Bob, Robert, and Omar: The Week in Review May 9-13, 2011

After a midweek tease, the MLS slate is full this weekend with all but two teams playing on Saturday.  For those looking forward to a little Friday night soccer, there will be none so you’ll just have to wait for Saturday night’s glamorous TV lineup, which includes the renewal of the U.S. leg of the Cascadia Cup rivalry.

Now for the other stories catching our attention this week:

  • Marcos Mondaini received a four game suspension and a $1,500 fine for his aggressive tackle on Real Salt Lake’s Javier Morales.  The suspension is much less than Brian Mullan’s, but the league deemed the tackle as one to prevent a scoring chance, while Mullan’s “showed utter disregard for his opponent’s safety.”
  • The Washington Post ran a front page story this morning on DC United’s situation at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium.  There were no great surprises to MLS or DCU fans, but the prominent placement may help the team in its efforts to build a new home.
  • Speaking of DCU, Steven Goff of the Post broke the news that Bob Bradley will be in attendance at the DC-Colorado match tomorrow night.  While there are other American nationals like Dax McCarty and Anthony Wallace there, this is likely Charlie Davies casting call for a Gold Cup spot.
  • Speaking of Bob Bradley, over 50,000 tickets have already been sold for the USA v. Spain friendly at Gillette Stadium on June 4, and organizers expect a record crowd for the region.
  • Our parent site announced the news a few days ago that possible FA Cup champion Manchester  City will extend their U.S. tour to play the LA Galaxy July 24 at Home Depot Center.
  • The Colorado Rapids injury list grows, as the team announced that Omar Cummings will be out 2-4 weeks with “an ankle”.  Caleb Folan is also out this weekend, but Conor Casey is expected to return.
  • MLS in Minnesota?  Don Garber’s considering it (sorry Miami/Cosmos/Las Vegas/San Antonio fans).
  • If you like fan bases tweaking each other and stirring up regional rivalries like I do, this billboard in Dallas will make you laugh.

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22 Responses to Bob, Robert, and Omar: The Week in Review May 9-13, 2011

  1. Sancho says:

    I heartfully believe that MLS will not stop in 20 clubs.

    My guess is that they will probably reach 24 teams no later than 2020.

  2. Sancho says:

    Houston billboard is great. That’s the spirit that will make MLS rise.

  3. Sancho says:

    Sounders-Timbers is such a great match that I am really desapointed that it will not be broadcasted to Brazil through ESPN International.

    Talking about derbies, on Sunday, there will be the 387th Gre-Nal derby in Porto Alegre. The game is the final match of 2011 Rio Grande do Sul State Championship. The city is painted in blue/black (Grêmio) and red (Internacional). The derby had its 100th aniversary in 2009.

    • Charles says:


      You live in Brazil ? Man, that is cool. I appreciate the international updates. Also, reserve a spot for me on your floor for 2014 please.

      The Sounders-Losers game is the 75th game between them. Sounders hold the edge ( of course ) all time.
      IT IS ON ESPN3 if you get that.

      387th meeting ! That is awesome……Enjoy it.

      • Sancho says:

        Two videos about the Gre-Nal

        First, the 1982 Rio Grande do Sul State Finals (home and away). Two points to pay attention to: how many away fans were allowed those days (the proportion was 3:1, the atmosphere was PERFECT in both stadia); second, it’s the same guy who score all FIVE goals (he played for Grêmio the year before, switched sides, and simply destroyed us). Here:

        Second, the 100th Aniversary Derby. Grêmio came back and won 2-1 at home. This video is able to capture well the atmosphere in the stands in derby days:

        P.S.: The proportion in derbys is not 3:1 anymore due safety and jealousy issues. I do believe the responsible for that are completey wrong and killing the derby.

      • Sancho says:

        387th meeting ! That is awesome……Enjoy it.

        Thanks. But one is only able to enjoy derbies after the match and if won it!

    • Sancho says:

      I read a lot of complainings about the quality of the NW Derby. Derbies often are not good matches; just as finals. The tension is so high that the quality of play sinks a bit. The atmosphere compensates it.

  4. Alan says:

    I think regional rivalries are great for MLS. Love the Houston billboard and I am looking forward to the Seattle/Portland game.

    Oh, and attendance for the MLS this past Wednesday was pretty good in Philadelphia (19000+) and in Vancouver (15000+), but Dallas was less than 9000. What happened there?

  5. ExtraMedium says:

    “Speaking of Bob Bradley, over 50,000 tickets have already been sold for the USA v. Spain friendly at Gillette Stadium on June 4, and organizers expect a record crowd for the region.”

    Man U -Barca is practically sold-out according to Goff (91+K). Huh? Whaa? I thought soccer was a little sport that needed Gulati/Garber/Kraft to explain it to us dumb ‘muricans?! I so confused.

    And if DC leaves the DC metro-area I guess MLS doesn’t want me as a fan (Yes Charles, I support an MLS *TEAM*). I’d only experience the league via television, and, well, other leagues are better.

    • Alan says:

      *YAWN* The Man U – Barca comment has what to do with the article? It doesn’t even make sense. The game takes place in London, not the US. Not sure what attendance for that game has to do with anything.

      That is unfortunate about DC United. I hope for the fans sake that the move doesn’t happen. But really? If you really were a fan, then you’d support your team no matter what and worry less about those super exciting, technically-superior West Ham/Blackburn encounters on ESPN. You are right. There are better leagues like you said. I’m sorry, but I can’t take anyone seriously that would rather watch that instead of their own growing domestic league. You could watch both since they are usually on during different times.

      • Charles says:

        BTW, they sold out Gillette Stadium for an MLS game…that is going to be a hard record to beat.

        What is funny is I think that was the actual game last week on ESPN.
        Trollers troll.
        And when the MLS has any success, they troll even harder.

        There will be 36,000 people for a regular season game in Seattle tomorrow, guarenteed, as they do it every home week.
        For a second round playoff game, they would easily sell out the place.

        ExtraMedium wants you to know if the best National Team and the best Club teams come to play more will watch.
        WHY DO I CARE ?

        TRIPLE YAWN….trollers troll on. I am going to watch great soccer this weekend, after a great mid-week.

    • Robert says:

      I feel your pain about DCU. But think of the bright side you will be like the rest of us without a team within 100 miles. Welcome to MLS Orphans Franchise Club! Luckily I have a actual club with zero boundaries for success, Club Tijuana.

      • Charles says:

        Do you honestly think anyone feels sorry for you ?

        You come onto a MLS blog and rip on anyone that supports/loves MLS.
        Then throw a pity party for yourself ?

        What is wrong with you ?

        • Robert says:

          Have fun this weekend Charles while singing your Euro inspired songs, sporting your Euro inspired scarf, while drinking your Euro inspired beer. Sounds like you will be having a poser party.

  6. Alan says:


    …and the trolls come out to bash the league.

  7. Sancho says:

    It is with great pleasure that I announce that the clash between Sounders and Timbers will be broadcasted LIVE to the Brazilian audience through ESPN Brazil HD channel at midnight (Brasilia’s time).

    • Alan says:

      That’s great that they’d broadcast our horrible league in a country with a great football heritage like Brazil. I mean, we don’t even have pro/rel and everything about it sucks.

      Seriously though, we appreciate all of your great support for our growing league. I look forward to the upcoming game. I try to catch some of the Brazilian league games on GolTV when I can. It’s hard to catch, but I am trying to learn more about South American soccer too.

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