MLS Talk Podcast : This Week in US Soccer, May 23, 2012

On the latest editon of the Major League Soccer Talk Podcast : This Week in US Soccer … your hosts Chris Webb and Chris Riordan (the Chris and Chris of American Soccer) bring you a breakdown of key recent North American soccer news. The guys essentially wrap up a very strong year for American’s abroad, possibly the best ever, discuss DeRo’s recent play, break down the US Roster for friendlies with Scotland / Brazil and much more.

The second segment reviews last week’s action in MLS … who will represent Canada in the CCL? What has gone wrong with KC? What is going right with NYRB? Will DCU actually win 3 games in a row.

In the third segment Chris and Chris play Oracles of Adelphi, predicting how the upcoming week’s fixtures will pan out. All this and more and a brand new MLS Talk Podcast : TWIUSS!

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