but I can’t find anything. If someone can please give me a link to a reliable website or knows how much they are going to be please tell me. thanks

  19. Christianc1980 says:

    I’m totally there.

  20. Jesus says:

    Im from dallas and if god permits, i will be in washington to watch manchester vs barca then come home and watch america vs barca in our new stadium…its gona be a good year!!

  21. Edwin says:


  22. alondra says:

    I would like to go see America vs Barcelona at Dallas,Tx. If anyone knows or has any information about when tickets go on sale please let me know asap. thank you (:

  23. Bevy15 says:

    Cant wait for this game:) Please let me know when tickets go on sale ASAP
    Luv Bevy

  24. cece le blanc says:

    Y que? ya busque en tiket master y no hay nada de entradas. Que pasa? haganlo saber con tiempo si es verdad o no.Seria fabuloso ver a mi equipo el BARSA en TEXAS lo mejorrrrr

  25. alizgar says:

    Hola, gente. Yo soy un culé, de los que ya disfrutaba con pasión cuando jugaba el grandísimo Johan Cruyff, y creo que verdadramente será una ocasión verdaderamente maravillosa para ustedes ver en vivo un espectáculo que levanta pasiones en el mundo entero. Y lo que está clarísimo es que no hay fútbol más espectacular que el que actualmente juega mi Barça, que aparte de conseguir ganar títulos, gana en magia y crea aficionados, embelesando con su Tiki Taka de altísima técnica y gran belleza.
    Saludos dsde España.

  26. ceci le blanc says:

    El momento esta cerca para ver el mejor de equipo del mundo nuestro BARSA en DALLAS que emocion.Digan donde estan los tikets de entrada porfavor:)

  27. silvia says:

    when do tickets go on sale for barcelona vs. america can u please let me know.

    thank you

    • michael says:

      Tickets for the game in Miami went on sale yesterday. Best way to get them is through the stadium at 1-888-271-2269

  28. Isabella says:

    HOW DO I KNOW WHICH HOTEL THEY ARE STAYING AT?? I need to meet at least one player…and how LONG will they be staying in DC??? If anyone has any info add me on facebook:

  29. jesus says:

    America is the best team in the world i dont know what you b”s are talking about you must be retarted

    • Inter Milan are CLUB WORLD CHAMPIONS says:

      This blogger is dead wrong. Inter are the world champs. Get it right.

      I hope Barca stays to play at least 2 more Mexican teams here in the USA. Guadalajara again and Pachuca would be nice. Or Suazo’s team.

  30. daotrito says:

    I been waiting for tickets for so long. Dallas and Im considering going to Washington. Please let us know when are tickets gonna be available.

  31. thiago l says:

    So will the tickets for barça vs america ever go on sale cuz I need to see the best team in the world play haha I’ve been a barça fan since Ronaldo … wanna see puyol pique messi dani alves all those guys play.…. plz email when they go on sale

  32. mario says:

    i been waiting for a ticket ……barcelona manchester united …….wanna see tht best player of tht world…….

  33. Fernando says:

    Please inform me when the tickets will go out on sale for the barcelona vs manchester united in Washington DC….. thank you

  34. Paul says:

    Does anyone know if Inter will be coming to the US this summer?

  35. MC says:

    This is awesome!!!! I’ve been wanting to take my kids to Spain to see Barça play, but if they come here better. One likes Man U and the other one likes Barça, just like daddy, so this is just perfect.

    Please let me know when tickets go on sale, thanks.

    Visca Barça!!!!

  36. SE says:

    barcas daaa best

  37. sergio says:

    hello can someone tell me where i can get tickets or FC Barcelona Vs Ac Milan

    • alizgar says:

      Saludos. Yo pienso que en la página web oficial del Barça será posible conseguir entradas. Por lo menos para las diferentes competiciones oficiales en Europa si es posible.
      Lo que si es seguro es que contactando con la entidad FC Barcelona en esa página web, os podrán facilitar información al respecto de dónde y cuándo conseguir dichas entradas.


  38. Betita says:

    Please let me know when these tickets go on sale need them as a fathers day gift..

  39. Blanca says:

    I am needing to get VIP tickets for my son who has gone lots thru life for his age. Please let me know where and when tickets for on sale.

  40. Egray says:

    WHEN do tickets go on sale?!?!?! Can’t miss this event!

  41. Egray says:

    When do tickets go on sale!?!?

  42. eli garza` says:



  43. ELI GARZA says:

    please let me know about tickets america vs barcelona

    dejame saber si saben si ya estan a la venta o cuando,

  44. Tell the Truth says:

    No Messi. No, thanks.

