The Onion Makes Fun of ESPN’s MLS Coverage

The Onion is renowned for always looking at the bright side of life. And in comical fashion, they’ve now put together a video that spoofs ESPN SportsCenter’s coverage of Major League Soccer.

It wouldn’t be funny if some of it wasn’t true!

In case you missed it, last summer The Onion produced a “news” segment that announced ‘Soccer Officially Is Gay.” Even though we’re massive soccer fans here at MLS Talk, that one too is quite humorous.

Enjoy the video.

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3 Responses to The Onion Makes Fun of ESPN’s MLS Coverage

  1. Charles says:

    That is hilliarious. You only think SOME of it is true. Go to sometime after a game. It is a joke…should say WAS a
    joke, not like I go there anymore.

  2. bryan says:

    lol. “For more coverage type MLS into Google and I’m sure you’ll
    find something.”

  3. Roger says:

    Good ‘ol “No one likes soccerrrrr” humor. Never loses taste.

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