Week in Review April 4-8, 2011

beckham pouting because dc scored

Photo by Lil'El

Our week of action has already kicked off with the, ahem, controversial draw between New England and Vancouver.  But there is a full slate of intriguing games this weekend, so please vote in the poll at the end of this post.  Before doing that, however, let’s take a look at the news from the past week.

  • Shirtgate continues, as Eric Hassli looks to receive a fine and will certainly miss this Sunday’s match against Houston.  While apologetic for the action, he did say through a team spokesman that removing one jersey to reveal another would not have drawn a card in the Swiss league.  Well there you go.
  • But in good news for the Whitecaps two players may be returning to the roster this weekend.  Omar Salgado (United States) and Russel Tiebert (Canada) both return from the U-20 tournament and Selgado could receive his first MLS playing time on Sunday.
  • I personally love the Portland-Seattle-Vancouver rivalry, not just because it drives site hits but because all three teams strive to tweak the others.  Now there’s this: there is a new phone app for Portland fans called Timbers Axe where Timber Joey protects his garden from intruders using his ax.  The game is not recommended for children under 13, and can be downloaded here.  Some of the objects attacking the garden may be familiar.
  • Not an MLS story, but in case you missed it America’s Canada’s “greatest” export Justin Bieber played a little soccer with Barcelona. Here’s video to prove it.
  • And finally the American U-20 team suffered a somewhat shocking loss to Guatemala.  The calls have already begun for Thomas Rongen’s head; feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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14 Responses to Week in Review April 4-8, 2011

  1. Charles says:

    Sweet something to read for lunch that the MLS hating trolls can’t respond to !
    Wait !….here it comes…..That LA Galaxy player is looking glum because Garber sucks and there is no pro/rel in MLS.

  2. bradjmoore48 says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!! Hold on a second…Justin Bieber is Canadian!!!! Robert Hay, you’re a disgrace 🙂

    And Charles, grow up.

    • Charles says:

      Which happens first:

      a. Pro/Rel in MLS
      b. MLS hating trollers don’t troll
      c. Me growing up
      d. No way in heck any of those happen

      d is only answer obviously.

        • Alan says:

          What does this have to do with MLS? You hate the league, you hate everything about it. Why are you here?

        • Alan says:

          Or let me say it another way. Say something positive about the league.

        • Charles says:

          Why would I care that the EPL is drawing 400k again ?

          I was one of them. I was bored because real soccer was in the offseason. Listen there are going to be people that care about EPL.
          1. America is a melting pot. I sat next to a Brazilian Saturday who was a Flamingo fan.
          2. A small amount of people follow it for other reason and
          3. There will always be Man U jersey wearing tools, it is a part of sports. From the Dallas Cowboy “fans” to today’s version the Miami Heat band wagon jumpers.

          There is no way I LOSE this arguement. Either soccer makes it here or it doesn’t…if it doesn’t don’t want for the Great Pumpkin to bring soccer up from the small clubs that will become Real Madrid of America….not gonna happen.

          ps. I have an FC Seattle banner I can sell you, worth a mint when that team makes it big….oooops too late they died in the 80s.

      • Robert Hay says:

        Ah! Epic fail! I apologize to all Americans for claiming Justin Beiber as our own. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

        Although you could argue it’s our fault he’s so popular!

  3. Charles says:

    >>While apologetic for the action, he did say through a team spokesman that removing one jersey to reveal another would not have drawn a card in the Swiss league.

    I think Hassli has 2 yellows, 2 reds and 3 goals…..in 3 games.
    But Hassli, NKufo didn’t make it here….welcome to MLS.

  4. Alan says:

    Here is a positive link for those of you that are not trolls:


    Another positive story:


    MLS is getting better, but it is not perfect and has a long way to go. Either jump on the train and help build MLS, or continue to tear it down and jump off. Simple.

  5. Lysander says:

    What I think is funny is the portland fans spend so much time saying how Seattle is so commercial and their fans are not authentic, yet they are so proud of the cartoon app that has nothing to do with soccer. Why not create an app about the team? Or at least about the sport?

  6. alaboston says:

    It’s nice that the ESPN Match of the Week is the game that may actually be the “Match of the Week” with two good teams, from two big media markets at a decent kickoff for the East Coast. Here’s hoping for a 1.0 TV rating. (hey I can wish right?)

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