MLS Week Three Open Thread


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Columbus opened the weekend with a 2-0 victory last night over a ten-man FC Dallas team.  But today has a full slate of intriguing match-ups.  Storylines to watch include:

  • Can the Union grab an eye-opening point or three and get a result on the road against LA?
  • Will New England be in the top three of the Eastern Conference with a win over visiting Portland?
  • Is Houston a playoff contender and can they trouble the Red Bulls at home?

Once again, for those without Direct Kick, share your thoughts on your favorite team’s match.  Who played well, who didn’t, and who stood out.  Let the debate begin!

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10 Responses to MLS Week Three Open Thread

  1. MikeInTn says:

    The Crew looked better than I expected even before the sending off of Jackson. They seem to dominate possession and had a good flow to their passing. Mendoza is lucky to have taken the penalty! He showed no energy or creativity. Renteria is a much better choice. I am cautiously optimistic today that maybe…maybe the Crew can compete for the playoffs this year.

  2. Charles says:

    Not sure if all the Fox Sports Networks change to Root Sports or just the NorthWest ?

    Anyway…..They are showing the Fox Soccer Game of the week as a replay. So today in Seattle, we have Columbus-Dallas, the Portland game and the Sounders-San Jose game.
    IF only Root had gotten the Vancouver White caps games, we could watch 8 teams every weekend.

  3. tlas says:

    Between Juninho, Agudelo and now Stephenson, Kasey Keller seems to be on the unlucky end of critical plays of the match.

  4. Alan says:

    Great San Jose/Seattle game. Unfortunately San Jose weren’t able to pull out a win. Fun to watch, fast-paced, but solid play.

  5. Alan says:

    I do hate how NO ONE is giving San Jose credit though. They have been playing very well, they have already improved on last year, but they are still overlooked. I realize I am biased, but I think I am right. They are not the top team in the league, but they are one of the top 8 for sure. Just wait.

  6. DC Fan says:

    As a general observation, after watching replays of MLS matches this week and last, I can’t help but notice how frequently goal-keepers on many MLS teams come off their line to make risky challenges to balls in the box, leaving the goal completely exposed behind them. When I watch EPL, for the most part, goal-keepers appear to be far more disciplined, staying on their line and having more confidence their defenders will seal off attacking runs and head out set pieces. Though an EPL goal-keeper, Tim Howard is a product of MLS and, in my opinion, also committed that error on both goals scored by Ghana in the WC.

    Is there something missing in soccer development in this country with regard to goal-keeping fundamentals instruction?

    • Charles says:

      I wonder if the quality of the play at the youth level being behind other nations is a reason.

      I coach my goalies to be VERY agressive. Force the other guys to make a play. Maybe Brazil you get burned more than you get saves. US has had many very good goalies however. Keller on my Sounders being a great example.

      • Robert says:

        That’s why you coach youth soccer. defenders have to do a better job and goalie has to stay on line to protect goal. any quality striker can go around a lumbering goalie or pass to a winger.

        • Charles says:

          And thank God you do NOT coach youth soccer.

          The last thing we need a clueless coach developing lumbering goalies.

  7. The original Tom says:

    Colorado-D.C. United: 4-1. Rapids keep on rolling.

    DC Fan- I hadn’t particularily noticed in the MLS this weekend, but the EPL pays more and has better players; and that includes goal keepers.

    Having said that, it was either the Rapids second or third goal when the DC United keeper needed to come out and play the ball; instead, it was an easy headed goal.

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