Brek Shea Scouted by BPL Clubs


Anyone who watches MLS knows Brek Shea is having a breakout season. And as much as the British media may want to dismiss MLS and its talent, it is now beginning to it pay attention. Sky Sports is reporting that Liverpool and Manchester City both were scouting the U.S. national team’s 1-0 win over Honduras. In addition, Chelsea and Manchester United have also shown interest in Shea, according to the article.

Shea’s agent, Barry McLean, shared that his client would have interest in playing overseas (no surprise there). He told Sky Sports, “He has a contract with the MLS and FC Dallas for another three years so at this point it is premature to talk about a move.”

McLean said also said about a potential overseas move: “It’s on his radar. He is a young player with high aspirations and every player wants to play at the highest level. I think England would be an interesting option for Brek, but we will wait and see what happens.”

I have enjoyed watching Shea grow up professionally this year and at this point in his career he could benefit from playing overseas. In terms of fit, obviously the stability of Manchester United would be a good place for him to ease into European club football. That said, the end of the season may not be the best time for him to make a move. It’s clear that he has tired toward the end of the season with his USMNT and club responsibilities, so moving immediately into a new role and more playing time would be a bad idea. That said, if you get a chance to sign for one of the largest teams in the world, you pretty much have to make that move.

However MLS again would be the big loser. Just as the national team is getting a new star, a new face of American soccer, he moves overseas. FC Dallas would also face a major roster loss, something that MLS teams are increasingly facing as the talent level rises. Such in life in an up-and-coming league.

What do you think? What Premier League club would be a good fit for Brek Shea? Should he leave?

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