Resumes Flying! The Week in Review May 30 – June 3, 2011

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Photo by LA Galaxy

For American soccer fans, we are entering a frantic month of soccer.  In addition to our normal MLS action, we will have the chance to see the Gold Cup and an impressive friendly against Spain.  With the action spread out across the U.S., this may be the most soccer saturated this country has been since the 1994 World Cup – cities across the country even without MLS teams will get to see the beautiful game at a high level.

This has been a busy week in U.S. soccer, and below are some of the stories and topics we have yet to touch on this week.

  • Of course the big news is the firing of two coaches, Carlos de los Cobos of the Fire and Teitur Thordarson of the Whitecaps.  Chicago Fire Confidential does a great job summarizing the takeover by Frank Klopas in Chicago, as well as details on how it went down, while Vancouver Whitecaps FC blog give a fans perspective on the Thordarson era.  Soccer America has a profile of new Whitecaps head coach Tom Soehn.
  • Some good news for Colorado fans potentially – Omar Cummings has requested and received a dismissal from the Jamaican national team to continue healing from his injuries, while Tyrone Marshall has also asked for a dismissal during the group stage to help Colorado’s depth.  Great news for the Rapids, as both players are now under the watchful eyes of the team.
  • Hans Backe was named head coach of the MLS All Stars, who will take on Manchester United on July 27 at Red Bulls Arena.
  • A U.S. national has been released by his British club and is looking for work.  Will we see Marcus Hahnemann in an MLS shirt this summer, or will he wait for his beloved Seattle to have a spot for him?
  • Is Pachuca America’s team?  After trading away Herculez Gomes, the team is allegedly in talks with DaMarcus Beasely.
  • If you know me you know my love of Freddy Adu, and this is a great interview about his career to this point.
  • And finally, who says the U.S. doesn’t love soccer?  These TV numbers prove otherwise.

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5 Responses to Resumes Flying! The Week in Review May 30 – June 3, 2011

  1. Charles says:

    I will be in the minority for Sounder’s fans, but that has never stopped me before.
    I saw Marcus the first time around. I don’t think this is Keller Part II.

    First, he wasn’t that great with Seattle. We won the championship, so he didn’t suck, but I remember bad decisions left and right. Others that went to the games back then would probably agree with me.

    So does Seattle want him now ? Don’t now, because I haven’t watched him play at all, but I am skeptical. There are a lot of good/great goalies in the US. Guys like Tally Hall.

    NY-COL and CO-Philly is really going to decide whose who in the standings….unless it is all dreaded ties.

  2. Charles says:

    Oh Yeah, the TV ratings were a 1.8 on FOX ( not cable ), mid day on Saturday. For Man U versus maybe the best team of All Time.

    Sorry soccer still has a long way to go in the US. Which is fine, we have a great league ( and a great national team ) and if people don’t follow it…they are morons and it is their loss.

    • Alex says:

      Soccer doesnt have a long way to go. we have a very healthy soccer demographic here. stop acting like MLS needs to be the savior of soccer and that everyone needs to pay attention to soccer in order for soccer to take off. MLS yes but not the sport. these numbers, the WC numbers, and the average attendance for the USMNT proves it. its the fact that MLS needs to cater to the soccer demographic instead of the casual fan. if you want more attentoin to MLS they need to improve quality, re structure the format (not necessarily meaning single table, just make the playoffs and conferences make sense.) and win a CCL for a change. there’s no shortage of soccer fans here, MLS just needs to learn to tap into them by not mirroring NFL so much and improve quality. more emphasis on the latter.

      cue Charles calling me a eurosnob and a bunch of other fanboy crap.

    • SSReporters says:

      We don’t have a great national team and those are excellent ratings for the Champions League Final.

  3. Sancho says:

    If it helps, the numbers in Brazil for the UCL final were not that impressive either.

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