MLS Talk Podcast: This Week In U.S. Soccer, October 11

On the latest edition of the Major Leauge Soccer Talk Podcast : This Week in US Soccer, your hosts Chris Webb and Chris Riordan bring you a view of the beautiful game from an American and regional perspective. This week the Chris and Chris of American Soccer are privileged to be joined by the Dalai Lama of Soccer, Simon Allen of World Wide Soccer (formerly World Soccer Wrap).

The first segment gets you up to date on the latest MLS news … congratulations to Los Angeles Galaxy, your 2011 MLS Supporter’s Shield winners. Congratulations are also in order for the 2011 Lamar Hunt US Open Cup Champions (three times running) Seattle Sounders.

The second segment is part review and part preview of MLS league action … the gang hands out predictions as to how this next all – important week of matches will go down, with several teams fighting for their playoff lives. Finally, the trio give you the CONCACAF Report, discussing the latest regional World Cup Qualifiers … as well as saying goodbye to Kris Kringle … er, Chuck Blazer. To close out, an array of opionions are handed out on the latest chapter in the Jurgen Klinnsman era, as the USMNT finally get one in the win column under their new leader.

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12 Responses to MLS Talk Podcast: This Week In U.S. Soccer, October 11

  1. mark says:

    props for bringing in a non-DCU fav to co-host. Although I almost
    drove off the road laughing when the Galaxative fan dismissed the
    Sounders USOC run as playing a bunch of crap teams. Both LA and
    Dallas played a good number of starters against Seattle including
    Donovan and Shea, respectively. Chicago is one of the hottest teams
    in the leagues over the last two months. To be fair the home field
    bidding rules are screwy, but those are the rules and the Sounders
    played within the rules. I’m all for it being altered next year

  2. Chris Riordan says:

    Mark, apparently listening to MLS Talk and driving isn’t the safest
    practice. Hope you enjoyed … look, Chris and I are DCU fans
    third, MLS fans second and number one we are American soccer fans.
    We love the game and want to cover all thing US (North American)
    soccer. The fact that we have a particular rooting interest does
    not take away from our love of the big soccer picture in this

  3. Mark says:

    Chris I was trying to encourage having a non dcu 3rd. I thought it
    helped no just thought it was funny that he (unintentionally)
    denigrated his own team

  4. Chris Riordan says:

    Mark, as always, we appreciate the feedback. I have a feeling it
    won’t be the last time you hear from Simon Allen on the show. That
    he insulted his own team (unintentionally) is funny, I agree. Who
    is your team by the way, I’ll throw you a shoutout on the next

    • The other mark says:

      Chris I’m a Ssfc STH. Not the fire guy in the other thread On the
      Nats has George John ever played for the US at any level? What’s
      happened to Bedoya? Coolest thing about 64K at c-link last night
      was that most everyone stayed for the post game Keller tribute.
      Thank god Rosales is back

  5. The original Tom says:

    good pod guys, thanks.

  6. Chris Riordan says:

    Tom, you are one of our original favorite fans … thanks for your
    continued support.

  7. Simon Allen says:

    To Mark…. I am not responsible for anything that may or may not
    happen while operating any motorized machines, in the present, past
    or future, while listening to me talk about soccer. Any results
    both positive or negative are purely coincidental wether on this
    world, an imaginary world or one yet to be discovered or created.
    Some listeners claim states of Euphoria and Nirvana when listening
    to my comments, I can neither accept or deny these statements.But I
    will almost always say that they are right. Everything I say is for
    massive entertainment purposes except when I am being serious and
    sometimes when I am not being serious. Orgasms while listening to
    me are purely coincidental unless they are absolutely intentional.
    All my views are neither expressed nor implied nor subliminal in
    any way shape or form. When I talk soccer, it is said that, grown
    men weep with joy, babies foretell of future disasters and women
    throw themselves at me. This is obviously not true. For one thing,
    babies cant talk and for another, women throw themselves at me when
    I dont talk soccer… Oh!! Stay on the road man!!!…and keep
    listening to MLSTalk…and tell your friends, Simon Allen

  8. Skippy says:

    that’s quite an intro to the show you’ve got going.

  9. Danwolf says:

    The Player we should be giving a shot is Chad Marshall.

  10. Chris Riordan says:

    Skippy, Are you referring to the themse song?

  11. Chris Riordan says:

    Mark, As far as I know … George John has not made an appearance
    for USMNT at any level, though he may have done some training at
    one point. As for Bedoya … can’t say why he’s not getting called
    up. I’d also like to see Diskerrud and Starikov (that one is
    because I am an aspiring Russian linguist admittedly) get looks
    unders Klinnsy. Rosales is a beast and has my vote for MLS newcomer
    of the year … though Sebastien Grazzini has made a late case, as
    he has been very good (see, objectivity). The play of Rosales,
    Fernandez and the like is why I feel Montero is overlooked as an
    MVP candidate (he’s also streaky).

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