Timbers Supporters Ratcheting Up Rivalry with Seattle

Portland Timbers vs. Seattle Sounders (US Open Cup)

Photo by spinnerin

On the same day Seattle set an attendance record for an MLS match, the rival Portland Timbers sent out a press release designed to show that their fans too can pack a stadium for a soccer match.  This was another tactic in their strategy to prove to the soccer world that maybe Seattle doesn’t have MLS’s most passionate fan base.

The team’s supporters group  – the Timbers’ Army  – announced yesterday that they had sold out their allotment of season tickets a full month prior to their first home match against the Chicago Fire.  The club had partnered with the Timbers’ Army to sell 3,000 plus tickets in the eight sections on the North End of the stadium and the Army, through a series of campaigns and events, sold out the entire part of the park.  The group is setting aside, however, 500 tickets to be sold on game days.

“Three-thousand tickets seemed like a steep hill to climb when we took this on,” said 107ist President Dave Hoyt.  The 107ist is the Timbers Army’s business arm.  “That we’ve sold out a month before the first home game just shows how ready this city and our fans are for MLS.”

The press release was conveniently sent out the same night Seattle hosted MLS First Kick 2011 and set a record attendance of 36,000 plus fans for an MLS match.  The timing may have been coincidental, but the rivalry between the two clubs is not.  Last night during the match ESPN showed a picture of the now-famous Portland billboard launched in September that simply says “Portland, Oregon. Soccer City USA” and has the Timbers’ logo.  The billboard was not located in Oregon, however; it was placed a block away from Qwest Field.

Like two siblings bickering constantly, expect the lead-up to the match between these two clubs to be heated.  I for one can’t wait to see them face off on May 14 on ESPN.

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22 Responses to Timbers Supporters Ratcheting Up Rivalry with Seattle

  1. Darius says:

    Pardon me for being unimpressed in the Portland FO’s ability to purchase a billboard. Furthermore, selling out a section of the stadium a month before the season, while laudable by MLS standards, does not exactly put them in league with Seattle. For all Portland’s talk of how the Sounders artificially limit their capacity, there is no chance of these teams being on equal footing, support-wise, any time soon.

    • CVO says:

      A section? Try 8 full sections, or a little more than 15% of Park capacity. And after watching (and listening) to how lame the crowd was there at First Kick, you make 36,000 sound like 15,000. Also, check out the interview with Don Garber at halftime. He seems tired of coming back to Seattle to see y’all fall on your face (again). Once he sees the quality of our supporters trump the quantity of Flounder customers, you’ll no longer be the darlings of the MLS higher-ups, and your ticket sales will drop.

      No to piped in crowd noise!
      No to confetti guns!
      No to Marching Bands!

      RCTID – You can’t fake this!

      • CVO says:

        Actually, it’s 16 sections, if you count 1st and 2nd levels separately:
        101-108 and 201-208

      • Lysander says:

        Sorry we were not loud enough for you. I am not sure what you mean by falling on our face once again. This was our first season opener we have lost in the MLS.

        I am confused why you think Seattle fans will leave once the top of the league does not like us anymore. If anything most fans I know would prefer that we were not so we would get more weekend games and less ESPN/FSN games.

        As for confetti and bands. I agree i do not like them either. But I also do not obsess about them. Any ideas how to get our FO to stop them?

        As for piped in crowd noise… I do not think they do this. Where did you hear they did? I have never heard it, but that is generally because I can’t hear over the people around me.

        Anyways congrats on the cool advertising campaign the timbers have been doing. I like it.

        I am curious still though… will the new timbers fans it creates be authentic or will you deride them for jumping on the MLS bandwagon?

        • allovertheplace says:

          I went to a game at Qwest. Sat under the Hawk’s Nest. I kept hearing a ton of noise coming from behind me and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Then I noticed I was right underneath a speaker so it started to make sense as to why I was hearing things coming from behind and above me when there was literally nobody behind or above me.

          Anyway it’s no real surprise. Seahawks have had the same accusations for years. Everyone around the NFL knows they pump in noise so it make sense they would do the same thing during soccer games.

