The Drafts Are Over! Now Give Your Feedback

The MLS drafts are finally over.  After over a month of players being picked, picks being declined, picks being traded, and picks being digested, there will be no more MLS drafts until the Montreal Expansion Draft at the end of this year.  To recap, we’ve seen:

  • The Vancouver and Portland Expansion draft, where teams had 10 protected players but had to submit a list of unprotected players to the two expansion clubs.  Portland and Vancouver then each had 10 chances to pick from those lists.
  • The Re-Entry Draft, which was new this year thanks to the CBA.  Players who were out of a contract and had a certain amount of service time in MLS were eligible to be chosen by another team and offered a new contract, either at their previous contract level (1st draft) or new salary (2nd draft).
  • The MLS SuperDraft, where clubs selected players from the collegiate and international levels, as well as Generation adidas players.  This was the draft most like what you would see in other major American sports.
  • The MLS Supplemental Draft, which was yesterday.  Honestly, this draft was just the next few rounds of the SuperDraft but for those who had a favorite collegiate program/player, or who were waiting for their team to pick a certain position, it was interesting.

So use the comments section and poll below to choose which of the four drafts this year were your favorite.  The criteria are your own, but I’d only ask that you explain your answer below.  Later this week I’ll have my winners and losers of the MLS 2011 drafts.

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