Whose Goal is Better: Nagbe or Hassli?

About three weeks ago MLS had unquestionably its goal of the year, as Vancouver’s enigmatic DP Eric Hassli scored an amazing goal to even his team’s score with Seattle at 2.  At the time, pundits and media alike proclaimed it the favorite for goal of the year (or possibly even the best goal ever), unless of course a keeper scored or something equally ridiculous occurred.

Fast forward to Sunday, and the ridiculous may have occurred.

Rookie Darlington Nagbe helped his Portland Timbers get on the board against visiting Kansas City with an incredible goal.  A shot is punched wide by SKC keeper Jimmy Nielsen but right to Nagbe, who collects it, bounces it twice, and unleashes a bullet past his teammate’s head as well as past Nielsen for the goal.  It was an incredible shot, considering the ball never touched the ground.  So it begs the question: who had a better goal this season, Nagbe or Hassli?  Vote and leave comments below.

And, to help with the voting, here is Hassli’s goal:

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35 Responses to Whose Goal is Better: Nagbe or Hassli?

  1. SaltyGunner says:

    I vote Nagbe – he completely controlled the ball before taking the shot. Hasli’s was more about taking the shot and it went in.Both are incredible, though, no question.

  2. Charles says:

    Only 1/2 the way through the season. Very exciting. 2 goals of the year already.
    Very close at the top and playoff races. I have already read three different teams fans saying their team is the hottest in MLS right now.

  3. bgix says:


    Nagbe’s shot is definite GotW, but Hassli’s never touched the ground either, and was at an insane angle, with a wicked bend and *1* touch. Nagbe’s was a nice 3 touch juggle, and volley, but the fact that he controlled it so much prior to the shot being taken, if anything discounts it. He had a good extra second or two to “pick his shot” that Hassli did not have. Glad that both these wonder-goals had solid Cascadian roots, however. Now I’d like to see one from a Sounder.

  4. Sancho says:

    Tough choice, but I voted for Hassli’s. In the end, the circumstances around his goal made the difference for me: it was in the end game, a derby, away, and it changed the outcome of the match…

  5. Chris G says:

    I’m pissed Najar’s incredible goal, probably one of the best of the season had to get overshadowed by an even more impressive goal this week!

    I think Nagbe’s goal was better overall and should be goal of the season.

  6. Alan says:

    Nagbe, but only because of the players in the way.

  7. Michael says:

    Hassli’s was better, hands down and with no doubt:

    1. Steals an errant pass, then passes it in the air about 8 feet to himself, while being closely marked.
    2. Not even facing goal when he takes the shot.

    Nagbe’s was cool, but in that same way the ball-trick guys that sometimes appear at halftime in English matches are cool. There was no pressure, he had two good touches to set up for the kick and think about what he was going to do with it. That’s the kind of kick kids fool around with in practice all the time.

    I’m sure the Timbers Army will get out the vote on their website, but it’s pretty plain Hassli’s was a world-caliber match-situation blast. Nagbe’s was more…fun.

  8. Chris Webb says:

    I can’t believe this question is even being asked. Hassli’s goal is a goal that has never been seen in MLS circles before. The degree of difficulty alone wins GOTY hands down.

    Nagbe had a great goal, no doubt, one that normally would probably be on the short list for GOTY, but to me it’s the best of the week (Najar’s was great, saw it live in person and even called my shot – I was saying ” hit it, hit it” as he was approaching goal).

    There have been a number of stunning volleys from either straight on or from angles such as the one Nagbe scored from, but Hassli’s was on another level altogether.

    • Charles says:

      Never been seen in MLS circles before…give me a break.

      Buddle hit almost the exact same shot against Seattle during the playoffs….only further out.

      • Chris Webb says:

        Buddle was looking straight in on goal and looped a ball over Keller from a considerable farther distance.

        There is literally no comparison to these two goals. One was pulled off in the box, the other from 35-40 yards away.

        • Dave C says:

          I would agree Hassli’s shot is a real rarity in any footballing environment. Unfortunately, you phrased it in such a way that made it look like you were disparaging the MLS, so obviously Charles had to step up to defend its honor!

          • Chris Webb says:

            That certainly wasn’t my intent. Up until that goal, I had never seen a goal in MLS play (and I’ve been watching from the inception of the league) that stunned me silent.

            Hassli’s goal did that. I saw Buddle’s goal as a more instinctive reaction to catch a goalkeeper off of his line. Hassli didn’t have that luxury due to the angle towards goal and how close he was.

