New York Red Bulls Defeat Dallas And Now Face LA Galaxy in Semi-Finals

This was a tough test for the New York Red Bulls as it would be a single game that would determine them to advance into the Conference Semi-Finals of a goal aggregate playoff, or heading back home wondering if their season was a failure with so many chances missed.

The New York Red Bulls found a way to steal a victory to the MLS Conference Semi-Finals against FC Dallas Wednesday night after securing a 2-0 victory at Pizza Hut Park.

It started in the second half as Dax McCarty picked up a leg injury from a bad foul by Daniel Hernandez. The vilified Medhi Ballouchy would sub into the match in the 59th minute and created some magic. Rafa Marquez sent Joel Lindpere on a run and with a long shot at the top of the FC Dallas area, forced Kevin Hartman to make a save. But Dane Richards got the rebound to Ballouchy who quickly crossed it to Lindpere and finally got it underneath Hartman in the 61st minute and the Red Bulls got their one goal lead. So many times the supporters have expressed their frustrations against Ballouchy for his mediocre play, but this time he was rewarded for his hard work.

The Red Bulls were playing well and looked to be in control until a terrible tackle sent them down to ten men. In the 79th minute Jan Gunnar Solli was attacking with the ball and lost it to four defenders. He tried to regain it but sadly made a needless tackle on Daniel Hernandez from behind and was shown a straight red card.

With ten minutes left in the match it was bunker-down time for the Red Bulls and they looked confident on the ball. Just before second half stoppage time there was a head-to-head collision as Rafa Marquez and Zach Loyd accidentally met inside the Red Bulls area.

FC Dallas went down to ten men with the injury to Loyd but six minutes of stoppage time was awarded with a few extra since it took the medical staff to remove him off the field. When it got to the eighth minute Thierry Henry finally got into the mix and converted the goal.

The Red Bulls were under siege by FC Dallas during the entire first half but withheld the pressure with some strong defense. Frank Rost in goal played spectacularly for the Red Bulls as he used his height advantage on some of the rising shots that could have spelled trouble.

But the big questions for the Red Bulls in the next round are these: Who will fill in for Solli for his one game suspension, and will Luke Rodgers be available from his swollen right knee injury? All answers will come before Halloween weekend when the Red Bulls face LA Galaxy on Sunday at 3pm ET in Harrison, New Jersey (ESPN2).

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17 Responses to New York Red Bulls Defeat Dallas And Now Face LA Galaxy in Semi-Finals

  1. The original Tom says:

    I’m looking forward to this series. On the play-off format debate,
    maybe this wildcard round is not good. Colorado will have a small
    crowd tonight, I won’t be there due to prior a commitment; the lack
    of advance notice is an issue.

    • Charles says:

      More soccer is better than less soccer…..always. Who cares how
      many show up ? Enjoy the soccer……seriously, look at the morons
      on this site. Do you really want them coming to the games anyway ?
      I personally would rather have the empty seat next to me. I am not
      trying to be mean or funny. I really mean it, I would rather have
      the empty seat. Seattle only drew 15k for Monterrey, it was a great
      game against two VERY good teams at an incredible price. If people
      aren’t smart enough to know that, their loss.

      • SFC 123 says:

        “Who cares how many show up ?” yea and water down the regular
        season even more? you wanna turn the regular season into a big huge
        preseason? come on more soccer does not equal better soccer if it
        means teams clobber each other for a 1-0 or 1-1 for no reason
        because their invitation is bascially written in stone. your
        arguement basically says that we should enjoy soccer merely for the
        entertainment aspect BUT at the same time you rather have no body
        around you watching sounders for cheap tickets than a full crowd.
        is all you care about is attendance figures instead of the quality
        of the league? i guess not. wildcard was a joke now i laugh at
        garbage garbers face cuz his little 10 playoff format backfired and
        now we have a 50% chance of the same thing happening; geographic
        confused clubs. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and
        expecting different results; a closed shop, nfl styled, nonsense
        playoff format can only point to one thing, mediocrity. whats next,
        a unbalanced schedule just so the MLS cartel can exploit “local
        rivalries” (if any even exist apart from the NW, even then i think
        NW rivalriy in MLS is too young to be a rivalry, noticed how i said
        IN MLS not overall in its 30 + years) so that the cartel can make
        more $$$. In my view, LA Galaxy are the champions, and the MLS cup
        crowns the king of fools. enjoy your mediocrity.

