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Kenton Sacked: Maybe Bradley Isn’t So Bad After All? (UPDATED CONTENT)

Posted on by Kartik Krishnaiyer

One of the interesting features of CONCACAF is how quickly some of the national teams go through coaches. Bob Bradley is the longest tenured coach of a major nation in the region while the US’ opponents continue to react or … Continue reading

The Case for Bob Bradley

Posted on by Kartik Krishnaiyer

The Fire Bob Bradley movement has returned front and center. This movement’s proponents continue to advocate the termination of the current US coach while offering little advice in the way of a realistic replacement. Many proponents of this movement have … Continue reading

A Toast to the US Soccer Fan as We Await the Confederations Cup Final

Posted on by Brian Zygo

As both a fan and observer of American Soccer in general and the US Men’s National Team (USMNT) in particular, Confederations Cup 2009 has been a rollercoaster with amazing emotional highs and lows. As we all know, the US started … Continue reading

Let’s Pretend : How the USMNT Could Look

Posted on by Chris Riordan

Dual citizenship, discussions about players being raised in one country, then playing for another have been running rampant the last several days. Some like the new FIFA rule change, some don’t. For some the thought of Guiseppe Rossi playing for … Continue reading

Bob Bradley’s Tactics: Inconsistent and Inexplicable (UPDATED WITH NEW CONTENT)

Posted on by Kartik Krishnaiyer

Two week ago I authored an article about the evolution of US tactics since Steve Sampson’s days. Since that article, Bob Bradley has switched his tactical setup for two consecutive matches while continuing his incredibly consistent and predictable squad selection. … Continue reading

The Evolution of American Tactics, 1998-2009

Posted on by Kartik Krishnaiyer

Bob Bradley sprung a tactical surprise on all of us Wednesday night when the US shockingly came out at Saprissa Stadium in a 4-3-3. Bradley, for one night junked the 4-2-2-2 bucket that has earned the ire of so many … Continue reading

Bob Bradley: Proactivity or Cynical Call Ups?

Posted on by Kartik Krishnaiyer

Thanks to FIFA’s rules and the poaching of players nations such as France and Mexico have engaged in lately, more focus and emphasis than ever has been placed on players eligible to play for more than one nation recently. Obviously … Continue reading

Ideas for Bob Bradley from Europe

Posted on by Kartik Krishnaiyer

A busy critical summer period for the US National Team looms ahead. Coach Bob Bradley has a core of 25-30 players he’s looking at to fill 22 World Cup squad spots. The Confederations Cup and Gold Cups provide competitive atmospheres … Continue reading

Lindsey Dean Interview

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Recently fellow colleague Kartik Krishnaiyer and I took a trip down to GolTV studios in Miami to interview three of the best football commentators in the United States: Ray Hudson, Phil Schoen and Lindsey Dean. All this week on Major … Continue reading

Bradley’s Approach Different than Arena’s

Posted on by Kartik Krishnaiyer

  Eddie Johnson and Brian Ching celebrate a goal against Barbados, the only game which a current US striker has scored a goal in the last 14 months for the national team. Bob Bradley’s tenure as United States National Team … Continue reading