            Let’s put it this way, hypothetically, if one were to attempt 100 times to replicate Hassli, Buddle and Nagbe’s goals, you would most likely find that Buddle and Nagbe’s goals would have a higher percentage of success.

            that’s how I see this in comparison. Hassli’s goal was epic (as the others were) but seems to me to be unrepeatable..

  9. WSW says:

    The question is: Did both players meant for the ball to go where it went top left corner.

  10. Mike says:

    Hassli’s goal, while brilliant took a bit of luck, more a hard hit ball towards the net with a little prayer. Nagbe’s goal was much more skillful. These two with ruiz’s wonderstrike give the MLS some good highlights on the season

    • Sancho says:

      The biggest problem on Hassli’s is that the ball does the curve to the wrong side. It should go away from the goalie from left to right, but it went the other way around. Nevertheless, he scored astonishingly anyway…

      • nate says:

        kinda hard to kick it with the outside of his right foot going in that direction to curve it left to right. equally as hard to kick it with his left to get that curve….actually near impossible, so i hate to say it but thats basically a pointless comment

        • Sancho says:

          I know. I was trying to find a problem on that goal. The only one I have was that. In theory, it is harder to the goalkeeper to defend the ball if the curve was the other away around. In theory. In practice, the kick was superb and unstoppable…

  11. MUFCforlife says:

    Nagbe’s goal was great but I’ve seen similar highlights to that. That Hassli goal was extraordinary and was the better. Both were fantastic nonetheless.

  12. Derrick says:

    So what happened to the MLS Attendence entries?

  13. quentez1 says:

    Hassli got it they both were amazing.But Hassli buried that all skill.

  14. Domenico says:

    Nagbe’s goal was the most “technical”, it shows better skills … Hassli’s goal was “simply spectacular”

    • Dave C says:

      You think so? I think Hassli’s was by far the more difficult shot from a technical view – dropping ball, running at an angle from the goal, shooting across his body. Nagbe had a couple of tap-ups and a great hit, but at the end of the day, I think any pro would find Nagbe’s effort much easier to pull off (whether that means Hassli’s was simply a fluke is a different matter altogether).

  15. Abram says:

    Remeberwhen Juan Agudelo’s Henry-like, late, pretty much meaningless goal, in a 4-1 blowout of DC was widely considered to be goal of the year? Anyway, both goals were amazing. Hassli’sseemed “cleaner” and, I believe, was the equalizer. However Ngabe’s looked to be more difficult with the control and weaving through lot of men in the box. It is difficult call.

  16. Jason says:

    Nagbe’s goal wasn’t that great. Stop blowing it out of the water please. It was a nice goal for the moment and I literally forgot all about it until the day after when facebook, twitter, and every soccer news outlet raped my eyes with links and videos.
    It’s a good goal. I’ve seen very similiar dozens of times.

  17. SaltyGunner says:

    So can I change my vote after all this discussion? Actually, both goals are incredible – Nagbe for the control, Hasli for the timing. But I still think Hasli’s was pure “take a shot and see what happens” where I think Nagbe MEANT to go for goal.

  18. lukuman says:

    Well, i couldnt vote because all of them were excellent, absolute screamer. OMG!!! circumstances around both goals were challenging… am confused as to who to vote..the position in which the goal came were almost the same although Hassil’s was acute. all were outstanding

  19. I vote for the Giovanni Dos Santos goal against the U.S. in the Gold Cup Final as goal of the year. I believe the goal itself merits much of the consideration for its style and escapability. But, what puts the goal at the top of the list is the situation the goal provided, insuring Mexico´s tourney win.

  20. Al says:

    Hassli’s goal, no question. He was actually running which made it harder to handle the ball and shoot it. Nagbe wasn’t moving and didn’t even have any pressure on him. He could have juggled it longer.

  21. highme says:

    I’m voting for Darlington because what’s the point of supporting your team if you don’t pick your boys in toss up contest like this one.

    However, contextually, Hassli’s goal was fantastic. That shot, to earn a draw, on the road against Seattle. It even helped Portland in the contest for the Cascadia Cup. So it will be hard to be upset if his wins.

  22. I think Eric Hassli make a difficult goal the Nagbe so i have voted for Hassli because he deserve for my vote.

  23. Dan says:

    I cant for the life of me understand why anyone would vote Nagbe’s goal over Hassli’s. Nagbe’s was great but Hassli’s was once in a lifetime

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