Who Needs A Schedule When We Can Have Charlie: Major League Soccer Talk Podcast

subscribe-to-podcast1It’s early February and there’s still no schedule, and while February came last year without our list of matches, this year, first kick is much closer. Without a schedule (because we are down one television deal), my co-host Christopher Riordan and I are forced to talk about other things.

Lucky for Chris, a DC United supporter, the week’s biggest news surrounds his club. United States’ international Charlie Davies is on the verge of a season long loan to MLS, with United first in line for the attacker’s services. Davies, however, has not played in a year, but for a United team that’s lacked positive stories in recent seasons, Davies’ comeback gives United early reason to be hopefully.

On this edition of the Major League Soccer Talk podcast, we talk Davies, missing schedules, and the rest of the news are Major League Soccer.

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3 Responses to Who Needs A Schedule When We Can Have Charlie: Major League Soccer Talk Podcast

  1. kickit says:

    Really thought you guys were European seeing that you have mostly Eurosnobs commenting on your site.

  2. Robert Hay says:

    Gentlemen – One more thing I would add to your FSC/Versus discussion on why MLS should consider the switch. I have Comcast cable, and FSC is buried by itself and a few niche channels with the sports pay channels. Versus is next to ESPN, so its easier to find (unless like me you’ve visited FSC multiple times every week).

    Also, for Comcast customers, Versus is in HD and FSC is not and doesn’t look to be in the near future. Watching soccer on both FSC and ESPN, HD makes a HUGE difference.

    • Richard says:

      Thanks, Robert.

      I would offer that the second reason only matters to people already watching, HOWEVER …

      That first reason is a great thing that should be brought up.

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