Week in Review April 11 – 15, 2011

Because of the number of games played during the week, this weekend’s schedule is evenly distributed between Saturday and Sunday.  The Saturday evening spotlight match is DC United visiting BMO Field and Toronto FC, as seen on Fox Soccer Channel.  The Sunday game on Telefutura is Chicago hosting the Beckham- and Donovan-less Los Angeles Galaxy.  Although there isn’t that BIG match this weekend (that was Wednesday’s lineup) there are some intriguing match-ups that will make for some good matches.

Now for what else happened this week:

  • The Washington Post broke the story that the New York Red Bulls have been invited to participate in the Emirates Cup, one of Europe’s best pre-season tournaments.  The Emirates Cup is hosted by Arsenal and, last season, saw the Gunners participate with AC Milan, Lyon, and Celtic.  Obviously the reason for the invitation is Thierry Henry, but not one wants to confirm the invitation.  Still, if it is true and happens, this would be the first time a non-European team participated in the tournament and would pit the Red Bulls against some very good opponents.
  • Speaking of international friendlies, Manchester City have been confirmed as the next participant in the World Football Challenge and will play Vancouver on July 18.  More matches are soon to be announced.
  • Portland signed their first designated player this week, nabbing Colombian midfielder Diego Chara.  The twenty-five year old midfielder is a threat on offensive but can drop back and serve as a holding midfielder.  He had played at Deportes Tolima in Columbia and was a teammate of current Timber Jorge Perlaza.
  • More information has come out about Landon Donovan’s injury: it’s a knee.  He is recovering from a knee inflammation and will likely miss this weekend’s match against Chicago.  Meanwhile, his teammate David Beckham is going increasingly public in his complaints against MLS referees.  In an interview, Beckham complained about the officials making themselves the center of the action and ruining the players’ preparation for games.  “I’ll probably get in trouble, but it’s gone on too long,” he said.  “We want that consistency to be there, and we want to keep our players on the field.”  While the officials have been poor recently in MLS, and while Beckham has been the target of some aggressive fouls, he’s also been fortunate to have not been red carded a couple of times this season.
  • For your entertainment and in honor of Portland’s first home game last night, the video above is the Portland promotional video for their season.  It’s… different.

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6 Responses to Week in Review April 11 – 15, 2011

  1. Kevin Sutton says:

    Great commercial. Can I just say I really like the look/name of the Timbers? And not just because you can get away with giving fans very threatening axes as a symbol of loyalty; although that is a plus.

  2. Earl Reed says:

    The chainsaw during last night’s game was so annoying, I think I’d take a vuvuzela being blown right in my eardrum before that. Too bad for the supporters, who have to smell two-stroke exhaust and bring earplugs. Reminded me of some of those matches in Mexico during CONCACAF Champions League, gimmicky and tacky.

    • Charles says:

      Gimmicky ? IF their fans want one of their own to cut a log after goals, let em. Maybe you didn’t realize that has been going on a while now.

      You comment smacks of no English team does it that way so it sucks.
      The Mexican teams don’t do it right either.

      I think it rocks ! Gets me fired up everytime and I am a Sounder’s fan.

      GREAT crowd last night, great atmosphere, they really have a good thing going there.

      • Robert says:

        Earl, the only thing that comes close that I can think of is Cruz Azul and the train horn.

        It seems MLS fans are more concerned about atmosphere rather than level of play. Last nights match was a track meet with sloppy goal tending. Cooper showed why he didn’t make it in Germany with that Charlie Brown rendition.

        • Charles says:

          yeah, Portland fans, you heard the MLS Hater Troll, quit watching your team, it stinks.

          what a troll. what an idiot.

      • Earl Reed says:

        No, I didn’t realize it was something they had done in their minor league days. I guess to each his own.

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