Pennants And Playoff Soccer (MLSTalk Podcast)

Don’t worry, we aren’t moving to the “national pastime,” but rather realizing that both seasons are winding down, and that two of our writers, Daniel Feuerstein and Robert Hay, are knee-deep in the race for both postseason baseball and soccer – while the host, Earl Reed, is devoid of both.

Nonetheless, the guys talk a lot of soccer this week, beginning by touching all the bases in the weekend fixtures in MLS. They then head to the dugout to look over the MLS Standings, and follow that up with examining how referees have balked in a few recent calls, but also what might help mitigate the issues.

The podcast team closes out the show with two different discussions – first delivering a fastball at the Americans who had a good week in Europe, then they drop a curveball and briefly discuss an idea to bring about positive change in the way the league is structured. All in all we hope you find this podcast to be a round-tripper (or maybe a golazo instead). We would love to read your comments. Leave them in the comments here, or reach us on Twitter:


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