Andy Brassell Interview: World Cup Buzz Podcast

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Kicking off the World Cup Buzz podcast’s two months of coverage, the Talk network welcomes back Andy Brassell, one of the media’s leading experts on professional football in Western Europe. Andy joined me late last week to talk about the nations from his coverage area who will be competing in South Africa as well as offer a pick for this summer’s finals.

We will be back with another expert on tomorrow’s podcast, but until then, please enjoy Andy Brassell’s views on some of the European nations we’ll start seeing coming June 11.

Author’s Note: You never hear Andy plug it, but Andy has a rather good book in print All or Nothing: A Season in the Life of the Champions League which he didn’t mention during our interview, but given how gracious Andy is to not only this show much to so many others, I wanted to relay my recommendation.

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