Vote for Your Favorite Stories from the Past Week

Sometimes life gets in the way of art, and that is the way this week’s Major League Soccer Talk Podcast ended up.  Technology has impeded host Chris Riordan from recording the podcast, so if you’re like me you unfortunately will miss out on some good Thursday night/Friday morning soccer talk.

But we here at MLS Talk want to make sure you get your American soccer news and analysis from the past week.  And while we can’t do it through your iPod, we thought instead we would allow you, the reader, to share your thoughts on the week that was in MLS and American soccer.  Since the Emmys were this weekend, we want you to vote award style.  Below are some questions that we want you to weigh in on that cover a variety of topics that occurred between September 17 and September 22.  Place your votes and then explain how and why you voted for what you did in the comments section.  Tomorrow we will have a preview of the weekend coming up, and next week the MLS Talk Podcast will return.

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