Fox Soccer Announces Broadcast Team for 2011 Season

Fresh off the news that JP Dellacamera is making the move from ESPN to Fox Soccer, the network announced its pairings for the upcoming MLS season.  Not surprisingly, Dellacamera is the Friday night play-by-play man, and in my opinion Fox has surrounded him with some quality talent.

Your game day host for MLS will be American soccer legend Eric Wynalda.  According to the Fox press release, Wynalda will host the pre-game, halftime, and post-game shows for the 31 matches FSC will carry this year.  His in-studio partner is fellow American international Christopher Sullivan, a past color commentator for MLS Saturday on FSC.  The two gentlemen have been excellent with Warren Barton in Fox Soccer’s Champions League coverage, offering good insight without being annoying studio presences.

Kyle Martino has been a lightening rod during his time at FSC, hosting the widely panned Soccer Talk Live during its brief existence but seemingly settling into a more comfortable role in “the pub” during FSC’s Super Sunday +.  His experience on the pitch is undeniable, and he does add a good perspective to the shows he is currently on.  I think pairing him with JP Dellacamera will give him a chance to expand his broadcast experience, and he will be a better partner for JP than his ESPN partner John Harkes.  To many that is heresy, but Harkes’ laid back color commentary seemed to not mesh well with Dellacamera’s low wattage style of play-by-play (case in point – Edson Buddle’s playoff goal).  Martino will lend some passion into the booth, and combined with JP’s professionalism, will make this a good pairing.

Rounding out the team is Brian Dunseth on the sidelines, who besides being another U.S. national has experience in this role for RSL and FSC.  During the Saturday games, Fox Soccer will bring in Mark Rogandino, Allen Hopkins, Dave Johnson, and Keith Bleyer.

So what do you think of the new format for MLS matches?  Looking forward to Sullivan/Wynalda in studio with Dellacamera/Martino in the booth?

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9 Responses to Fox Soccer Announces Broadcast Team for 2011 Season

  1. Alan says:

    Thank god there is no Warren Barton. That’s all I have to say.

  2. kobashi says:

    Not good news for Todd Grisham who was hosting the games last year on FSC and was demoted from WWE Smackdown as lead play by play guy to doing the companies online show NXT that no one watches. Grisham reportedly was told by WWE that it would be best for him if he got more work from FSC because Vince wasn’t too happy with his work on TV for the WWE.

  3. dan says:

    who’s the guy that says “it’s in the net, it’s in the net?” i hate him….

  4. Earl Reed says:

    A sidenote: JP Dellacamera and Kyle Martino were the local play-by-play combination for the Philadelphia Union last season. They should have a nice familiarity with each other.

    To replace Martino for the local Union coverage, they have hired Taylor Twellman to be the color analyst sitting beside Dellacamera. They’ve also brought on local product Bob Rigby, former keeper for the Philadelphia Atoms of the NASL, to be the sideline reporter.

  5. adam says:

    I like JP but I hope Martino dosnt talk all game long like Harkes…… and I find Wynalda to be a bit grating.

  6. Johnny V says:

    Eric Wynalda sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!! well it could be worse it could be wynalda and lalas that would be hell.

  7. WSW says:

    Bring back Fox Football Fone-in.

  8. Michael says:

    “Kyle Martino has been a lightening rod during his time at FSC”

    Kyle Martino was a lightning rod when doing color at ESPN, not least for regularly mispronouncing names of players (“Nate Jack-wa,” “Steven Line-hart”), often immediately after the name was correctly pronounced by the play-by-play announcer.

    If he follows the league as a color commentator theoretically should (or lacking that, even listens to his own PBP man), that should never happen. Sloppy and slightly disrespectful.

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