New York Cosmos Beat LA Galaxy, In FIFA 12

In their latest incarnation, The New York Cosmos may have only played one game so far — in their defeat against Manchester United in the Paul Scholes testimonial — but thanks to the just released FIFA 12, the Cosmos have come back to life again. And this time they have won a game, against L.A. Galaxy.


H/T The Offside Rules.

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15 Responses to New York Cosmos Beat LA Galaxy, In FIFA 12

  1. Giggsy says:

    this is utterly ridiculous. a rating of 78/82/80? with a line up
    that must surely average 35 years of age? are f.cosmos fanbois
    anything other than ragingly delusional?

    • Alex says:

      I don’t know why mls fans just don’t use their common sense. So
      self conscious. First off the cosmos team is comprised of top
      players ,albeit passed their prime, but still great players that
      could beat the mls all stars. I assume FIFA gave each player the
      rating so there could be no bias. BTW FIFA upped mls teams ratings
      from 2 stars to 3 stars so you can’t complain. Idk why mls fan boys
      have to be so self conscious that a non mls team that beats Carson
      galaxy in a video game, they have to automatically resort to
      prejudice and curse cosmos to not join mls. Mls has a lot of things
      to do before they can call themselves a league but letting cosmos
      join is one of them. And if this has to do with the stupid
      assumption that cosmos will destroy mls then stop. Mls uber strict
      and socialist single entity structure won’t allow cosmos or any
      club really to be at their full potential. So just accept cosmos
      and Shut up

      • Scott says:

        “Mls has a lot of things to do before they can call themselves a
        league but letting cosmos join is one of them.” MLS is already a
        league. Has been since 16 years. The Cosmos though aren’t a team
        and haven’t been in over 30 years. And probably never will be
        again. “Mls uber strict and socialist single entity structure won’t
        allow cosmos or any club really to be at their full potential.” No,
        it was designed so the league doesn’t fold like the one the Cosmos
        use to play in 100 years ago. What was it called again? “So just
        accept cosmos and Shut up” Accept what? The Cosmos don’t exist.

        • Robert says:

          Scott, Closed leagues fail but open leagues with independent clubs
          never fail. This is what Alex and I advocate. Please list one
          League with an open pyramid that has failed along with all of its

          • nick says:

            Are you trying to deny that the NASL failed? You’l probably say
            NASL was closed and thats why it failed, but that wasn’t the
            reason. You don’t understand is that to even think about having an
            open league you need more clubs capable of spending first division
            money then there are spots in the first division. MLS hasn’t hit 20
            teams yet and NASL/USL/whatever it’ll be next year is very unstable
            and does not have enough money. Besides the concept of an open
            league developed before the modern sports era and it is outdated.

          • Tim says:

            South Africa is littered with open leagues that failed.

    • drago says:

      dont be crying when MLS buys all the players from europe in the
      future,especially since europe is going bankrupt. the cosmos is the
      reason why americans play soccer. and modern day soccer is. before
      real madrid and man. city, and man u . and all the rest who spend
      money for big players, the COSMOS were doing that 35 years ago. no
      wonder the COSMOS were 20 years ahead of their time. oh yeah,
      europeans dont know jack about american soccer,so piss off ,and
      stop worrying about our league. why? are you scared??

  2. fifafanboy says:

    EA sports… 1 step forward, 2 steps back. Cosmos are great at
    marketing but they have no money. Still a pipe dream.

    • Alex says:

      That’s the most idiotic thing I’ve read. Didn’t you hear cosmos got
      bought out by a Arab group? Even before that garber said if cosmos
      didn’t have the money for both the ridiculous fee (funny most mls
      players don’t make more that 100,000 yet garber ask for 100
      million) mls would never be in discussion with them. Cosmos has
      more recognition that all of mls combined. They’re going to
      accomplish something njrb never could or will and they promise a
      30k stadium. I don’t understand why people aren’t stoked. It’s
      something to add to this league.

      • Scott says:

        This is why most MLS fans laugh at the Cosmos. Get a team first and
        then talk smack. Otherwise shut up and stop wasting everyone’s

        • Robert says:

          How I pray for the Cosmos to join NASL and NASL becomes a real
          league with USL and institutes promotion/relegation. MLS will be
          gone in 5 years if that happened.

          • nick says:

            Why? Would USL suddenly have more money than MLS, and more
            importantly how would USL institute promotion/relegation? USSF is
            going through a lot of problem to make the second division stable
            why would they throw that away?

          • Tim says:

            You do realize USSF controls the league system and USSF works hand
            in hand with MLS

  3. dan says:

    Beckham’s hair is STILL NOT correct!!?!? I know its stupid small
    detail but F* EA! He is still the most recognizable player in the
    world, get it freaking right!

  4. CTBlues says:

    Could this be a create-a-team?

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