Suspension For Marquez Not Enough For Red Bulls Supporters

It’s been five days since the devastating injury to Shea Salinas at Red Bull Arena, and finally Major League Soccer’s disciplinary committee has come down with a decision on Rafa Marquez. The Mexican international has been served a three match suspension and an undisclosed fine.

The injury was dealt in the 42nd minute. The Earthquakes began their set play on a corner kick, and while the ball was being delivered Marquez hooked the arms of Salinas from behind. He rode Salinas to the ground hard, breaking Salinas’ clavicle in four places. There was also a kick to the head which appeared intentional, but was not the cause of the injury.

While punishment was being considered, Salinas had already forgiven Marquez for the incident. While Salinas is looking at a six to eight week recovery, Marquez will be back by May. While the severity of an injury should have little influence on the stiffness of the punishment meted, Marquez’ history of trouble would indicate that three weeks may be light.

During the pre-season, Marquez told the media that he wanted to look past last season’s difficulties and concentrate on the new one. He wanted to get past his issues: from calling Tim Ream infantile, all the way to throwing the ball at Landon Donovan after the 1st leg of the MLS Cup Quarterfinals. He simply wanted to serve his suspension from that episode and move forward.

His turning over of a new leaf started very well in the Red Bulls three match winning streak. He even picked up a few assists on Thierry Henry’s goals. Yet the Salinas incident, and it’s accompanying suspension, come at a price as the Red Bulls are nursing some injuries. Teemu Tainio is out with a leg injury, while Wilman Conde is suffering thru a groin injury. Roy Miller just went out tackle from behind by Marvin Chavez in the San Jose match, while Juan Agudelo continues to rehab his slight meniscus tear surgery.

Marquez will miss three important matches on the Red Bulls schedule: at DC United this Sunday, next Saturday afternoon at home against the New England Revolution, and a May 5th road game at the defending MLS Cup Champions Los Angeles Galaxy.

For Hans Backe & Erik Soler, they were already prepared for this suspension and will now have to look at their reserves to see who can step up in Marquez’s absence. Some have said Victor Palsson will get another chance, as he is itching to fix his form after the away game at Real Salt Lake earlier this year.

It’s a bit disheartening when the captain of Mexico’s National Team, who had said he wanted to improve his play and have a better 2012, further sullies his image with undesirable behavior. What does Rafa Marquez need to do to avoid putting himself into these incidents? The feelings from many of the supporters of the club are that this incident should be the last straw. They have felt embarrassed by the negative play from Marquez, and they wish he would be released or moved to any club that will pay his salary in the upcoming summer transfer window.  Can he respect his opponent while still playing hard? If Marquez can answer these questions by improving his play on the field, only then will this latest suspension be enough.

11 Responses to Suspension For Marquez Not Enough For Red Bulls Supporters

  1. CTBlues says:

    I said at the end of last year and I will say it again he needs to
    be released or traded.

  2. scummers says:

    shouldve been 7 games… way too light

  3. Section 133 Row 1 says:

    Get rid of this loser! How long will it take for the team to ralize
    they will never hold the cupwith this meathead in the middle of the
    field? An occasion beautiful pass doesn’t excuse the laziness or
    the bonehead actions on the field ENOUGH!

  4. Kelly says:

    We should have let him go back to Mexico over the winter and let
    him stay there.

  5. Alan says:

    Yeah, get rid of him.

  6. Gk says:

    This jerk has been a dirty player his entire career. Should never
    have been invited to MLS. Kick him out of the league already.

  7. BD says:

    Let’s trade him to Manchester City for Balotelli…….

  8. Kelly Donovan says:

    I said it last year: a cancer needs to be cut out. Marquez needs to
    be cut for cause. Shame on him and shame on NYRB for keeping him

  9. Charles says:

    I think the suspension was enough. I don’t think he deliberately
    pushed him down, he was playing defense and those sort of things
    happen all the time. Should have been a penalty. Now the fall and
    the kick. Did he let his weight fall on Shea, he definitely seemed
    to drag the foot/kick him……6 games into the season and he is on
    his second suspension…what a thug.

  10. Alex says:

    ive seen this before, watch he’s gonna do something during the
    season then everybody is going to be running up and kissing his
    ass. mls fans, or atleast rbnj fans, can be so wayward. why just in
    the beginning of the season Rbnj fans were calling for backes head,
    now look at rbnj, with the exception of that wicked loss at United,
    those limey energy drinks have been doing pretty good. now the
    calls for his head have ceased. im sure he’s going to get his act
    together and then all the jersey punks will be kissing his feet.
    now im no marquez fan and i do think he deserves to be punished for
    his kick but the jousting for position in the box and the wrapping
    the arms around a player is normal in set pieces. so i dont see any
    punishment for that. the kick however is whats being punished for
    and good for him. but still MLS is a very physical league maybe too
    physical. just look at farfan this weekend at Chivas, and nowak. if
    mls had alittle more quality there wouldnt be these senseless
    tackles. i think MLS tries to keep a low line when it comes to
    officiating games so it can attract fans and knock out the notion
    that soccer is a sissy sport. and shame on them. lastly, i find it
    funny the lack of support by rbnj fans to one of their own. i mean
    luis suarez racist comments were waay worse than sheas injury (yea
    i said it) yet all of anfield showed support towards suarez. but
    not in mls. that kumbaya feeling prevails here. if i were an energy
    drink fan i wouldnt be protesting the suspension but i’d definitely
    wouldnt be calling for his contract termination.

  11. Kelly Donovan says:

    @Alex There’s sporting physical and there’s deliberately brutal. I
    don’t mind being physical when playing football, but there are
    players in MLS who are dirty. Marquez is one; his behavior is
    habitual. I support NYRB, and I want it to be a club I can take my
    nephew to-to see good players. So, just as I don’t support Marquez
    (regardless of his talent) and think NYRB should cut him for cause,
    I don’t support racist remarks by players (Suarez or Terry) and
    feel clubs that defend these players at all costs are setting poor
    examples. And in future, when referring to the energy drink,
    refrain from using the word “limey.” It’s a derogatory term for the
    British, and Red Bull is and Austrian/Thai product.

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