Your New Resource for the Summer 2012 North American Soccer Friendlies


You may have noticed when you visited the site today a new tab on the top of your page called “Summer Friendlies Schedule”.  With the recent announcements of a number of high-profile friendlies, the summer exhibition schedule is quickly coming together for many MLS and European teams.  One of my biggest frustrations as a soccer fan was my inability to remember who exactly was playing what where, especially if they were not playing in my area.  To help the MLS Talk community not only track who is coming to the United States and Canada this summer, but when and how to get tickets, we have created the North American 2012 Summer Soccer Friendlies Schedule.

The page is very simple.  When a new summer friendly is announced or a credible rumor about a game is reported, we will be updating this page with as much information as is available.  So if you live in northern New Jersey or were planning a trip to New York, you could plan on attending the New York Red Bulls friendly vs. Spurs or the Chelsea/Celtic match-up at Yankees Stadium.  The goal of this page is to be the best place for any soccer fan in the United States and Canada to find what teams are playing where this summer.

That said, we need your help to keep the content current.  Your writers and editors of the site are diligent and have their fingers on the pulse of U.S. soccer, but even we sleep on occasion and may miss an announcement about a game or tickets going on sale.  If you hear of information and do not see it on the schedule, contact us or put the information in the comments section below (links to announcements or press releases are also appreciated).  By the time May rolls around, we plan on having this page be the authority of summer soccer friendlies.

Enjoy your summer soccer!

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