    Barca’s best Argentine players, including Messi and Alves, will be back home.

    • MC says:

      The Copa America finishes on the 24th. I don’t think Barça will go on a world tour without them. They will probably miss the first to games in Europe, but they will be on time to come here.

    • america1 says:

      alves is not argentinian, he’s brazileiro!

  45. tlas says:

    Even without Messi that team still has a lot of firepower, including Iniesta. I don’t know if any of the other first-stringers would play. We’d know the closer we get to that date.

    And the Miami venue certainly has to be the Joe Robbie. It would look ridiculous to have such a marquee matchup at FIU or Lockhart, although RBA is hosting the MLS All-Stars against Man U.

    • dwizzle says:

      FC Barcelona vs Chives will be at Sun Life Stadium , formely known as Joe Robbie Stadium. Tickets went on sale May 12, 2011 and they are going fast. If you need tickets you can contact Sarah Gattuso @ 305-943-6661

  46. Diego says:

    When do barca v. club america tickets come out and where can i find them?

  47. Daniel Cor Blaugrana says:

    When do the Barça vs America tickets come out? where can i get them?

    • michael says:

      Tickets for the game in Maimi at Sun Life Stadium went on sale yesterday. Best way to get them is 1-888-271-2269 through the ticket office

  48. Seanometer says:

    All this talk of AC Milan is retarded! Barcelona is the greatest team in the world!!!

  49. Robert Hay says:

    From The Washington Post website:

    *Sometime today, the Washington Redskins will unveil ticketing specifics for the Manchester United vs. Barcelona friendly at FedEx Field this summer. Tickets for the general public will go on sale Thursday morning via Ticketmaster. The lowest price is $40 for seats in the far reaches of the upper deck at the 91,000-seat stadium. Redskins season ticket holders and marketing partners, as well as D.C. United season ticket holders, were provided early access to tickets. “Interest has been overwhelming,” Redskins vice president Tony Wyllie told the Insider. Early sales figures were not immediately available.

    • bradjmoore48 says:

      Won’t be cheap, people. I already got my ticket through a Barca fan club, was $137 for 1 ticket with service charges, but I am in the lower level. The upper bowl that isn’t the back, look at around $88 a pop with service charges.

  50. Johnny says:

    Hi, I know is late, but I’m trying to find the The AAA Ultimate Fan Zone Package to see the game: Manchester United vs FC Barcelona. Somebody knows where can i buy it??

    Hola, Se que es tarde, pero estoy tratando de conseguir 2 entradas para la zona: AAA Ultima Fan ZOne del partido Manchester vs Barcelona el proximo 30 de julio en Washington, alguien sabe donde puedo comprarlas?? en Ticketmaster no hay.


    • Tereefeec says:


      If anyone is interested in this blockbuster game, I have some tickets for sale…
      I have lower level midfield tickets on row 1 – YEP ROW 1 – RGHT ON THE FIELD… I have 2 tickets if anyone is interested…
      The tickets include AAA fam package – includes training session passes, parking and buffet before the game…

      Email me if you are interested – price for both tickets are $2000. Email me with an offer.

  51. barca4ever says:

    Barca is the best… Barca vs MAN.UTD will be crazy game ….. but I’m waiting to see pleasant game in Champions League Final between them in 28.05.2011 in London…. Vamosssss Barcaaaaaaaaa

  52. FcFan says:

    August 6th in Dallas cant come soon enough! I just picked up some amazing tickets for the match at Stubhub!

  53. Demetrius says:

    The game in Miami will be August 3, 2011 at Sun Life Stadium. Te teams will be FC Barcelona vs. Chives. Tickets went on sale today to the public and they are flying fast. I ot mine today and the phones were off the hook. This is going to be a huge game. if you cant get through to the Stadium box office you can also purchase tickets from ticketmaster at or i cant wait

  54. need some tickets,barsa/america

  55. Marissa says:

    Will Barca be “visiting” or “home” for the match against America?

  56. RicFlair says:

    Barcelona will be the home team when they play at Sun Life Stadium on 8/3. Best way to get your tickets is to call the stadium ticket office –
    1-888-271-2269 or go to
    I called yesterday and the guy told me that the phones had not stopped all morning. Tickets

    • Demetrius says:

      Thx RicFlair, I had plenty of my friends call there and order tickets and then realized that we can order group tickets of 15 ppl or more so we all called back and purchased tickets at a group rate. I called Sarah Gattuso at 305-943-6661… she was great!!

  57. Daniela says:

    When will they come and play in California?

  58. Mike Raiden says:

    Does anyone know if this match will be shown on TV? Please help, I need to see it, but can’t make it to the stadium.

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