Which Team has the Best Supporters’ Group?

Watching the video of the Timbers Army sing the National Anthem again and how much attention that gets in mainstream sports media made me think about what an opportunity MLS has to wedge into the American sports mainstream.  People flinch at the stereotypical soccer hooligans but one of the things that I have heard from colleagues that attracted them to soccer is the supporters’ groups and the desire to be a part of a passionate following that is lacking in other professional sports.  Supporters’ groups are like being in college at a sporting event again, except you don’t have to sneak in beer and can afford full price tickets.

Naturally any discussion of this important part of soccer brings up an obvious and loaded question: who is the best?  Which team has the best supporters’ group?  Obviously there are biases built into any answer but in this case that is a good thing.  Because we here at MLS Talk have a challenge for you, our loyal readers.

You have the chance to do the work for us.

Below in the comments section give us a 100-200 word description of why your team’s supporters’ group is the best in MLS.  The three that we the writers of the site think are the best will be featured in their own post on the site during the next international/MLS break.  Here are a few guidelines:

  • Over 200 words will be disqualified, you can check your word count by typing it in Word first
  • Links to videos or pictures do not count against the word limit, but the videos/pictures cannot be inappropriate.  Would you show your grandmother/clergy member/ 2nd grade teacher the video or picture?
  • This is for supporters’ groups, not the casual fans.  A story about how your aunt has attended every game for the past ten years and named her dog Landon is touching, but will not count.
  • Please do not use inappropriate language, disparage other groups or fans, and especially do not use any offensive slurs.
  • Creative writing, persuasiveness of argument, and passion are the three criteria for judging who will win.
Use the comments section below to submit your answers.  Good luck and enjoy!
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