Dwayne De Rosario Traded To New York Red Bulls

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New York Red Bulls and Toronto FC have made a major trade that sends Canadian International attacking Midfielder Dwayne De Rosario to the Red Bulls for Tony Tchani, Danleigh Borman and a first round pick in 2012. Ever since Amado Guevara was traded to Chivas-USA for their second Designated Player spot back in 2007, the Red Bulls have been sorely lacking a creative midfielder to help the club become a better attacking side.

This of course is a shocking development but not a surprise from De Rosario’s actions for the last couple of months as he scored a goal in a TFC match and pretended to write a check with a pen suggesting to the front office that they should show more loyalty to him.

If the Red Bulls midfield wasn’t this good before the season started, it’s about to get a lot bigger and better. De Rosario will be around with solid players like Estonian Joel Lindpere, Jamaican Dane Richards, and Finnish international Teemu Tainio. Hans Backe has said he would love to have his midfield in a diamond formation in his version of the 4-4-2 and it looks like he can slot De Rosario behind Thierry Henry and Juan Agudelo or Luke Rogers.

Once again this became a major deal for the Red Bulls who have been looking for a central creative midfield that was going to shore up some of the goal scoring that Hans Backe was desperately looking for from his club as he wasn’t sure before the season started of where the goals were coming from. But at the moment it looks like that problem has been solved as De Rosario will be with the club and ready for selection to take on his original side in the Houston Dynamo and as I understand it, they were in the hunt to retain De Rosario’s services as well.

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15 Responses to Dwayne De Rosario Traded To New York Red Bulls

  1. kickit says:

    Yesterday’s news. Go back to covering the EPL.

    • The Gaffer says:

      Mitchell, this is your last warning. If you continue posting inane comments like this again, you’ll be banned from posting comments on this site. We don’t have time or patience for trolls on this site. The De Rosario news broke late last night. Many mainstream news sites haven’t covered the news, so to say it’s “yesterday’s news” is correct, but unfair. The news is less than 24 hours old. And Feuerstein covers MLS, not EPL.

      The Gaffer

  2. Alan says:

    Not smart on Toronto’s part.

  3. alaboston says:

    Before this season, I thought it was a win now mentality for LA, but this move really makes it win now for NYRB. I wonder if NY will give him a DP contract, or wait until the transfer window to bring in one final piece.

  4. CTblues says:

    Last night during the Columbus v Dallas match they were talking about a three team trade that involved Columbus, New York, and Toronto with NY getting Robby Rogers and giving up Dane Richards but I didn’t see who the other players were.

  5. Charles says:

    My fantasy team is crushed is Tchani and DeRo don’t play today, plus Montero out…..ouch.

    Not sure why more teams didn’t go after DeRo. Giving up Tchani was huge, but NY went from missing to primed, IMHO.

    There was a hiccup with a legal problem for one of the players. What was it and how did they overcome that ?

    • Daniel Feuerstein says:

      Some sort of criminal charge on one of the players involved in the deal, but I guess it was minor so the deal was able to get thru.

  6. CTBlues says:

    I don’t really like this trade after seeing that DeRo is 33. No way you give up a 21 year old and a first round pick for a 33 year old player when you already have two older DPs.

  7. SSReporters says:

    Yup. Last place is clinched.

    It had to happen really. Why would Dero stay and get paid 4 times less than the average De Guzman (DP)?

    And boy did we look terrible today.

    • Charles says:

      Ummm…couldn’t you say that about NY too ? Henry has to make WAY more than DeGuzman.

      Maybe Henry “earns” it because of his past. However, his current is showing how good MLS is….making my “job” a lot easier.

  8. tlas says:

    I watched tonight’s match and I thought a huge step forward for the game was made. No, not because the Red Bulls failed to win but because Houston was not intimidated and actually showed up for this match. They were not intimidated by the names on the Red Bulls roster. In fact, they should have won that match in the first half. This should be a lesson for all the other teams to not play afraid when going against the “brand” teams.

    It was frustrating as someone rooting for the MetroBulls but give credit where its due. The match got my attention from beginning to end.

    • Daniel Feuerstein says:

      Honestly tlas, Dominic Kinnear is a good coach and he always makes sure his squad is ready to play. They did a good job and earned that road point. If RBNY found a way to win last night, they wouldn’t have deserved it because of a poor 1st half.

  9. Mike says:


    When are you going to start talking about how terrible Henry has been for NYRB?

    2 goals in 13 games and a missed pen. The guy has been hurt a lot and sucked massively when he’s played. Totally underwhelmed by him.

    • Daniel Feuerstein says:

      It’s still early Mike. I understand everyone is counting last year. But Henry signed a 4 1/2 year contract. I need to see what he does in his first full year. Right now, not worried. But if something is not going well by end of April, I will write something.

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