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MLS ’13 – The Designated Player Rule: How Is It Working?

Posted on by Earl Reed

Finances are always a hot button in any sport, and American soccer is no different. With a sometimes controversial system that is quite unique in an international world of football, Major League Soccer continues to do business with a salary … Continue reading

MLS Announces Youth Designated Player Initiative

Posted on by Earl Reed

On Tuesday, Major League Soccer announced that they will be making a change in the Designated Player Rules for the 2012 season. The rules will be augmented to allow overseas players under the age of 23 to sign as Designated … Continue reading

Why International Stars Should Consider Destinations Besides NY and LA

Posted on by Robert Hay

The weekly MLS Talk podcast (subscribe via iTunes) discussed this week among other things the newest international star giving “come hither” looks to the American soccer league: AC Milan’s Clarence Seedorf. ¬†Seedorf of course is (reportedly) looking to make one … Continue reading

Which MLS Star Will be the Next Designated Player?

Posted on by Robert Hay

Overlooked in the American World Cup hype was the move by Seattle to sign their young striker Freddy Montero to an extension which also makes him a designated player.¬† Montero, 23, becomes Seattle’s third DP, joining Blaise Nkufo and Alvaro … Continue reading

DP’s and Allocation Money

Posted on by Peter C

I suspect you’ve all heard by now about the rule change in MLS regarding Designated Players. Here is the transcript of the press conference in which the changes were outlined in detail by Todd Durbin of MLS. One thing that … Continue reading

MLS Salary and DP Rules Can be Circumvented (UPDATED)

Posted on by Kartik Krishnaiyer

Yesterday Ives Galarcep reported that New England, a notoriously tight fisted club when it comes to finances may be ready to use their Designated Player spot. But it appears Kansas City may be first to use their DP slot. Keep … Continue reading

Grandfathering In Designated Players Smacks of Favortism

Posted on by Kartik Krishnaiyer

Landon Donovan/AP Major League Soccer has made several efforts in the past few seasons to eliminate the appearance of favoritism towards certain clubs that was often alleged in the early seasons of the league. Many fans of clubs in the … Continue reading

DP or Not to DP?

Posted on by Kartik Krishnaiyer

A great article by Frank Dell’Apa on