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Take Me Out to the Ballgame… or not

Posted on by Peter C

After reading the piece on 2-0 v 0-2 teams at Climbing the Ladder, my own interest in numbers has led me to offer these early season tidbits on MLS attendance. First off, for all of my observations, I’ve taken the … Continue reading

Milan Taking Galaxy “For a Ride” over Beckham

Posted on by Kartik Krishnaiyer

Since we’ve spent part of the past few days on this site discussing lousy journalism, including the  Baseball./American Football centric American sports writers and commentators, it’s time to focus on recent inaccurate reporting in the European press. Over the past … Continue reading

When a Deadline Isn’t a Deadline

Posted on by Jason Pedersen

Well we all know the lockdown date of David Beckham’s soccer career was Friday the 13th, 2009, but here we sit and it’s February 17th 2009 and everything is up in the air. I wrote here last week applauding Major … Continue reading

David Beckham vs Landon Donovan: Celebrity vs Football Professional

Posted on by Kartik Krishnaiyer

While David Beckham has waged his campaign to leave the LA Galaxy in the English and Italian press, his fellow, on loan, under contract LA Galaxy mate Landon Donovan has very notably said nothing. It is no secret in US … Continue reading

Avoiding Eurosnobbery

Posted on by Kartik Krishnaiyer

Eurosnoberry is found throughout the English language football press. While most commentators who work for English language mediums have inherent biases some are actually better than others. Other European based press is equally bad if not worse than the English … Continue reading

The Beckham Saga: Eurosnoberry 201

Posted on by Kartik Krishnaiyer

Our good friend Nordecke Luchador of Columbus Crew fame has penned a worthy successor to our column from yesterday. Check it out here.

The Beckham Saga: Eurosnobbery 101

Posted on by Kartik Krishnaiyer

Eurosnobs have taken control of English language world football. Between the media whose primary focus is European leagues and European World Cup qualifying ( Tim Vickery of the BBC, and Martin Rogers of Yahoo! are very notable exceptions to this … Continue reading

MLS Gives a Friday Deadline on Beckham Deal

Posted on by Jason Pedersen

The LA Galaxy and AC Milan have until Friday to work out an agreement to see where David Beckham will play for after the March transfer date. With the start of the MLS season coming quickly it will be nice … Continue reading

It’s Time to End the Beckham Experiment

Posted on by Jason Pedersen

Let’s face it, the great David Beckham experience was pretty much a flop. Now don’t get me wrong, he did provide great some great moments, there were a lot of LA Galaxy jerseys sold, there was a peak of some … Continue reading

British Media Hypocritical

Posted on by Kartik Krishnaiyer

“Ever since I signed for the Galaxy, people have questioned why I have come to America,” he said, “but every move I’ve made in my career has been about football for me. It’s also about being an ambassador for the … Continue reading