New York Red Bulls 1-1 Houston: De Rosario Shined, But Tally Hall Shined Brighter

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This was the type of player that everyone wanted to see fill a major hole in the starting eleven for the New York Red Bulls. This was the most important position on the field to help link up with the strikers and put himself into great opportunities to convert chances into goals. He didn’t have his cornrows tightened, but Dwayne De Rosario was happy to come to Red Bull Arena and be that missing piece of the puzzle.

After coming overnight from Toronto to join the Red Bulls for their match against Houston Dynamo, De Rosario — wearing #11 — made his debut for the club on the bench. It might have been alot better if he started the match because it was a dreadful performance that started the night for the Red Bulls. But everything started to turnaround once De Rosario was subbed in at the start of the second half and right away his first touch was sprung Dane Richards towards the net. Richards faked out the defender and made Houston goalkeeper Tally Hall overcommit to allow him to score his first of the season. “I think [De Rosario] changed the game in the second half,” said Hans Backe. “His final pass for the first goal… and also the way he controlled our game.”

But right away in the 50th minute it was a big goal kick from Hall that sprung the Dynamo to equalize. Headed towards goal by Will Bruin, first half substitute Cam Weaver was in a good position to head the ball into the Red Bulls net and caught Bouna Coundoul, who was already off his line charging for it. Weaver was covered by Rafa Marquez but not well enough and saw Coundoul race off his line from the near outside corner of the area.

After the Dynamo equalized it was all Tally Hall from there as he faced chance after chance from the Red Bulls and made several fantastic saves to keep the draw. He stopped Thierry Henry’s point blank shot in the 70th minute on a great cross from De Rosario And in the final minute of regulation Henry received a great cross from Juan Agudelo as he leapt up and tried to head it in, but Hall once again made the magical right handed save to take a point back to Houston.

But on the night the sloppy first half was terrible. After a solid ten minutes the Red Bulls couldn’t create any chance whatsoever. The dynamo dictated the play. And honestly if it wasn’t for Coundoul playing well and a Brian Ching shot that nailed the crossbar, this would’ve been a halftime lead for the visitors and Backe wasn’t pleased. “Sloppy first half. A little bit lazy, too comfortable, static in the first half moments. And then in the passing game, we weren’t precise enough.”

Brian Ching always plays with reckless abandon when he is sniffing a goal and he always puts himself into dangerous situations to convert any chance he can get. Well this time he got himself hurt as he took on Coundoul three times and ended up injuring a rib on the left side of his body. He tried to continue on after a lengthy stay on the ground and finally forced himself out in the 43rd minute. But once again this Dynamo side is showing their heart and fighting all match long to gain any points possible.

For the Red Bulls this is a team that is still gelling a bit, but now adding De Rosario there will be more pressure put on them to go out and get wins and make the playoffs, very comfortably. On paper it looks pretty darn good, but now it has to show on the field.

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14 Responses to New York Red Bulls 1-1 Houston: De Rosario Shined, But Tally Hall Shined Brighter

  1. alaboston says:

    I’m trying to decide of the chants of “US Reject” towards Ching from the NYRB fans were over the top. I love that it is a fairly devisive taunt, but I would think he’s earned better than that.

    • alaboston says:

      and Tally Hall has looked insanely good to start the season.

    • Derek says:

      I am an FCD fan so I hate Houston as much as any MLS fan but that chant is the most classless thing I have ever heard. Someone with even one cap for the US national team deserves so much more respect than that. NY and LA fans are classless trash.

      • Lysander says:

        You must not have seen Portland fans yet. They made a sign with a picture they made of Kasey Keller holding a shotgun to his mouth with the words, ‘Just Cobain it’. Not only has Keller had many US caps, but he even went to school in Portland.

        Theres no class in the rose city!



  2. dan says:

    so is DeRo a DP?
    he is great but i dont think he deserves the dp slot

  3. Johnny V says:

    Well reports say Drogba is been with talks with henry and might be planning a move to the red bulls. I guess we have our first real superpower in the mls, its the red bulls, cause after this season the galaxy will most likely wont have beckham and donovan.

    • dan says:

      Johnny, do you really think LA wouldn’t replace them? I really don’t see them ever fading away as the other MLS powerhouse. Drogba could very well go to LA even.

      Also, if Donovan hasn’t left by now u think he would now?

    • Charles says:

      Man, I have tried to post this three times now. Each one gets shorter if it goes in triple.

      One, NY is great because young Americans NY is hurt by Henry because he is taking up so much salary without showing much yet.

      Two, LA is getting rid of Landon ?!?! What are you talking about ?
      Don’t be a I watch the EPL, so I hope he goes guy.
      They are a dime a dozen, they usually don’t know soccer in the US, and they don’t post on articles about soccer (like this one.)

      Three, Salt Lake is better than NY AND LA. Other teams are equal or close. Colorado won the MLS Cup last year. It is the beauty of MLS. Kind of funny you posted about NY being a superpower team when they were outplayed by a team that stunk last year….at home.
      Again the beauty of MLS.

      • johnny V says:

        Yes i do agree with the beauty of mls, of how really any team can win the mls cup i think thats awsome, but it seems the red bulls wanna break away from that and become a superpower in this league. but then again henry and marquez are old and they have not shown any spark on their team.
        Well i believe this is landon last season with the galaxy his contract is over and he did have a succesful time with everton last year. i dont think donovan wants to stay here , hes gonna give eruope one more try.

        And lets hope that Agudelo stays in the mls in the future, hes very exciting to watch

    • CTBlues says:

      Johnny V I would love to read these articles that you have read that say Drogba is going to the RedBulls. I follow Chelsea and have heard nothing of him even thinking of going to the MLS. There were rumors of him going back to his old club Marseille, but nothing about the RedBulls.

    • CTBlues says:

      Nm, I just saw the article on ESPN, but I take most soccer news on ESPN with a grain of salt because of the crazy articles saying Chelsea had Agüero locked down and same with Neymar. I follow a lot of Chelsea news sources on facebook and they haven’t posted anything about this so I’ll believe it when I see it.

      • alaboston says:

        would NY even want Drogba? Would they really want to push Agudelo back on the bench for him, or would they put Henry -who is seemingly always injured- on the bench in favor of Drogba? I’m looking for NY to get a smaller name DP like Hasli or Angel with that third spot. Though if DeRo shows well I wouldn’t be shocked if they used it on him.

  4. Joe says:

    I wonder how long until NY fans start to turn on Henry. I spent a good portion of the game just watching him, looking for some sort of effort, and all I saw was a light jog here, a walk there. The guy doesn’t give a crap. I’d forget about bringing in washed-up international stars altogether and focus on players who give a damn and have something to prove. I’d take current Chris Wondolowski over current Thierry Henry any day.

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