Red Bull Watch Party In Hoboken A Great Time For All

While Robert Hay was present at RFK Stadium in our Nation’s capital to view the big clash between DC United and the New York Red Bulls, I was attending a fabulous watch party held by the Red Bulls in Hoboken, NJ. This was an awesome display of bringing in the fan base that couldn’t make the road trip.

There were three giant screens all over the area showing the match with several party tents that had a giant beer station, another tent to get food, FIFA 12 on Play Station 2, Soccer Tennis and a lot of room to sit on the ground or stand up with your buddies to watch the match.

Lindpere Fan Hangs Out At The Party

Oh I guess I forgot to mention that this watch party was outdoors. Along the Pier A Park along the Hudson River and near the Hoboken train terminal, you had a great view of the west side of Manhattan and just to the south is the new Freedom Tower on the site of the World Trade Center.

It was a beautiful clear night and the lights on the other side of the Hudson were clear to see, so was the match on all three screens as you saw the action in this important tilt in the Eastern Conference of Major League Soccer. This was a fantastic idea that I think should happen with every club.

Both sides traded goals in each half and while the Red Bulls fans were cringing when Dwayne DeRosario scored his 100th career goal (with a little help from Bill Gaudette who ran away from his line again) to the super strike by defender Wilman Conde that sent the fans into a frenzy running all over the place.

While the two goal draw was a good result on the road for the Red Bulls, I can tell you that the watch party was a clear success for the club and they should do this again next season. But while I agree that they should return to Hoboken, they should actually have two watch parties a season.

If the 2013 schedule favors the club and there is a certain jumbo tron or two in New York City sponsored by NBC or ESPN, then the first watch party should be in Times Square as some of the roads have been blocked off from traffic. If a Red Bulls road game is on those two Networks then there is an advantage.

That’s right; two watch parties in the same season with one in the heart of NYC and the other along the Hudson. Or maybe that special floating park pier on Pier 40 directly on the Hudson River that would be a fantastic idea to promote the game and the league inside Manhattan.

These open air watch parties are a great way to bring people together and to have some fun at the same time. I really hope that the club can do this again next year and the other clubs from within the league can do this as well. It was a fabulous time and all I can say is well done Red Bull, well done.

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6 Responses to Red Bull Watch Party In Hoboken A Great Time For All

  1. CTBlues says:

    I say have one in Time Square and one in say a state that doesn’t
    have the team already in it but is still close to help broaden the
    support in a place say like Connecticut.

    • Daniel Feuerstein says:

      I agree with you. It would be very good to have three places to
      have these watch parties. Since I’m not that familiar with CT, what
      town and what park? Near the Westchester County, NY Border?

  2. CTBlues says:

    Also where are the pics of what was actually going on at the event.

  3. Johnny V says:

    ha ha yea that event looks dead

  4. Daniel Feuerstein says:

    I got there early, that’s why I took the pic for the story. My cell
    phone doesn’t have a flash. As it was dark. So think a little
    before you assume there wasn’t anyone there.

  5. Michael says:

    I went to this event, it was poorly set up, there were 3 screens,
    two of them didn’t face the beer garden area and the screen that
    was in view was very far away. Also, within the beer garden there
    was only one serving station that only accepted cash, which they
    only made you aware of once you got to the front of the line, oh
    and the line for beer was insane, it wrapped around the interior of
    the beer garden area. Another thing that was annoying was that once
    you got your beer you couldn’t leave that area, so if you wanted
    food you’d have to finish your beer, walk across the park to get
    food and then fight the line to gain access to the beer garden and
    then another line to get a beer, all the while you have a terrible
    view of the one screen that was pointed at the beer garden. I’d say
    it was a 50/50 success, a lot of people showed up, and if you were
    a family it was great, bring the kids, lay out a blanket, watch the
    match. But for adults, without kids and who wanted to have a few
    beers and watch the match, it sucked. My friends and I ended up
    leaving after about 15 minutes of struggling to see the screen. So
    we went to a local bar to watch the rest of the match. It was a big
    crowd though, and again, for families it was a great event. I think
    they could have done a lot better though. I’d also like to say that
    I’m in my second year of season tickets, already renewed for next
    year as well, love the Red Bulls and love going to matches, but
    this event is just another example of how poor a job they do with
    marketing events.

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