US-Mexico Friendly Was Highest Rated Show in Key Demographics

Thanks to the viewership of a massive Spanish-speaking audience, Wednesday’s friendly between the U.S. and Mexico was the top rated show on U.S. television among a few key demographics, according to TV by the Numbers.  Univision Communication’s coverage of the match was seen by 9.4 million viewers who tuned in to part or all of the broadcast as well as 25,000 devices that streamed the match through the company’s website.

Univision, the “leading media company serving Hispanic America”, scored big-time in the so-called key demographics for advertisers on the night.  The match was the #1 show in primetime and made Univision the #1 network in primetime among Adults 18-34, Men 18-34, Men 18-49, and Persons 12-34.  Some of the shows the match received higher ratings than included “America’s Got Talent”, “Big Brother 13”, and “So You Think You Can Dance”.

While the level of support for the Mexican national team in the U.S. has been well documented, these numbers again reinforce the idea that soccer is a huge driver of viewers for networks.  Many of these viewers would have been watching Telefutura or Galavision, which come only in cable packages and not broadcast networks.  Combined with the large number of viewers for other major soccer matches like the UEFA Champions League, you can expect to see broadcast networks begin to vie for matches in the future which they can cross promote or show on their Spanish language counterparts.

Of course this news comes in tandem with the criticism on ESPN’s coverage of the match, which saw them run a Little League World Series game over its time slot and bump the first twenty minutes of the friendly onto ESPN News.  Numbers haven’t been released for the ESPN broadcast but we will share as soon as they come across our desk.

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9 Responses to US-Mexico Friendly Was Highest Rated Show in Key Demographics

  1. Robert says:

    I always watch soccer in Spanish if its an option but i flipped over to ESPN2 to see pre game coverage and saw LLWS was on. I knew it was going to roll over and sure enough it did. The LLWS was in top of 6th and the score was 12-6 with two outs! They could of easily flipped over to USA/MEX and popped in if a comeback was in the works.

    I think it would be wise for ESPN to create ESPN Soccer to compete with fox but I doubt that will ever happen.

    • Tetsuo says:

      Yeah. If there’s baseball, soccer coverage will never start on time. It’s a given. What amazes me is that ESPN always fail to realize that… or don’t want to… I am not saying ESPN should cut the baseball broadcast short but simply think ahead and program accordingly.

      Anyway… I’m so glad I can access That site is probably the best thing ESPN has ever done for soccer fans.

  2. tlas says:

    Univision is slated to start a sports cable channel based on their Deportes Univision brand, starting in 2012. Presumably, they will shift the Mexican league content now on Galavision and Telefutura to that channel, making it a one-stop destination for most of the Mexican league matches.

    They also promise matches from MLS and Concacaf Champions League on their overview.

    • Alistair says:

      I guess it mean that they’ll be on the NBC Sports Network.

      • tlas says:

        I doubt NBC would be able to air the same games as Univision, unless there’s contractual language saying they can. The rights to the Mexican League is usually through either Televisa or TV Azteca. I’ve yet to see Liga Mexicana on English-language TV. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

        • vic says:

          i wonder if this deal w/NBC will also move content to their Telemundo network (w/Andres Cantor), or if they let them do their own thing. If yes, then I’m not so sure the numbers would not be good if Telemundo has no Mexican or CCL games…meaning they would be seen as just a yankee football station. If its mixed and Cantor does MLS games too, then the numbers for MLS on a spanish network could be solid. I thought Telemundo had El Tri rights.

          • tlas says:

            AFAIK, there won’t be any games on Telemundo during the length of the contract. Univision has rights to all Spanish-language broadcasts until 2014.

            Telemundo will continue to air the Mexican league content they already have rights to.

  3. Javier Zabudowlski says:

    Viva Mexico!!!!

  4. Javier Zabudowlski says:

    Yo pienso que Univision va a hacerel #1 en el futuro, con el incremento de Hispanos en el pais, la importancia del lenguaje español va ser bien importante. Muchos indican que la segunda o tercera generaciones de Hispano-Estado Unidences se mezclan con la sociedad, pero el mundo es muy diferente. Para ser competitivos en este mundo, uno tiene que hablar muchos idomas. Conosco a mucha gente que comprende muchos idiomas como frances, mandarin, o aleman. Igualmente, la importancia del deporte futbol es muy importante, lo que yo pienso que este deporte va a hacer el #1 en el pais, si no incluyen Hispanos en tennis, basketball, o natacion. Tambien, muchas compañias estan expandiendo a todo el mundo como DIshnetwork, los deportes tienen que cambiar su demografia si quieren ser competitivos.

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