Talkin’ In The Play Ins: Major League Soccer Talk Podcast

subscribe-to-podcast1In part two of our season preview, Christopher Riordan and myself take a few minutes to focus on the play-in, wild-card, preliminary, extra, new, another tier of playoffs – why not? – round of Major League Soccer’s postseason cup tournament. Which teams do we see playing those final matches to make it into the eight-team, main part of the postseason tournament? Chris and I give our picks but also consider the implications of the play-in round, identifying which of the West’s Big Four is going to be playing days after the season’s last weekend and possibly moving over to the Eastern Conference for the playoffs.

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4 Responses to Talkin’ In The Play Ins: Major League Soccer Talk Podcast

  1. The original Tom says:

    Enjoyed the pod guys, thanks for creating it. I think you underestimate the Colorado Rapids (I’m a Rapids fan). They have not made many changes, and I think will rack up a lot early points against teams that are still solidifying in the spring. They’ll fall of a bit when Champions League starts. I bet they finish 4th.

    You didn’t want to have a single table discussion, fine; but I think when talking about the play-offs we should have a single bracket discussion. The league can have conferences, but it should seed the conference winners 1 and 2 (and give them conference trophies) and then seed everyone else by regular season records.

    Your right in that once again it may be better for a western team to be a wild card and cross over to the eastern bracket.

    • Richard Farley says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Tom.

      Having conversations about playoff format are difficult because it’s impossible to have an honest one without being negative. This format sucks, but I don’t want to keep harping on it. And honestly, it depresses me. Even as I type right now, the decision that have been made create this huge sense of ennui.

      So, we discuss it a couple of times a year and move on.

      In tonight’s show, we’ll discuss the rest of the playoffs.

      • Tom says:

        Fair enough.

        I still think your underestimating Colorado. I bet we’re in the top 3 into June. And then we fade. We’ll finish about where we finished last year, 7th or 8th. And then we win the cup again.

  2. Heimdall says:

    I was a little surprised to hear Chivas LA over SJ but I did like their offseason moves (except for trading Zisso away) when they happened. But hearing them all one by one in this episode, maybe they do make the jump.

    If my team doesn’t win, I hope at least the eastern conference winner loses in the playoffs against a western conference invader. It is madness to award playoff spots to teams due to geography while likely lesser eastern teams get to bypass the whole wild card filtration process entirely especially when every team in the league plays the same schedule.

    I guess we’ll see another overly stacked western bracket in the playoffs again.

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