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MLS ’11 Preview – Stadiums Helping League Finances Stay Healthy

Posted on by Robert Hay

Fifteen years ago, MLS launched with teams in downright psychedelic uniforms playing on football fields; some of MLS’s earliest highlights look like the two teams are playing on a lacrosse field.  In 2011, the situation has vastly changed, as most … Continue reading

A Stadium Of Their Own: The Time is Now For A Dynamo Stadium Announcement

Posted on by Brian Zygo

Recently there has been some chatter that the Houston Dynamo will have a big announcement this week. Since the Dynamo signed Mexican forward Luis Angel Landin on Thursday, its seems that this will be one of three things: an announcement … Continue reading

Is Downtown Stadium in Houston on the Eve of Being a Done Deal?

Posted on by Brian Zygo

With the Houston Dynamo’s opening match of the CONCACAF Champions League’s knockout stage quickly approaching on February 24th, it’s time to take a quick look at what’s going on here in Houston. The franchise made the move from San Jose … Continue reading