The Amazing Tim Howard Goal

Who says the U.S. national team is weak at forward?

During yesterday’s Everton v. Bolton match, keeper Tim Howard broke the scoreless tie with a 100 yard strike that was aided by the wind.  I am not sure which is more impressive, the goal itself or how cool Howard was celebrating.

What do you think, do we already have the goal of the year?

Video: GOTD: Howard scores amazing Goal

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4 Responses to The Amazing Tim Howard Goal

  1. Charles says:

    Landon you just won the championship, what you are going to do now
    ?…..Landon: I am going to Disneyland !……….Klings: No you
    are not, you are going to a Mickey Mouse league…………Man, I
    realize the Klingy told the guys to do something in the offseason,
    but what a waste of time trying to save the unsaveable. Bolton ?

  2. The Gaffer says:

    Landon Donovan says he’d choose hat-trick In EPL derby over scoring
    matchwinner In 2011 MLS Cup Final. Source:
    Cheers, The Gaffer

    • Charles says:

      Way to take that one out of context. He has those Brits eating out
      of his hand. IF he said he would play for free at Everton, if he
      wasn’t already under contract, they would believe
      him…………wait for it, here comes the comment about how he
      would love to play at Everton full time, it is the greatest, he
      loves the fans…..they will eat it up, buy his jersey and talk
      non-stop about how he wants to play there, but can’t…….and he
      will play to win championships……in LA…….I bet he is raking
      in the money doing this. He has to be.

  3. FootballTalk says:

    Awesome goal I know Everton have loaned in Landon to try and help
    their goal threat but who would have thought they already had an
    America goalscorer? Well done Timmy Howard

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