What You Missed in American Soccer Over the Holidays

If you’re like me, the holidays are a time of getting out of your workday routines due to relaxation/travel/stress.  In fact, at times I miss news stories because I tend not to check news sites or Twitter as much as I normally do.  So as I begin my work week routine again, I notice that I have missed some news items over the past week or so that were interesting or important.

So as a service to our loyal readers and fans who may have been more focused on family and friends than on following all the American soccer news out there (and you know who you are), here is a summary of the major goings-ons from the past week and a half that we have not covered here on MLS Talk.  And if my holiday celebration prevented me from including some major news, please enlighten or remind me in the comments section:

–  The Beckham loan rumors are flying again, and this time he is expected to become a bench option at Tottenham.  The rumor sounds fishy, but Harry Redknapp is crazy like a fox, so maybe there is something to this.  Expect a post this week on David Beckham and MLS.

–  The Generation Adidas class has been finalized, and nine college underclassmen will be part of the 2011 Superdraft, five from the NCAA champion Akron Zips.  Expect many of these players to be taken in the first round and possibly contribute immediately to their new clubs.

–  Edson Buddle and Omar Cummings have been eyed by a few English clubs, but no deals have been announced.  Both players are wanted by their current teams, so we shall see if anything comes of their overseas trainings.

–  Two players who definitely are moving overseas are Robbie Findley and Freddie Ljungberg.  Findley will sign with Nottingham Forest, a second-tier English club, once his work permit has been sorted out.  Former Chicago and Seattle player Ljungberg, who made his name playing for Arsenal prior to his MLS move, has signed a contract with Celtic.

–  In coaching news, Toronto looks set to hire ex-Netherlands international Aaron Winter as its new head coach and Revolution assistant Paul Mariner to the front office.  Or vice versa.  While it’s not official until the press conference, this is good news to TFC fans after the De Rosario controversy last week.  Chivas USA would then become the only team without a head coach, after Juan Carlos Osorio rejected an offer to take the team’s vacant position.  But it looks like RSL assistant Robin Fraser will be named the new head coach very soon.

–  American international Brad Guzan will finally get some starts for a club team, as Aston Villa have loaned him to Hull City.

What did I miss?

8 Responses to What You Missed in American Soccer Over the Holidays

  1. Charles says:

    Love the article.

    IF people haven’t seen the guys in the draft play in college, you have missed out…they are VERY good. There will be many starters/significant playing time from this group’s rookie year.

    71 days until MLS starts back up. The draft is in two weeks.

  2. Charles says:

    Unfortunately this is what you get when you talk soccer.
    Not a lot are interested.

    Timber announced they sold 10k tickets. I remember reading Vancouver was at 15k. Those are very nice numbers. Sounders at this point were 19k. So you could see Vancouver coming close. I don’t know what the deal is with BC Place are they covering up seats like QWest ? I hope so, that way they can expand it because they are going to need to.

    I saw someone at Sounderatheart.com call it the TRIvalry. He needs to copywrite that because I am going to do my best to spread it.

    • njndirish says:

      BC Place won’t be ready until 2012, until then they are playing in a temporary stadium that holds 27K

      • Charles says:

        Do you know the full capacity ( with covered seats if there are some ) of the renovated BC Place ? It was huge, they would be stupid to make it too small and then have to expand.

    • Dave C says:

      to be fair, a post like this (that simply gives a brief round-up of news) is never going to generate as many comments as an opinion-piece of some form. But it doesn’t necessarily mean people aren’t interested in these news-round-ups.

      For what it’s worth, I think Beckham will end up at Spurs (due to the AEG link). I think Ljungberg’s move to Celtic speaks volumes about Scottish football. I don’t know anything about Aron Winter’s coaching credentials, so I can’t really comment on that, other than that he was a decent player. I’ve heard Brad Guzcan has made a good start at Hull (I’m a Tigers fan…my introduction to this website was through reading up on Dozy Altidore). He’s only on a two-month loan, but it might turn longer depending on the fitness of Hull’s other keeping options.

  3. bandeeto says:

    I thought Mariner was going to get the head coaching gig at TFC. Huh.

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