United States Have Little Room for Error in World Cup Qualifying

Looking at the Concacaf World Cup qualifying group table is a strange sight for United States fans currently. Not many would have bet that Honduras would have beaten Jurgen Klinsmann’s men in the opening fixture, however due to the 2-1 defeat the US are rock bottom of the qualifying pool.

The next game is of crucial importance, as back-to-back defeats would allow other nations to get a sizeable advantage over the United States and Klinsmann may then be forced to gamble. Costa Rica are the next opponents for Team USA, with the game to be played on home soil in Denver.

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The United States’ record against Costa Rica in recent times is abysmal; they have not beaten the Central Americans since 2005. The last five games have resulted in two draws and three defeats for the United States, terrible betting form in anyone’s book. It is now Klinsmann’s job to break this poor run and get his side back in contention to make the tournament in Brazil in 2014.

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