  2. Robert says:

    Once again the conference system makes zero sense because now an
    Eastern team will play a western conference opponent. Garber stated
    last year that this new format will fix this problem and now Galaxy
    and Redbulls will be flying across the country. Did Dallas not know
    that MLS Cup was going on? The stands were empty!

    • Charles says:

      I found myself rooting for Colorado, just so I could hear the
      whiners whine……………..A 7 or 8 on the Unintentional Comedy
      scale…………….They aren’t structuring it the way I
      want………..boohooo……………..Obviously I would root for
      Seattle over LA anyway, but lets hope it happens, so they can whine
      about the 2nd best team winning the playoffs…….I am waiting for
      “random”. I would have thought it would have come out 10th best
      beating 3rd best……come on someone say “random” ! SAY IT !

      • Robert says:

        Charles, Don Garber stated last November that these new changes to
        the playoff format will fix the issue of teams playing in different
        conference playoffs. Well, all the tinkering around and it produced
        the same bad results. MLS FAIL. Last night’s game wasn’t even on
        TV! It’s a possibility for RBNY to represent the West and Rapids to
        Represent the East in MLS Cup Final. HAHAHAH. Why do you stick up
        for this league and Commissioner?

  3. CTBlues says:

    I heard they were offering $6 tickets if the World Series game was
    rained out which it was.

  4. John says:

    Rapids won. western conference team in eastern conference
    playoffs.This league is a joke. we need a new commissioner

  5. CTBlues says:

    What is going on this post season is crazy. It would be like if the
    Seahawks last year played Steelers in the playoffs.

  6. SSReporters says:

    Go Red Bulls *cringe* The MLS is dying for LA to win because they
    love Donovan and they love Beckham. Squash that sucker now, New
    York. They’re the worst thing about MLS and the fact that their
    plastic fans aren’t bothered to fill that place up to 100%.

  7. Charles says:

    Thanks for stepping it up everyone, I couldn’t do it without you.
    It is like you really care about the league. Funnier than
    heck……………….. I couldn’t get all the way through the SFC
    rant, but it was so funny at the start, you really don’t need
    to…….like I said Orig Tom, the empty seat is far superior, even
    intellectually to sitting next to the morons.

    • Robert says:

      Charles, you’re turning into a real dick. You used to have class
      agruments for the league but now you are sounding like a dick.
      Whats going on man? It’s just soccer

      • Charles says:

        Well I don’t want to be that, so sorry. But I am miffed that the
        site was hijacked by guys that want the league to fail. Maybe a
        truce. Not sure how it would look, but it has to revolve around
        that facts: US Soccer will be different………..It will be fed by
        college talent………….it will be broke compared to the quality
        of the league………….and it will be single entity, owned by
        the only rich dudes care about soccer………The playoffs will
        grow in size and importance, because they want it that
        way……..the parity will stay, because they want it that
        way…………And lastly, you are not going to change it, nor do I
        and many other want it
        would much rather argue about soccer, but that is not going to
        happen on this site. Too many casual fans, ones that don’t follow
        college, develp leagues and MLS…..on an MLS Talk site.

  8. DCUDiplomat96 says:

    Bottom Line its the Playoffs, That Means best against the Best!, if
    you dont like well there is that playoffless league called the
    Premier League. For LA to solidify thier worth they need to win MLS
    Cup, same thing for the Seattle Sounders, with their Cup win
    Colorado is the defending League Champion. and New York is supposed
    to have star power. So whats the problem. Not Eurosnobby enough for
    ya??? well this is America you Know, where we play soccer.

    • SSReporters says:

      God dammit! Just let everyone in! If New England beat everyone else
      and strike it hot at the right time they are indeed the best of the
      best! No, I’m fine with playoffs. I cannot stand this mangled mess
      the MLS made for 2011. It needs to change. LA is the best team in
      the league and they’re freaking playing New York in a WESTERN
      semifinal? They fixed NOTHING with the wild card thing.

      • Robert says:

        Yup, that’s what Garber said last year that these changes would fix
        the cross over conference. I don’t mind the playoffs but just make
        it a single table 1-8. two legged format and winner take all final.
        It’s simple and easy to explain.

  9. The original Tom says:

    I agree with Robert. Although my next choice would be 12 teams, all
    one game series. First round 12 – 9 go away to 8 – 5. 2nd round the
    winner of 1st round go away to 1-4. Then semi finals, then finals.
    This gives teams a distinct advantage, the higher the seed. I would
    still do more to emphasize the shield winner. Ahh, I’ve started
    again. This is why I was staying out of this one, Charles.

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