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Lots of Dollars, No Sense: Players Union Releases Salaries

Posted on by Robert Hay

The MLS Players Union today released their annual list of players’ salaries for the current contract year.  You can see the team-by-team breakdown here and Steven Goff lists the top 25 base salaried players here.  Salaries on the union site … Continue reading

MLS Free Agents Get A Little More Freedom

Posted on by Robert Hay

Remember back in the scary days of March when this MLS season was on the brink due to the expired collective bargaining agreement?  And at the almost last second the two sides agreed to a new CBA, which would include … Continue reading

MLS Facing Unmitigated Disaster

Posted on by Lars Lowther

Major League Soccer is a niche league, perhaps the largest niche league in North America (depending on your view of hockey and the NHL).  It lacks a lot of the tradition, and strength that can be found in older leagues … Continue reading

Keller & Donovan Speak out on the CBA

Posted on by Kartik Krishnaiyer

The majority of North America is suffering from a cold snap, but the rhetoric around US Soccer is getting hotter everyday. Whether it is the ongoing NASL/USL dispute (which is being mediated today) or the MLS CBA, the temperature keeps … Continue reading

MLS and its Players: Third Party Ownership? Player and Club Rights Non Existent?

Posted on by Kartik Krishnaiyer

Major League Soccer owns the registration of all its players excluding DPs. This has allowed MLS to maintain an (ostensibly) level playing field for many years within the league. From a competitive standpoint, MLS, due largely to this practice has … Continue reading