      • Sounders for life says:

        you might want a reality check. Garber was just stating its unknown if Seattle will host First Kick next year because other teams have also earned a shot at it, he never indicated Seattle didnt warrant another year. Check the numbers, an MLS attendance record for a regular season game and the highest rated MLS first kick in history. Dont think Garber wouldnt like First kick in seattle every year if it werent for other teams like Portscum whining about it. Also, its getting a little sad that Portland continues to tell people it is the real soccer city USA. If you are the soccer city USA, then you wouldnt have to try to prove yourself daily, it would just be known by everyone. Lastly, Qwest Field did not sound like 15,000 fans, maybe you should recognize the TV has the ability to diminish the sounds of the stadium to the home viewer. Check the fact MLS players voted Qwest the toughest place to play. Stop crying and comparing yourself to Seattle, you will never be on the same playing field. Having a lot of haters on the Sounders shows just how impressive Seattle has been for the league. Just like the Yankees are hated or loved, but they are the most popular (although Seattle isnt on the level of the Yankees because its only been 3 years). GO SOUNDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. rob says:

    The TA has such a huge inferiority complex when it comes to Seattle and the ECS it’s laughable. This reeks of desperation by the TA. Like a bratty child yelling for attention on himself, when the league instead should be focused elsewhere. Just another classless act by the TA.

  3. Lysander says:

    Wow that is pretty slick marketing by the Timbers.

    I am curious, are they trying to find new fans? Will their new fans be authentic?

  4. Sancho says:

    I don’t know if I have enjoyed the Timbers’ actions or the reactions in the comments.

    I just love rivalries. You know, when we show how we hate that insignificant stuff that thinks it is important for us?

  5. Kejsare says:

    Way to read too much into an announcement. Quite the coincidence the announcement was made this week because they sold out this week! Nothing “convenient” about the timing other than moments after the they knew TA season tickets sold out.

    Also, don’t superscript the “ist”. “Ist” stands for Independent Supporter’s Trust. It is properly written as 107ist.

  6. dan says:

    lol, all the lil sounders fans come out to bicker. as a 3rd party i love this, its hilarious!

  7. DemonJuice says:

    Sounders fans are obsessed with the Timbers. Just look at who the first few commenters are for EVERY STORY about the Timbers posted ANYWHERE.

    • dan says:

      they seem to care more about the Timbers than the Timber seem to care about them, lol

      • Lysander says:

        It just appears that way because Sounder fans are not afraid to use a computer. Timbers fans might think it was unauthentic to use a computer in support of their team.

    • DomiNate says:

      Demon juice and Dan-

      You got it twisted dudes. Look at the name of the post again. If Seattle is in the title then it’s fair game to defend ourselves. Did I post anything on the Timber season preview?

      The annoying thing about Portland is they’re only interested in getting more attention than Seattle. Ask any Sounders fan, their goal for the season is an MLS Cup. Ask a Timber and they’ll say they want to beat Seattle, hell their owner came out and said it.

      My advice to Timbers fans, focus on yourselves not Seattle. Constantly trying to prove your fan base is better than ours shines a light on your insecurities and further validates our claim as the best fan base in the country. A title we only care about because it pisses you off so much.

      • allovertheplace says:

        Dude…of course they want to beat Seattle. I’m about 90% certain Mack Brown could keep his job at Texas if all he managed to do every year was crush Oklahoma and beat A&M. It’s their first year in the league. You make little goals and start to build. Noob. Nobody sane should expect to win the league with an expansion roster.

        • DomiNate says:

          Noob? Great attempt at proving your point by using a college football reference.

          Read my post and try again buddy. You didn’t address what I said at all.

  8. Charles says:

    13,000 season tickets sold, surely this for PRE-season ?

    Vancouver is crushing the Seattle wannabes.

  9. CA says:

    Portland and its fans are like annoying younger siblings, constantly tugging on the shirt of their older brother trying to get their attention.

  10. Clampdown says:

    I am enjoying this.

  11. Sancho says:

    The only said news about the Cascadia rivalry was limiting the tickets for away fans to 500.

    First of all, it is unfair to the team with the smallest stadium. It should be considered percentage of tickets.

    Second, only 500 makes the game atmosphere to be as equal as a regular match. In a derby, you must feel the presence of the rival in your home, and be felt when away.

    There is the intention to gradually increase the ammount of tickets. Let’s see.

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