MLS Talk Podcast: This Week In U.S. Soccer, October 18

On the latest edition of the Major League Soccer Talk Podcast : This Week in US Soccer, your hosts Chris Webb and Chris Riordan bring you a view of the beautiful game from an American and regional perspective. On the latest edition, Chris Squared (named so by guest) are once again priveleged to be joined by an expert North American soccer pundit, as Fox Soccer Report’s Bobby McMahon joins us to talk North American footy.

The first segment covers the current state of affairs of both the Canadian and US Men’s National Teams. Bobby tells us why Canadian soccer is making improvement, but still has a way to go to be sitting at the top table with the United States and Mexico. We also get his take on the new philosophy being installed by Jurgen Klinsmann. We’ve seen the quantity grow in the player pool, but is the quality there?

The second segment brings questions about the progress of MLS since it’s inception and how it stacks up to other leagues worldwide. We ask Bobby, who is peaking at the right team to replicate RSL and Colorado’s recent MLS Cup title feats, before getting his thoughts on the MVP race.

Finally Chris and Chris finish reviewing the penultimate week of MLS regular season play and outline the scenarios for the final playoff spot. To close out, the team breaks down the latest USMNT performance, which started okay, but ended with a scapegoat and panic buttons being pressed. All this and more on the latest MLS Talk Podcast : TWIUSS!!!!

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